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    I had written the neuro-otologist earlier this week expressing my concerns about my declining position. I was very technical in my answer with my how's and why's of why I thought that it was time to move on with another treatment and proposed a plan of treatment to see if we can improve my quality of life.

    Basically, he agreed on every point and paid me a high compliment due to the complexity of the situation and the multiple factors that went into my reasoning. He agreed with the treatment and thought that is was the next best step and least potential harmful as well. It will possibly help either stop or slow down the damage done to my ears as well as possibly reverse much of the daily dizziness and less likely to cause further permanant hearing damage.

    We are going ahead with steroid injections in my inner ear, maybe both sides, after we get the current downward spiral stopped. I think I have already started to stabilize my condition by dropping one of the medications. I'm kind of detoxing my body at the moment and taking only the absolutely crutial meds. While it hasn't yet allowed me to tolerate any increase in activity I am not just getting sick and dizzy for getting up to use the bathroom as much as it had in the previous weeks.

    Either way. I am happy because we are finally going to do something different and not screw around with more time and drug trials. They seem kind of redundant when I have already failed 2-3 drug trials in the same drug class.

    It will probably be 2-5 weeks before I am able to do the injections but the results should be known in a day or two and I will be able to repeat the treatment if needed in the future. It's a much better option than trying the antibiotic injections first.

    I've had 8 years of failed treatments of both dozens and dozens of drugs as well as surgery on both of my ears. The one positive besides health improvement that has come out of this may be a new career option for me.

    While I don't have any medical degrees I have extensive experience in multiple fields as well as more self study than I care to admit to. I think it would benefit both sides if I was somehow able to work in doctor/patient relations to try to help other patients be involved in their healthcare while reminding doctors that they need to take the time to listen to their patients and not talk down to them! That or I see myself in patient advocacy, working to reduce medical waste, and/or going to medical school at some point.

    Let's just hope this next step works for me so I can finally move on in my life and have some positive steps forward for myself. I have always wanted to continue to work to help others and hope I have the opportunity to return to an active role in healthcare or healthcare reform!
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