Lena & Tori

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    Lena & Tori
    by jallen944 ©

    Part 1

    Charlie’s ’65 Oldsmobile was big and luxurious. There was room in the front seat for a whole family and room for all their furniture in the back. Ethan hardly felt the bump when Charlie drove into the parking lot of the Playhouse, one of those new, upscale men’s entertainment places.

    Right away, a smartly dressed valet rushed out to meet them. He trotted to Charlie’s side of the car.

    "Good evening, gentlemen," he said.

    Charlie started to explain why they didn’t need to have their car parked, but a woman’s voice cut him off.

    "That’s my ride, Frank," she said.

    Frank turned to look at her, and she emerged into the glow of the headlights.

    So this was Lena. Ethan’s mouth fell open. He watched her walk toward the car in the glow of the headlights. This wasn’t a girl they were picking up. This was a woman.

    "My God. Great idea to pick her up," Ethan said.


    Lena was tall and redheaded and had long legs encased in pale stockings that went up to her mid-thigh, held up by garter straps. She strutted confidently, smiling as she approached the car. She said something to Frank the valet, patted his cheek, and continued toward the car.

    Everything about her bounced as she walked. Her tiny, super-short pink skirt bounced, revealing glimpses of her tiny, frilly white panties and the garter belt. Her thick, big head of wavy, dark red hair bounced and swayed around her glowing face. Her plump, round breasts bounced, barely contained by the tight, tissue-paper thin cutoff tank top. She wore no bra beneath it, and her dark nipples were visible through it, as obvious as the sun on a cloudless day. Her face was childlike. She had lovely, large, brown eyes, a tiny nose, and full lips. The lower lip was heavier, more sensual than the upper lip. Her waist was narrow, her hips flared out beautifully, and her legs were long and strong. She looked like she had just stepped off the stairway from heaven.

    She came to Ethan’s side of the car and leaned in his open window.

    "Hi Charlie. Thanks for picking me up," she said.

    "No problem, Lena. This is Ethan," Charlie said.

    "Hi," she said.

    "Hi," Ethan said, and struggled to keep himself from looking down the front of her shirt.

    "Where do we go?" Charlie said.

    "Down by the Harrison docks," Lena said.

    "Ok. Get in."

    Lena lifted the handle on the passenger door and pulled it open. Ethan started to get out, but Lena put her hand on his shoulder.

    "Don’t get out. I’ll slide in between you two," she said.

    Ethan pressed himself into the seat to give her as much room as he could. Lena put her foot in the car, flipped the back of the tiny skirt up, revealing the back of her panties, plopped her soft ass in his lap, and closed the door. Ethan put his hands around her slender waist and felt her delicious warmth and softness. Charlie started the car and drove off.

    Lena squirmed her ass on Ethan’s lap and looked at him.

    "You have a hard on," she said.

    She pressed her soft cheeks on his erection. The stiff ridge of his penis found its way between her cheeks.

    "And a big one, too." She looked across at Charlie. "You didn’t tell me this boy was hung."

    "Didn’t I? Must have slipped my mind," Charlie said.

    "I’m sure it did," Lena said, and slid off Ethan’s lap onto the seat between the two guys.

    "So who is this guy we’re going to see?" Ethan said.

    "He’s a deadhead I know from years ago. If I blow him, he’ll give me an ounce of hash," Lena said.

    "He’s not a cop, is he?" Ethan said.

    Lena laughed. "Benton? A cop? That’s good. He’s too wasted to be a cop." She laughed again and put her hand on Ethan’s thigh, feeling his erection. "Damn that’s big. How come you never told me your friend was built like a truck?" she said to Charlie, while she looked into Ethan’s eyes.

    Charlie shrugged. "You never asked."

    "Of course not. Nice girls don’t ask things like that."

    "Nice girls don’t have to ask," Ethan said.

    Lena appeared to be scrutinizing him.

    "You’re not a virgin, are you?" she said.


    "I didn’t think so." She looked down at her hand on his thigh then back up at his eyes. "Are you gay?"

    "No," Ethan said.

    She leaned closer. "I didn’t mean anything by that gay stuff. I just wanted to make sure before I, you know, tried anything." She squeezed his erection.

    "What would you have done if I was gay?"

    Lena shrugged. "Not much, I guess. Not much I can do. I’ve tried to fix gay guys, but it never works. I hate it when guys go gay on me. It’s such a waste of manhood. So when are you going to let me see this tool? Or are you gonna keep it a secret from me all night?"

    "Right here?" Ethan said.

    "Yes. Right here."

    Her fingers unfastened the button on his jeans. He straightened his legs to allow her to pull the zipper down.

    "How did you guys meet? I didn’t think many high school guys dated strippers," he said.

    The zipper finally gave way and Lena reached into his jeans. Ethan sucked in his breath when her cold fingers wrapped around his shaft.

    "Oh my," she sighed.

    "We’ve known each other for years. Lena was my sister’s best friend from grade school," Charlie said.

    "Until she got married and moved to Tampa," Lena said. She pulled Ethan’s penis out of his pants like she was pulling a dangerous snake out of a bag. It came free and she gasped. "Oh my goodness."

    Her hand moved slowly up and down his shaft.

    "So what happened?" Ethan said.

    "When we were kids, Lena and my sister would hold me down and do all sorts of crap to me like rub mud in my face and make me eat bugs."

    "It was a lot of fun," Lena said, and grinned at Ethan.

    Charlie went on. "Then they started taking my clothes off and stuffing things down my underwear."

    "That was when it got good," Lena said.

    "That was when we both discovered I had an erection," Charlie said. "They had me tied down and pulled off my underwear and played with it until I came."

    "It shocked all of us," Lena said, shaking her head.

    "How old were you?" Ethan said.

    "Lisa and I were sixteen or seventeen. He was about thirteen."

    "Thirteen and a half," Charlie said.

    "Fine. Thirteen and a half."

    "What happened after that?" Ethan said.

    "We made him fuck us," Lena said.

    "Over and over."

    "That doesn’t sound too rough," Ethan said.

    "It wasn’t," they said together, and laughed.

    "And Lena and I have been doing it ever since," Charlie said.

    Lena sighed. "And it got better and better as he got bigger and bigger." She put her left hand in Charlie’s lap and stroked his thigh. "Two guys with hard-ons. What’s a girl supposed to do?"

    "I can think of something," Ethan said, and reached for her waist.

    "Don’t get started with anything. We’re here," Charlie said, turning the car down a gravel driveway.

    Ethan groaned, and released Lena.

    "Why couldn’t you drive slower?" he said.

    "You guys could have got in the back seat," Charlie said. He shut off the car. "Now put your pants back on. I don’t think this guy’ll give us anything if you’re naked."
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    Part 2

    Lena looked at Charlie, trying to be serious while Ethan crammed his penis back into his pants, but she giggled. Charlie looked deadly serious for a moment, then laughed with her. Ethan looked up at them. They were both looking at him. He blushed.

    "Oh, aren’t you so cute," Lena said, placing her hand on his cheek. "I don’t think I ever saw a guy blush before."

    "Oh great," Ethan said.

    He quickly let himself out to finish pulling up his pants. Lena and Charlie got out and started toward the house. Ethan followed them, walking awkwardly without being able to bend his right leg all the way.

    Lena led them to the door of a small, dark two-story apartment building. Most of the windows along the side were dark, and it was quiet enough that Ethan could hear the water from the river lapping against the shore. He paused for a moment to look up at the shining moon.

    He heard Lena speaking, then heard the door buzzer. She opened the door.

    "Come on," she said.

    Ethan slipped in behind Charlie.

    Lena had already started up the stairs. Charlie was right behind her. Ethan couldn’t help stare up at Lena’s gorgeous ass. The white strip of her lacy panties was crammed between her soft, round cheeks, and the tiny skirt bounced off her ass with each step she climbed. As she turned and made her way up the second flight of stairs, he peeled his eyes away and shook his head. She looked great. The stiffness between his legs was now a dull, excruciating ache, dying to feel itself pressed between those soft cheeks. He began up the stairs.

    Lena was knocking on one of the apartment doors when he reached the second floor landing. He was feeling sillier and sillier about all of this the closer he got to the apartment. There was nothing like getting busted for a drug deal to ruin his chances of playing pro hockey. He would much rather skip the hash and get Lena into bed.

    Ethan got to the apartment door. Lena and Charlie were waiting for someone to open it. Lena knocked again. They could hear music from inside, a Van Morrison song. Lena and Charlie looked at each other. She shook her head.

    "He does this every time," Lena said, and knocked again. "He gets so stoned he can hardly think straight. I hope he hasn’t done that tonight. He knows I’m coming over."

    She knocked again. Ethan stared at her. How often did she do this?

    Finally the door opened. It swung open slowly, revealing the interior of the apartment a little at a time. But the person on the other side of the door was not a guy, but a girl. Her face was obscured by her long, straight hair and dark sunglasses. She wore an old, faded football jersey with the number 32 on it and a tattered pair of jeans. She was barefoot.

    "Who are you?" the girl said in a slurred voice.

    "I’m here to see Benton," Lena said.

    "Ok, cool. Come on in," the girl said, and turned away.

    Lena shrugged and they followed her in.

    The room was bathed in a dim, reddish light and reeked of pot smoke. The Van Morrison music was no more than a poorly balanced drone with the bass turned way too high.

    They stepped through a doorway draped with beads. A grubby looking guy in a chair against the far wall jumped up immediately.

    "Lena," he shouted, and ran up to hug her.

    The girl who let them in sat down on a beanbag beside another equally grubby looking guy and ignored everyone else in the room. The guy beside her, whose long, orangish hair was pulled back in a ponytail, seemed oblivious to the planet he was on.

    Benton, who had shaggy, curly hair and was wearing a baggy, paisley-printed shirt, was whispering in Lena’s ear. She giggled and nodded.

    "Have a seat, guys," she said, waving absently in the direction of Ethan and Charlie, and walked off holding Benton’s hand.

    Ethan looked around. The only thing to sit on was a pair of beat up beanbags. Lena and Benton returned to Benton’s armchair and she settled on his lap like a daughter waiting for a bedtime story from her father. Benton wore a grin so big it told the rest of the world to fuck off, he had a hot babe in his lap.

    Ethan got the point. He picked a beanbag and sat. Charlie sat in the other. Between them was a low table with a lamp and an ashtray stuffed with cigarette butts and chewed bubblegum.

    The red haired guy and the girl with the sunglasses were smoking a joint, and Lena and Benton seemed to be absorbed in themselves, laughing at things they were telling each other. There was a tv next to the other guy and girl and Ethan would have loved to turn it on to watch anything, but he didn’t feel too comfortable about getting up to turn it on. He doubted it worked, anyway.

    The girl got up, went into the kitchen and returned a moment later with a bottle of Pepsi. She opened the bottle and handed it to the red haired guy, who passed her the joint. She took a deep hit and passed it back to him, and stood there in the middle of the room, moving to the music. Ethan wouldn’t have minded a cold Coke, and he was pretty sure Charlie wouldn’t have minded, either. However, neither the guy nor the girl seemed too interested in sharing what they had. It gave him an uneasy feeling this was going to take all night.

    Lena had changed her position on Benton’s lap. She was straddling him, facing him. Her arms were up over her head and she was writhing, like she was giving him a lapdance. His hands were on her hips, just under her skirt.

    For a moment, Ethan felt a pang of anger and jealousy, but he didn’t know why. Sure, he would have done anything to be in that guy’s position right then, watching this gorgeous woman writhe on his lap, but what should he care? She wasn’t his girlfriend. He had no reason to feel jealous, and she wasn’t trying to make him feel jealous. So why was he jealous?

    The girl with the sunglasses grabbed the bottom of her jersey and slowly pulled it off over her head while she swung her hips to the music. Ethan and Charlie looked at each other.

    She was naked under the shirt, and skinny. Her bony ribs and small breasts made her look undernourished. She unbuttoned her jeans and let them drop to the floor. She wasn’t wearing panties, either. She looked like a young, bony, awkward girl, except that she moved like a woman. She certainly wasn’t ugly, she just wasn’t like Lena’s kind of sexy.

    He turned his attention back to Lena. She had got up and was holding Benton’s hand, helping him out of the chair and leading him through the drape of beads over the doorway into his bedroom. Ethan sighed. So much for integrity.

    The skinny girl was still naked, except for her sunglasses, and she was working on the red haired guy’s pants. The way he was sucking on the joint, maybe he hadn’t noticed what she was doing. She got the pants open, though, and his erection popped up. His eyes were closed, he was holding the joint on a roach clip with his pinky extended, and he had a big, dumb grin on his face, but he knew he was going to get laid, which was more than Ethan could say for himself that night.

    The girl stood over the red haired guy with her legs on either side of the beanbag. She squatted down, reached between her legs, and quickly lowered herself on his dick. The guy’s expression didn’t change. The girl continued to move to the beat of the music, except that she was going up and down instead of side to side.

    Ethan could not tell what was going on in Benton’s room. He could just see the end of the futon on the floor, but he couldn’t see if anyone was on it. Occasionally, Lena would move in and out of his view in the doorway, and each time she was wearing less. The more he saw of her naked, the more jealous he got, even though he didn’t understand why. She was just fucking Benton for the free hash. Ethan just wanted to fuck her because she looked great, which wasn’t much different. So why did he feel miserable about it? Because she could be out here fucking him instead of the pothead, that’s why.

    The only action the red headed guy made on his own was to grab the girl’s tit with his free hand. She seemed much less passive than him, although neither of them appeared to care too much about what happened around them. They obviously didn’t care if a couple of strangers watched them fuck.

    Two pair of feet appeared at the end of the futon, visible through the doorway only up to the ankles. It looked like Lena was on top, judging by the position of the pretty pair of feet. He could hear them moaning and laughing above the music. He had to tear his eyes away. It was agonizing to have to watch other people fuck without having a turn himself.

    The girl with the sunglasses started screaming at the top of her lungs and tossing her head around like it was about to come off. Obviously, she was cumming. The last thing Ethan expected from her was to be so vocal about it. She was hardly vocal about much else.
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    Don't leave us hanging jj your work is always stellar. How about a few comparisons of Lena and the stoned broad.
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    you have to be the best writer on this site! every time i see your name next to the story title i can always feel the blood start rushing to the head of my so to be fat cock, thanks alot......keep em cumming!
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    JA, As always an amazingly detailed story. Thanks for sharing this. Are we going to have to beg for another installment?
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    we want Ethan to fuck her, please continue! :)
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    please post more =)
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    jallen has a ton of stories over on literotica. this one's been up there for a few months.
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    Part 3

    For a while she was hunched over the guy, breathing hard, her palms on his chest and her arms straight to support herself. The guy had his head turned to the side, puffing on a joint he held by a clip in his left hand, while he squeezed one of her tits with his right hand. Every rib in her torso stuck out when her chest expanded to suck in a breath, even around to her backside.

    She pulled off her sunglasses and looked over her right shoulder at Ethan. He could only see her right eye from under her stringy hair. It was a little glazed over, but she was looking right at him.

    She lifted herself off the guy and his thin penis slipped out of her hole. Turning sluggishly on one foot, she moved toward Ethan.

    Her bare feet padded on the hard wood floor one in front of the other like a slinky cat. Balance seemed to grow more and more challenging for her with each step.

    She knelt down in front of him and put her hands on his knees. The corners of her mouth were turned up in a distracted, playful grin. Looking into her face, he realized she was older than he had first thought. Her face had a few faint wrinkles and she wore a slightly worn, tired look. How much of it was caused by the drugs, he couldn't tell.

    Her hands moved up the insides of his thighs toward his groin.

    "Ever had a blowjob, kid?" she said, gazing into his eyes.

    Her left hand moved over the lump of his erection in his pant leg, but she didn't seem to notice.

    "Once or twice," Ethan said.

    He glanced at Charlie. Hee was almost laughing. Her hands reached for his zipper.

    "Then you're a lucky guy."

    Ethan looked to the doorway to the other room, where Lena was still rolling on the bed.

    "Maybe," he said.

    The girl was trying to pull his jeans down and he hated to stop her. He'd love to get a blowjob sometime tonight, but he'd prefer one from Lena. He gave in and lifted his hips so she could get his jeans off.

    She held the waist of his jeans and tugged them down toward herself to about the middle of his thigh. Most of his dick was exposed, but the head and part of the shaft was still covered. The girl reached for it, held it as if she might be picking up a slimy lizard by its body, and drew it free of his jeans.

    "Just tell me when you're gonna cum so I can take it out of my mouth," she said in a slurred voice as she stroked the shaft.

    "Sure," Ethan said.

    The girl nodded. When she blinked, her eyelids moved sluggishly, in slow motion. She stuck her tongue out past her lips and licked the head.

    Ethan watched her tongue move around on the head of his cock. How old could she really be? She looked thirty, but maybe she was older than that. Would that make her better at sucking than any of the girls his own age?

    She touched the tip of the head to her lower lip and slowly sucked it into her mouth. Her eyes were closed. Her head moved slowly back and forth. Her mouth felt so warm and wet and soft around the end of his cock. This was a woman with years of experience with a penis in her mouth.

    Ethan looked at Charlie. He shrugged. Ethan sat back with a deep sigh. He only hoped he had the time to let her finish.

    She was very gentle and very deliberate. She worked her mouth slowly down on the shaft until the head touched the back of her mouth, then sucked firmly as she drew her head back. As the head left her mouth, she closed her lips tightly around it so that she was kissing the tip. Ethan's eyes rolled back in his head and he groaned.

    The Van Morrison record ended abruptly, leaving the apartment immersed in an unearthly silence. Once Ethan's ears adjusted to the silence, he heard only the soft, wet sucking sounds of the older girl's mouth on his rod and the gentle moans Lena made in the other room. The red-haired guy got up, went to the stereo, removed the record, put on the next one and put the Van Morrison album back in the old peach crate with all the other old albums. Ethan watched him through the slits of his barely open eyelids.

    A moment later, a Doors tune blared from the speakers. Ethan jumped and accidentally jammed his cock into the girl's puffy, soft lips. The head struck the back of her mouth and pushed partway down her throat.
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    Part 4

    "Uunnghh," she gagged.

    Her eyes bulged out and her face turned a deep red. Her head quickly snapped back to get the penis out of her mouth.

    "Sorry," Ethan said above the noise of the music.

    She wiped her mouth.

    "Forget about it," she said.

    Her lips were up against the head of his cock and she held it around the shaft, making it appear that she was speaking into a microphone. Her lips parted again and softly slipped down over the end of the shaft. Ethan flinched. She was sucking him deep into her mouth, practically lifting him out of the chair.

    "Ethan?" Charlie said.

    He looked at Charlie, who nodded toward the bedroom. Benton had emerged through the beads, his face beaming. On the other side of the beads, Lena was dressing. He just caught a glimpse of her beautiful breasts before she pulled the cutoff tank top down over them. She cupped them in her hands, adjusting them. When she looked up, she saw him looking back at her. He didn't look away. She smiled and looked down to pick up her vest.

    "Oh my God," Benton said.

    His wide eyes stared at Ethan's lap. He had forgotten about him. Lena was so engrossing, who could blame him?

    "Dude, you got the biggest dick I ever seen. Larry, check this out."

    Benton came over, put his hand around his shaft and removed it from the girl's mouth. Ethan looked over at Charlie, hoping for some help out of this impossible situation, but he was trying to hold back his laughter.

    "Dude, this is the biggest dick I ever seen," Benton said again, staring at him with wide eyes. He held his erect penis like an antique dealer appraising a priceless vase. "How'd you make it so big?"

    "It came that way," Ethan said.

    "Cool," Benton nodded, turning his dick to see each side.

    Lena walked by behind Benton, holding up a baggie containing ground hash.

    "You guys ready to go? Or is your friend staying for the party?" she said.

    She turned and headed for the door.

    Ethan tried to get up. The girl had his cock in her mouth again.

    "Sorry," he said, trying gently to pull it out.

    She shrugged and released it.

    "No problem," she slurred.

    She crawled on her hands and knees back to the beanbag.

    Ethan barely managed to get his cock stuffed back into his jeans and make it out of the apartment to catch up to Charlie and Lena. They were just outside the front door. He didn't want them to see how anxious he was. Coolness was the only exterior he wanted Lena to see.

    She burst out laughing when she saw him walking funny with the painful, stiff erection in his jeans. Charlie was laughing, too. Ethan was grateful for the darkness that concealed his embarrassment.

    Lena approached Ethan as he started for the car.

    "Did you cum in her mouth?" she said.

    "I didn't have time."

    She put her arm around his waist and rubbed up against him like a cat in heat. Her right hand snaked down over his abdomen to the ridge of his rock-hard cock.

    "It's just not your night, is it?"

    "I've had better. Who was she?"

    "How the hell should I know? I thought she was your friend."

    "Ok. We got the hash. Let's go. I'm starving," Charlie said.
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    This is getting good. Please post another! :) I KNOW there has to be more with Lena and Ethan. ;)
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    Part 5

    The car was quiet when they drove off again. Lena started laughing.

    "I'm sorry. I don't mean to laugh. It was just so funny when Benton grabbed your dick. I though you were gonna die," she said.

    "I thought he was gonna pull out his dick and compare them," Ethan said and groaned.

    Charlie laughed. "Maybe he just wanted some advice on how to make his bigger."

    He drove right to the McDonald's and parked in a spot at the back of the parking lot beneath a tall, overhead lamp that bathed the car in a pale, bluish light.

    "Can I get you anything?" Charlie asked as he got out.

    "Nothing for me," Lena said.

    Ethan pulled a couple of dollars out of his pocket and handed them to Charlie.

    "Just a couple of double cheeseburgers," he said.

    Charlie shut the door and left. Ethan and Lena were uncomfortably quiet together. Only the sound of the crickets all around them kept them company.

    He glanced down at Lena's thigh, which was highlighted by the light coming in through the windshield. He was dying to say something to her. She was probably thinking what an idiot he was.

    "I never smoked hash before," Ethan whispered, and winced as he heard the words coming out of his mouth.

    Lena looked at him, a slight grin turning up the corners of her mouth.


    "Why are we whispering?" Ethan said, and they both giggled like kids.

    "I don't know. It's so quiet," Lena said softly.

    She placed her hand on his thigh. Ethan stiffened. Her fingers were very close to the end of his erection.

    "What's it like?" Ethan said.

    "What's what like?"


    "It's intense, not like weed. You'll love it." Her hand gently glided up his thigh to the ridge made by his penis. "You're still hard. Don't you ever go soft?"

    "Not when I got a girl like you sitting so close."

    His hand came up and squeezed her tit. Her nipple was a hard point under the thin, flimsy shirt.

    Without another word, Lena tilted her head and kissed him. Her wet tongue pushed its way into his mouth. He couldn't believe how nervous she made him.

    She climbed up on the seat. He slipped his hands down around her slim waist and lifted her all on his lap. Her legs parted and straddled him. Her warm mound pressed down on the hard lump in the front of his jeans. She cupped his face in her hands and kissed him deeply, moaning faintly. His hands slid down her backside and squeezed her ass.

    "You wanna fuck me, don't you?" Lena said with a deep breath.

    "I think so," Ethan said.

    "You think so?"


    "You wanna do it right now?"


    "Me too."

    She reached down, opened his pants, and pulled out his erection. It stood straight up between them and she stroked it fast and hard. Ethan's hand slipped inside the back of her flimsy panties.

    "Do these have a slit crotch?" he said.

    "No. Tear them off," Lena said.


    "Really. Do it."

    He bunched them in his hands and pulled. She moaned and arched her back, pressing her tits into his face, but the panties didn't tear. He tried again, grunting with a hard tug. The fabric shredded in his hands like tissue.

    "Yes, yes," Lena squealed. She raised herself on her knees and guided his cock between her legs. "I've been dying to know how this thing feels all night."

    Ethan was too excited to speak. His heart pounded in his chest. Slowly, the warm, wet heat of her pussy envelope his cock as she lowered herself on it. She was deliciously tight. He groaned.

    "Oh God ... Oh God ... Oh yes," Lena gasped, piercing herself deeper on his cock.

    "Does it hurt?" Ethan said.

    "Mm hm," Lena said between clenched teeth.
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    Part 6

    She continued to lower herself on his lap, gradually taking the entire shaft inside her, until all of her weight was resting on his lap. Her eyes fluttered open and gazed into his.

    "I only thought I'd taken large men before."

    "Are you just saying that to make me feel good?"

    "Sort of," Lena admitted with a shrug and a smile. Her lean body began to move up and down in his lap. "That doesn't mean it hurt any less." She pulled her top up away from her tits.

    Ethan nodded. "You have a point about that."

    Lena groaned, baring her clenched teeth. Moving up and down in his lap created smacking sounds from her wet cunt.

    "Of course I do. I know about guys like you. I date them all the time."

    "Charlie's not like that."

    "He doesn't count. We're just friends."

    "Some friends. I don't know married people who fuck as often as you."

    "Married people don't fuck, silly. They just watch tv," Lena said.

    Ethan glanced at the driver's side mirror. Charlie was walking toward the car with a bag in each hand. He sighed. It was too soon to tell Lena tha they had to stop. He opened his mouth to speak when a car flashed by in the mirror. Charlie stopped in his tracks. The car door opened and a bunch of guys in Medford High School jackets got out.

    "Get up," Ethan ssaid, and lifted Lena from his lap.

    "What? What?" she said.

    Ethan tossed her off and her hip hit the steering wheel.

    "What the hell are you doing?" she said.

    Ethan yanked his jeans up. "Charlie's in trouble."

    Lena's expression instantly changed.

    "Where?" she said, searching out the back window.

    Ethan was out of the car in a hurry and ran toward the group of guys gathered around Charlie. From their brush cut hair, these probably weren't hockey guys, but football jocks. He would enjoy beating the shit out of them more than if they were on the Medford hockey team.

    Two of the biggest guys he had ever seen were moving toward Charlie. One of them was pointing at him and saying something. Charlie could only back away. His jaw hung down and his eyes were wide open.

    Ethan ran toward them as fast as he could, but was helpless to prevent Charlie from getting hit. He watched the big, ugly guy who had been pointing at him raise his fist and thrust it forward. It connected with Charlie's face with a vicious smack, flattening his nose and snapping his head back. He crumpled backward to the pavement, still clutching the bags in each hand.

    Ethan shoved past a couple of the other guys and barreled into the guy who just hit Charlie. He launched himself into the wide form like he was checking him into the boards, his forearms up and his shoulders down, one of the things he was best known for on the ice.

    Ethan collided with the football player's, knocking the wind out of him in a rush, lifting him off his feet and carrying him three or four feet. He dropped back to the parking lot with a thud.

    Most of the other guys were too stunned to react. It had happened so fast and was so violently. The other big guy, however, responded with a sucker punch from behind that grazed Ethan's jaw.

    He turned to face him, anger glowing in his eyes. He was heavy set, a round face with the round body of a lineman, and the expression on that face changed instantly when he looked into Ethan's eyes. He had been hit harder by junior varsity defensemen half the size of this oaf, who was quickly realizing that his punch did nothing more than draw attention to himself. Ethan's clenched fist whipped out and struck his jaw like a sledgehammer and nearly twisted his head all the way around. He dropped to his butt and grunted.

    Ethan looked at the other guys. One or two of them had wide open eyes and mouths. He wondered briefly why none of them was moving toward him, then realized they were looking past him. He had forgotten about the first guy, who was probably coming up behind him. That was a mistake.

    He spun around just in time to get punched in the face. It was a good, hard blow that caught him off guard and staggered him backward. The guy stepped forward and punched him again before he could get his feet set. His left fist connected with his jaw and jerked his head sideways. Ethan shook his head, tasting blood in his mouth.

    He saw the next punch coming, a poorly telegraphed blow he easily deflected with his raised forearm. Before the football player could counter with his other fist, Ethan clocked him across his jaw with a quick right. The thug's head snapped back. Ethan popped him again with another right cross. His knees weakened and buckled, and he slumped to the ground.

    Someone jumped on his back. Someone else grabbed his leg, and they dragged him to the ground. All he saw was a flurry of fists punching him and feet kicking. The last thing he heard before everything went black was the wail of a police siren.
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    Part 7

    Ethan was embarrassed to be recognized by one of the doctors at the hospital, as well as a couple of the nurses and most of the staff. They kidded him about being in another fight. When he explained to Lena that he spent a lot of time in this hospital because of fights in hockey games, she laughed, covered her mouth with her hand, looked at him with uncertainty, and laughed again.

    They were sitting on a bench against a wall in the hallway of the emergency room. Across the hall, on a similar bench, were three of the six football guys who had been fighting with Ethan. Standing in the center of the hall between them was Officer Shenton, with a disappointed look on his face. The other three football players were in one of the rooms along the hallway, one with a broken nose, one with a broken arm and one, the biggest of them all, with a broken jaw. Ethan had suffered a bloody nose, a swollen, cut lip, a nasty gash on his left cheek just below the eye from the oversized football player's trophy ring, a mild concussion and badly scraped knuckles on the back of his left hand. The gash required a dozen stitches and the overexuberant intern had bandaged his whole left hand.

    The three guys facing them had suffered only scrapes and bruises. Not one of them could keep their eyes off Lena's long, bare legs, including Officer Shenton.

    Finally, Charlie came out, followed by the young intern who had bandaged him. He was walking slowly, his head tilted back. It was a little extravagant for just a bandage over the bridge of his nose, but then, Charlie had never had it broken before. Ethan fought the urge to snicker and got up.

    Lena rushed to him.

    "Oh Charlie. Does it hurt?" she said, holding his arm and guiding him carefully.

    Charlie just groaned. Ethan hoped he could hustle them out of there before the football guys started laughing at them behind their backs.

    It was late when they got to Lena's apartment. Charlie had lost his appetite and wouldn't let them stop to get another dinner to replace the one lost in the fight. Ethan was starving, but he didn't say anything. He only followed Lena's directions to her apartment while she tended to Charlie in the back seat.

    Charlie had been quiet since they left the hospital. Ethan watched him in the rearview mirror. He was a good guy, but not tough.

    He sat beside Charlie on Lena's sofa while she went to the kitchen to get some aspirin. Charlie had his head tilted back and was breathing through his mouth when he began to chuckle.

    "What?" he said.

    "Nothing," Charlie said, slowly shaking his head.

    "Oh, bull. You've had me sitting here worried to hell about you, so if you're feeling better you're damn well going to tell me what's so funny."

    "Ok, ok, Jesus. You don't have to jump all over me. It was just the look on that guy's face when you jumped him. He hit you so hard and you didn't go down."

    "Yeah," Ethan said, and chuckled.

    Lena returned with a glass of water and a couple of aspirin.

    "Take these," she said.

    She dropped the white tablets in his open palm and handed him the glass. As Charlie swallowed the aspirin one at a time, Lena sat beside him and opened her purse.

    "Anybody wanna smoke some hash?" she said.

    She held up the plastic bag and grinned like she was selling candy to kids. She ran her other hand up the inside of Charlie's thigh.

    "Or maybe you'd like to do something else?"

    Charlie turned to Ethan. "Do you mind?"

    "No. Go ahead."

    "Good. I've been waiting for a chance to do this all night," Lena said, and had Charlie's jeans open and his penis out. It grew erect in her hands.

    She leaned over his lap, her lips only inches from the tip of Charlie's erection. She opened her mouth, stuck out her pink tongue and licked the soft skin on the underside of the head with just the very end of her tongue. Holding her tongue lightly on that soft skin, she gently closed her lips around the head. Charlie sighed.

    "Man, that feels so much better than getting punched," he said.

    Without releasing the head from her lips, Lena climbed off the sofa to the floor between his legs. Looking back up at the two guys, she slowly slid his cock into her mouth, over her tongue and down her throat.

    Charlie groaned from deep in his gut. Ethan's eyebrows arched up. Lena sucked loudly, moving her head up and down over Charlie's lap in long, slow strokes. Charlie's cock disappeared then reappeared from her mouth, drenched with her saliva.

    Ethan squeezed his legs together. He wanted to look away, but couldn't. He'd watched girls suck his own dick many times, but it wasn't often he got to see another guy getting his dick sucked. Charlie's cock wasn't as long as his, but it was just about as thick. In Lena's small mouth, however, it looked like an immense, throbbing beast with a life of its own. It was a deep red with thick, dark, ugly veins that stood out just under the skin.

    "Excuse me," Ethan said and got up.

    "Are we bothering you?" Charlie said.

    Ethan turned away and headed for the kitchen. "No, no. It's just that ..."

    Lena pulled Charlie's cock out of her mouth and licked up the drool that hung from the corner of her mouth.

    "Do you mind if we go to my room?" she said, rising from her knees.

    "No, not at all."

    Lena helped Charlie to his feet. "Ok. We might be a while."

    "Take your time. Have fun," Ethan said.

    He watched them go off to Lena's bedroom. As they went through the door, she waved with a cute smile like she was waving goodbye to a little kid on his first day at school. The door closed behind her and the apartment became quiet.

    Ethan sighed. He'd had better nights. The local anesthetic to numb his cheek before it was sewed up was wearing off. His whole head throbbed, as did his right hand. He held it close to his chest, willing the pain to go away. Coach Riley was going to be pissed if he couldn't play next week. He rolled his eyes, shaking his head. Sometimes he just wished he could keep his pants on.

    He found a Coke in the refrigerator and a People magazine to keep him occupied while he tried not to notice that the two of them were taking an awful long time in her bedroom. Nor could he ignore that fact that Lena was making a lot of noise, as if she wanted Ethan and the rest of the apartment building to hear that she was having sex without him.

    He looked up when he heard keys in the lock of the door, which swung open. A girl stopped just outside, looking in, holding a ring of keys in her right hand and a stack of books in her left. She was beautiful. He immediately forgot about the magazine.

    She had long, dark hair that hung to her shoulders. Her eyes were dark and exotic and searched the room. Her cheeks were high and round, her nose tiny and her lips full. She wore a short floral print dress. She stepped just inside the door and stared directly at him.
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    Part 8

    "Who the hell are you?" she said.

    "I'm Ethan," he said.

    She shook her head. With the bandages on his face and hand, he probably didn't look too friendly.

    "Charlie's friend?" he added, and she nodded.

    "Who does she have in there?" the girl said, pointing in the direction of Lena's bedroom.



    She started toward the kitchen.

    "Who are you?" Ethan said.

    "I'm Tori. Lena's sister."

    "Oh," Ethan said.

    She sounded none too pleased to find a strange guy sitting in her living room while her sister was fucking one of her boyfriends in her bedroom. She set her books on the table, avoiding Ethan's eyes, and went into the kitchen. He let out a deep sigh. Could this night get any more difficult?

    He looked toward the door to the bedroom. Lena's high-pitched squeal was very regular. There was only one other door, which was open and led to the bathroom. Did Tori and Lena sleep in the same bed? Images of the two girls laying naked side by side flashed through his mind.

    "Oh yes ... Oh yes ... Oh God yes," Lena shouted from the other side of the door.

    Ethan buried his face in the magazine to try to ignore it. He didn't look at Tori to see if she was trying to ignore it as well.

    Finally, her screams died and the apartment was quiet again. Tori was moving around in the kitchen, doing something with some silverware or something, but didn't look in her direction. Why didn't she come out to visit with him? Was he that repulsive?

    After a few minutes of flipping pages, the bedroom door opened. Ethan looked up. Lena came out and closed the door behind her. She was naked except for the tiny, white lace panties on her hips and the splattered drops of pearly white cum on her belly. She grinned real big. Her skin flushed with goose bumps and her nipples stood tall and hard. The crotch of the delicate panties was soaked with her wetness, and the drops of cum ran down her hard stomach muscles and soaked the top edge. She rubbed a finger through the cum on her belly.

    "I see you met my sister," she said.

    She knelt on the couch beside him, spread her legs over him and settled on his lap, straddling him.

    Ethan put his hands around her waist. Tori still had her back turned.

    "Sort of. She didn't seem too thrilled to find me here," Ethan said.

    "She's shy around strangers. Not like me, of course."

    She scooped up a drop of Charlie's cum on her finger and licked it off.

    "Of course," Ethan said.

    Lena climbed off and patted his knee.

    "I'll talk to her. She'll open up once she gets to know you."

    She went to the kitchen. Ethan looked down at the wrinkled magazine beside him, where her knee had squished it into the cushion. He had no desire to pretend to read it anymore. He got up and went to the bedroom.

    Charlie was laying face down on the bed. He had fingernail scratch marks across his back. He looked up. His face was still red around the bandage on his nose.

    "I made her cum pretty good," Charlie said and grinned, looking pleased with himself.

    "I heard."

    Charlie chuckled. "I'll bet the whole building heard."

    "They did."

    From the kitchen, they heard the girls' laughing. Charlie looked confused.

    "Who else is out there?" he said.

    "Tori," Ethan said.

    Charlie's face brightened.

    "Really? Did she talk to you? I told her everything about you, I mean everything," he said.

    "Why'd you do that?"

    "Because I thought you'd like to meet her. She's cute, isn't she?"

    Ethan shrugged. "Sure, she's cute. Look, I just wanna go home and go to bed."

    "Already? Don't you wanna smoke some hash?"

    Ethan shook his head. "It's late. I'm tired. Can I take your car? I'll bring it back in the morning."

    Charlie sat up, leaning on his elbow. "Sure. Lena put the keys on the dresser."

    Ethan stepped over the sheets and blankets piled on the floor at the foot of the bed, took the keys off the dresser, and went back to the doorway.

    "Sorry," he said, turning back to Charlie.

    A hand touched his shoulder. Lena appeared beside him. Her hand moved down over the front of his jeans, feeling for his penis.

    "You'll have to wait your turn. I'm not done with Charlie yet," she said.

    She jumped on the bed, giggling.

    Ethan turned to leave.

    "Ethan?" Lena said.

    He stopped at the door and turned back.

    "Go fuck Tori. I happen to know she's been dying to find out what you've got in your pants," she said.

    "Sure," Ethan said and nodded.

    Charlie and Lena were giggling and rolling on top of each other when he left. He turned back to the living room, feeling an aching stiffness between his legs. Tori was still in the kitchen with her back to the living room. He was glad. It made it that much easier to leave.
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    JALLEN, I have to tell you that this was a good story. I'm not really a fan of Charlie or Lena at this point in the story because they're both incredibly selfish. Ethan saves Charlie's ass and then he goes off and fucks the girl with Ethan in the next room. That's what I call a class act. Anyway, I'm looking forward to the next installment just to see how the Tori/Ethan portion evolves.
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    Part 9

    Ethan loved driving Charlie's car. It was so big and low and easy to drive. He still loved his '66 GTO, but Charlie's Olds was a laid back and take it easy kind of car.

    It was a beautiful, sunny morning. He parked the car in the lot outside Lena's apartment building. He stood at the panel of buttons outside the door, trying to remember which apartment he was in last night. He never heard Lena's last name, so that didn't help. He guessed and pushed one of the buttons for the third floor, but there was no answer. He tried another button, and a girl's voice answered.

    "Hello?" she said.

    Ethan hesitated. Was that Lena's sister?

    "Uh, hi. It's me. Ethan? I was here last night with Charlie?"

    There was a pause for a few seconds.

    "Come on up," the girl's voice said, and the door buzzed.

    He went up the stairs, knocked and waited. Tori opened the door.

    "Hi," she said.

    "Hi," Ethan said.

    She was as beautiful as he remembered, maybe even more. She was wearing a pair of faded jeans and a white turtleneck shirt. Her auburn hair was pulled back in a ponytail. They stood for a minute staring at each other.

    "Is Charlie still here?" Ethan finally said.

    "Yeah. You wanna come in?"

    She stepped aside and held the door open. He went in.

    Immediately he smelled a strong, pungent odor that filled the whole apartment. On the coffee table in front of the couch was an ashtray filled with ashes and tiny, twisted cigarette butts. They had smoked the hash.

    "You left pretty early last night," Tori said.

    "Yeah. I wasn't feeling well."

    He noticed the way she was looking at him. He'd seen that look in her eyes before from other girls.

    "Sorry to hear that. You feeling better now?"

    "Some . Is Charlie ready to go?" Ethan said.

    Tori giggled. "He's a little ... indisposed right now. He got pretty wasted last night."

    Ethan looked at the closed bedroom door. "Are they asleep in there?"

    "Sort of. They've been asleep for a while. Every now and then I hear them going at it."

    Ethan started toward the door. "Maybe I should get him up."

    Tori put her hand on his arm. "Maybe you should let him sleep."

    Ethan looked surprised. She smiled.

    "Have a seat. Would you like some coffee?" she said.

    "Uh, sure," Ethan said.

    He sat on the sofa in the same spot he sat last night. Tori went to the kitchen once again. He watched her move about, opening the cupboard for a coffee mug, pouring the coffee.

    "Do you like cream or sugar?" she said while she poured.

    "Sure, just a little."

    She brought the mug out and handed it to him. He held the hot mug in his uninjured hand and took a cautious sip. It was very good. Tori sat beside him, folded her legs Indian style, and picked up her glass of Mountain Dew. They were quiet for a few minutes, sipping their drinks.

    "How did you hurt your hand?" she said.

    "Excuse me?"

    "Your hand. How did you hurt it?"

    Ethan raised his injured hand and cradled it in his good hand.

    "Oh, uh, in a fight," he said, and felt sheepish.

    "Ah," Tori said and nodded.

    She was looking straight ahead while she sipped. Her skin was soft and pale. He had seen that she was beautiful before, that was not difficult to notice, but he had not realized how beautiful she was, how much more so than Lena. Lena had a hardbody, lean and firm, but Tori was softer, more delicate, her features more classically feminine.

    Her cute eyes were small and girlish, her nose was a little button that turned up at the end, her lips were full and pouty. Her jaw tapered into her neck, which seemed too fragile to hold up her head.

    Her round breasts were deliciously obvious beneath snug fitting turtleneck shirt, and their shape was accentuated by the flatness of her stomach and the gentle curve of her waist.

    She turned and looked at him. Ethan realized he was staring at her and snapped his head around to face the other direction. He took a deep breath, totally embarrassed that she had seen him gawking at her body.

    Tori cleared her throat.

    "Um, how many stitches did you get?" she asked.

    "Twelve, I think," he said, holding up his hand as if it was an exhibit. "You probably think I'm pretty stupid for fighting."

    She giggled. "Yeah, I do. Did you win?"
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    Part 10

    Ethan started to explain to her why he had been fighting, but was confused by her question.

    "If you think fighting is stupid, why do you care whether or not I won?" he said.

    "Just curious."

    Before he could ask her his next question, she stood up.

    "You want more coffee?" she said.

    He stopped with his mouth open, distracted in the middle of speaking. He looked down at the mug. He had drank only about half of it.

    "Uh, sure," he said.

    She held out her hand. He put the mug in it. She went back into the kitchen. He watched her ass cheeks, which were so neatly encased in her tight jeans, move side to side as she walked, and he groaned.

    Tori poured more coffee into the mug and returned to the living room. She had a sly smile on her puffy lips as she walked toward him, shifting her hips side to side. She stopped in front of him.

    "Here you go," she said, holding out the mug.

    "Thanks," Ethan said, and took the warm mug.

    He lifted it to his lips and tilted his head back to sip. Tori was still standing in front of him. He looked up at her eyes while he drank. Her lips were still curved up in a smile.

    Her hands came up to the front of her jeans. His eyes followed them, and he lowered the mug. She popped open the button of her jeans and pulled down the zipper, peeling the two sides away like peeling a banana. His eyes widened when he saw the top of her black panties. He set the mug aside. Tori turned herself sideways and sat on his lap, pressing her soft, firm ass on the long, hard ridge of his cock. It wedged itself in the warm groove between her cheeks. She lowered her lips to his mouth and kissed him.

    "Lena told me you had a bad night last night. She said I should make you cum," she said.

    She kissed him again. Ethan placed his left hand on her hip.

    "Make me cum? She told you that?"


    "You've been assigned to make me cum?"

    "No. I volunteered."

    She took his right hand off the arm of the sofa and stuck it down the front of her open jeans. His fingers under the elastic band of her panties and touched the soft, downy hairs on her warm mound.

    "You made me wait all night for this," she said and groaned.

    His fingers inched toward the soft, wet lips between her spread thighs. She spread them wider. He pushed his middle finger between her lips and rubbed it back and forth over her slit. He slid his other hand under her shirt to rub her flat belly and felt something cold and hard between the ridges of her stomach muscles. He raised the bottom edge of the white shirt and looked down. She had a pierced belly button and a small gold ring sticking out of it.

    "Lena said you were built. Are you?" Tori said in a whisper.

    "What do you consider built?"

    Tori rubbed her ass on the hard ridge that stood up in his lap.

    "Nine inches is built."

    "I'm close to that."

    "How big are you?"

    "Twelve inches."

    He watched her beautiful tits rise and fall on her heaving chest and press against the thin, white fabric. Her hard nipples stood out like a pair of buttons.

    "Twelve inches? Oh my God. Are you kidding me?"

    "Does it feel like twelve inches?"

    "No. Is it really?"


    She rubbed her ass on it while Ethan fingered her pussy.

    "Ok. I'll take your word for it. Are you gonna show it to me?"

    "You think I wouldn't?"

    Tori shrugged. "I had to make sure."

    She started to laugh. Ethan reached for her glass of pop and scooped out an ice cube with his fingers.

    "This is kinky," he said.

    Tori wasn't paying attention when he put his hand back down the front of her pants, spread her pussy lips apart, and slipped the ice cube into her cunt. She screamed and leaped off his lap.

    "Oh fuck ... Oh shit that's cold," she shouted.

    She jumped around the room with her hand down in her pants. Ethan laughed. Finally she stopped jumping around and turned to him.

    "That was mean," she said.

    Ethan shook his head. "That was kinky."

    "Ok. Fine. Now that we've determined what kinky is, are you gonna show me your cock, or what?"

    Her eyes glanced down at his lap. Ethan looked down to see what she was looking at. His erection was clearly visible in the leg of his jeans. He looked into her eyes. She grinned back at him, crawling closer on her hands and knees.

    "Come on, show it to me," she said.
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    Part 11

    He unbuttoned his jeans, pulled the zipper down, and peeled the sides away the same as she had done. Tori licked her lips. He pushed his jeans down past his hips, and Tori gasped.

    "Oh my God. It's true. You don't know how long I've looked for a man like you," she said.

    Her warm hand closed around it and she leaned forward and kissed the head. Her puffy lips parted and it slipped right into her mouth.

    Ethan moaned. Her wet lips smacked around his shaft. Tori moved her head back and forth, taking more of it into her mouth. Her left hand was closed around the shaft and her right hand reached under to squeeze his fat balls.

    She reached for the glass of Mountain Dew, stuck her fingers in, and pulled out an ice cube. Pumping his cock for a few seconds, she popped the ice cube into her mouth. She giggled when she looked up at him. She grabbed his cock with both hands and shoved the entire length into her mouth.

    Ethan gasped. The ice cube slid along the side of his shaft. Tori rolled it around the head of his cock. He put his hands around her head and pulled her closer, practically jamming his cock down her throat.

    She gagged on it. The ice cube was pressed against her cheek, bulging out like she had a huge wad of chew in her mouth. He fucked her face, lifting his hips off the sofa and pushing his cock deep into her mouth.

    She sucked it hard, tugging on his balls and jamming his cock to the back of her mouth. He gritted his teeth and winced when it felt like she was going to rip his balls off. He put his hands on top of her head, drawing back his hips when her teeth scraped along the shaft.

    "Ow ... ow," he said.

    Tori took his cock out of her mouth.

    "Sorry. I get a little carried away sometimes," she said, and crunched the ice cube in her mouth.

    The head of his cock rested on her lower lip and she tongued it absently, smearing the saliva that coated it on her chin and left cheek. She started licking along the side of the shaft and the thick vein that ran along the bottom with her icy cold tongue, letting the bulk of it rest on the bridge of her nose.

    Ethan sighed, relieved that she was taking it a little easier on him. He brushed her hair away from her face. She reached his balls and sucked one into her mouth. It was large enough on its own to fill her mouth, but she sucked in the other one, as well. Her cheeks were puffed out like a chipmunk with its mouth stuffed with acorns. He moaned each time she sucked in her cheeks and pressed his balls together.

    She released them and licked her lips.

    "Did my sister blow you last night?" she said, and licked the shaft.

    Ethan shook his head.

    "Did you jerk off when you got home last night?" Tori asked.


    "That's too bad. These are pretty full right now, aren't they?" she said and rubbed his balls.

    "Oh yeah. They hurt."

    "They feel pretty full." She gripped the shaft and licked the head of his cock like a lollipop. "You don't mind if I empty them, do you?"


    "You ever cum in a girl's mouth?"

    "Once or twice."

    "She swallow it or spit it out?"

    She stroked the swollen, purplish head with her tongue.

    "Some swallow. Some spit it out."

    "About a month ago I went out with this guy and we had some margaritas. When I blew him later he tasted like limes. Did you drink anything this morning?"

    She closed her lips around the head and started sucking.

    "Orange juice. Maybe it'll taste tangy."

    Tori smiled, showing her teeth alongside his cock. Her bright eyes shined. She was ravishing, especially with his cock in her mouth.

    He dug another ice cube out of the glass of pop. She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue and he put the ice cube on it. Watching his eyes, she closed her lips around the head of his cock.

    He sighed and closed his eyes when he felt the ice cube on one side of his cock and her warm tongue on the other side. Tori's head moved slowly back and forth, working her lips farther and farther down on his cock. He could feel the warm breath from her nose in his pubic hair and he could hear her soft, muffled moans. She was damn good at this.
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    Part 12

    He moved his hips back and forth. Tori moved her head faster. The soft insides of her cheeks and the warm, wet surface of her tongue rubbed the hot skin of his cock. He moved his hips faster. He was breathing hard. He could feel the orgasm building inside him. It was going to be a good one. Tori was going to get a mouthful of cum.

    She had one hand on his thigh and one hand on his balls, kneading them, as if she was milking him like a cow. She had her eyes squeezed shut and was moaning when his knees turned weak and rubbery and he groaned. His orgasm burst in her mouth like a dam break.

    Her eyes shot open wide and her squeal was muffled by his cock, but she kept sucking up the cum that quickly filled her cheeks. He grunted with each pulse of his cock until the orgasm began to taper off and his cum only dribbled onto her tongue.

    She quickly pulled his cock out of her mouth and stood up. Her mouth was open and she had a thick gob of white cum on her tongue as she leaned forward, wrapped her arms around his neck and tilted her head to kiss him. For a moment, the thought of eating his own cum repulsed him, but he closed his eyes, opened his mouth, put his hands around her waist and let her kiss him.

    She mashed her lips against his lips and thrust her tongue deep into his mouth, rolling it on his tongue to spread his cum around, as if she wanted to make sure he tasted it.

    She pulled away with a smack of her lips. He opened his eyes. She was smiling. Her face glowed with color. His own cum coated her lips with a pearly sheen.

    "Well?" she said, standing in front of him with her hands on her hips.

    "Well what?"

    "Does it taste like orange juice?"

    "No, I don't think so."

    She shook her head. "I didn't think so, either."

    She pulled the bottom of her shirt up, exposing her belly, the shiny ring in her belly button, and her perfect tits.

    "Now I want to feel you inside me."

    She pushed down her jeans, stepped out of them, and climbed onto his lap, straddling his legs. She held his long, hard cock pointed up between her legs.

    "Be gentle with me," she said, rubbing her thumb over the head.

    "I'll try."

    With one hand, Tori held the lips of her pussy apart. With her other hand, she guided his penis to the opening.

    "I always wanted to feel a man your size inside me," she said as she rubbed the head of his cock along her wet slit.

    Her small hand barely closed around the thick shaft. The lips of her pussy seemed to open up to suck it in.

    "I've been searching for a tool this size for years."

    She lowered her weight on him and her eyes and mouth opened wide as the shaft slipped through her fingers.

    "Oh yes ... Oh yes," she moaned.

    Her teeth clenched together until she was completely settled on his lap. Ethan had his hands around her slender waist where her hips started to flare out, as if guiding her down on his cock. Her warm, wet pussy was so tight it was almost unbearable.

    "That feels incredible," she breathed, looking into his eyes.

    "Is it big enough for you?"

    She laughed. "You'll do."

    She started moving her hips up and down. Ethan's hands slid up her sides and squeezed her tits. He stuck out his tongue and licked the warm skin between her tits. Tori moaned and tossed her head back. She put her arms around his head, cradling him like a child as he sucked her nipple.

    He looked up at her. Her mouth was open and her full, pouty lips quivered. She leaned forward and kissed him.

    The bedroom door opened. Lena came out of her room wearing just a t-shirt, rubbing her sleepy eyes. She stopped when she saw them on the sofa.

    "What the hell's going on here?" she said.

    "Do you mind? We're trying to fuck here," Tori said.

    Lena put up her hands.

    "Don't mind me," she said.

    She went past them to the kitchen, looking away. They watched her until she disappeared behind the wall, then they looked at each other and giggled. Tori started moving her ass up and down again.

    She leaned close to him to whisper in his ear.

    "I think you're going to make me cum," she said, and nibbled his earlobe.

    Ethan smiled. He finally met somebody he really liked.

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