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Length - Thickness - Hardness

Discussion in 'Penis Enlargement' started by Peter4572, Jun 6, 2019.

  1. Peter4572

    Peter4572 Superior Member

    Aug 9, 2017
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    Now we're going to talk about something that concerns boys and men in general. Something you already guessed: This damn size! Specifically: length, thickness, hardening.
    - What Are you doing there Romano? Why did you stick your dick in that bottle? and you're torturing the poor guy! Don't you feel sorrow for it?
    - Oh! You don't know a thing! That's a... Penis Enlarger!.
    - Oh! I see! You don't have enough as 7 inches, and you want 17 feet!
    - Now you're being sarcastic, but when you see the results in 6 months, you will do it too, my friend Toninjo.
    - I know, I know. In six months, you'll have a prickly and deformed meat between your legs! at best. Or you're gonna need surgery, because It's gonna suffer a gangrene, which you'r gonna regret dearly.
    Finally he got it out of the damn... enlarger, and I see a prickly fish, tanned because blood stayed in the veins, not returning to circulation to be renewed and cleaned. What's worse? he puts a ring on its base to preserve the length!.
    - Oh! you stupid Romano! The way you do this and damage your birdie's health. I see you... after three months Romanitta! and not a Romano! Because, you fat fuck, the doctor is gonna cut it off himself, to save you from unjustly going, next to the roots of the pine woods, ahead of your time!
    - You keep talking! but deep down, you envy me, you smug Toninjo, but you'll be surprised! when I stick it in you, to feel the stake of your dear friend.
    - What are you gonna put behind me? That thing you can't even manipulate? Romano listen, If you want, come get my tool, and if you have a boner, then I'll lay down and take yours.
    - If you're telling the truth, I'll lay for you. Then I'll go for your bot. But we're gonna flip a coin, on who sits first, so we'll leave it to luck.
    - You think I'm that stupid? I came up with the idea first. Stand on all fours, and let me put it in you, now that I'm in the mood.
    - All right, Toninjo, I'll do it, cause I am loving you so much, do whatever you want to me!
    - I love you too, loser! otherwise, would I have you as my best friend?
    - Yeah!, a best friend or a good faggot?
    - Hey! then leave it. I don't want to rush you. you'll say I seduced you, and I raped you!
    But Romano, did me the favor, and I pushed in my whole stake. He was dripping with pleasure. Then I sat for him, because I promised him to fuck me too. He took me, but he was already done, and finished before he even got in!
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