Level of erection during drug injection?

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    I've seen several studies regarding the length of the average penis and some of them involved inducing erection by drug injection. I'm wondering whether this alone is enough to bring the penis to it's maximum size though. If you get a morning erection upon waking, it's usually not as big as it can get, unless you start to stroke it. It get's even bigger as you start to approach orgasm. So I'm wondering whether drug injection is enough to bring it to it's true maximum size, or whether it brings it to the level of erection that you naturally get in the mornings, before stroking.

    I've always measured my dick when I've reached my maximum size, as I'm starting to near orgasm. This might be a difficult question to answer because perhaps very few of you have knowledge of drug induced erections. Maybe those of you who have used viagra might be able to say whether or not the erection is at it's maximum even without stroking. Or perhaps a few of you have experience with injection induced erections? Thanks.
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    one of the best morning woods happened the other day

    it was abnormally much bigger then any morning wood I had before.

    guess it was about 7.5"long & very thick about 6.5",I could not even grip it like I normally wood, my balls were also swollen. I did enjoy it while it lasted!
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