Like to Play in Richmond VA Mar 3, 2012?

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    My girlfriend and I will be in Richmond, VA the evening of Saturday, March 3, 2012, and would love to meet one or more guys with large cocks for some bedroom fun. Yes, she is the GF in my album.

    Please understand that she cannot have sexual penetration because of a medical problem (not a disease). However, when we play with others, she gets nude, loves to be kissed on her toes, ears, lips, nipples, and clit. She assists in the bi play, getting cocks hard, putting on condoms, loosening and lubing, guiding cocks, and helping restore cocks to their desired hardness. She also uses her strap-ons on whoever is willing and uses her lubed hands to stroke cocks until they cum. She loves to play with and stroke large cocks, especially ones that she has to use both hands to cover the action.

    I am an oral and anal top and bottom, and it is a turn-on to her to see guys go at it.

    We would like to meet at 6:30 PM at a restaurant for dinner, get to know each other, and if the chemistry is right, go to our hotel room at 7:30 and play until 10:30 PM.

    If you can bring a good looking bi gal too, that would put you at the top of list.

    Please let us know if you are interested and available.
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