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    rbrum14: The cock in literature. There are plenty of books of pornography or of a sexual nature, but can you find quotes from mainstream literature, where large cocks are mentioned, but aren’t the main theme of the book even if they add memorable interest. So, to start with, here’s something from a German writer in the mid twentieth century.

    In Cat and Mouse by Gunther Grass (published 1961), the hero is Mahlke, who, in chapter III, is with a group of teenagers on a ship wrecked on the beach. At one stage:

    Malhke peeled his swimming trunks down to his knees...a few short movements of his right wrist and his cock stood up so unwieldy that its tip grew out past the shadow of the pilot house and caught the sunshine. Only when we had all formed a semi-circle round did Mahlke’s apparatus retreat into the shadow. “Can I just quickly, very quickly..?”, Tulla’s mouth stood open. Mahlke nodded and dropped his right hand. What an effect Tulla’s hands had on the thing - under her probing finger tips it grew in volume, the veins swelled up and the tip protruded. ”Go on, measure it !”, shouted J├╝rgen Kupka. Tulla’s left hand made it one hand breadth complete plus another almost. First one then another whispered “At least thirty centimetres.” An exaggeration of course. Schilling, the one in our group with the longest dick, had to pull his out, get it hard and hold it near for comparison. Mahlke’s was one size thicker, the dimension of a matchbox longer, and it looked so much more grown-up, dangerous and adorable.

    The writer then describes how on another occasion Mahlke erupted into an orgasm over the ship’s rail then immediately started again and came again in great volume.

    So, there’s a start – let’s have some more examples.
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