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Little just makes a lot differrent from average...

Discussion in 'Penis Enlargement' started by metas, Apr 20, 2010.

  1. metas

    metas Experimental Member

    Dec 11, 2009
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    Most of the times, an experienced woman will tell me about how my cock changes her fun factor about sex. Well, I have been wondering why my just-a-bit-above-average cock can make that much effect. Until now....

    I have just realized that my cock is about twice the volume of the world wide average cock, leave alone the Asian average.

    Actually, a 6.5" x 5" dildo looks noticeably smaller than my 7.5" x 5.8" cock. (will add comparison photo in my album soon)

    So, I think I would like to tell everyone in this forum that, a little gain from PE will make big different for you. I currently gain from 5.7" to 5.8" girth with a lot stiffer cock that has already made a big change in sex with all my partners.

  2. Big Al

    Big Al Sexy Member

    Jul 1, 2008
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    You're absolutely correct :) VOLUME is the best way to measure gains. It's surprising how even a small, measurable gain in length or (esp.) girth can actually yield large gains in volume.

    You can use the following volume measurement formula:

    Take your average girth measurement (measure your thickest and thinnest points and divide that number by 2). *Then divide that number by 6.28. Now square that number and multiply it by 3.14. Multiply that number by length. The resulting product will give you an approximation of your penile volume.

    There's also this site that'll do it for you automatically: Mr Average?
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