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Discussion in 'Underwear, Clothing, and Appearance Issues' started by MatterOfSize, Jun 20, 2010.

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    I've never been a jock, but was a competitive diver in junior high, I was aghast at the high school guys that were both beautiful and didn't mind walking around naked, I would always take the round-about trip past to showers on my way out to sneak a peak.

    Unfortunately that was the end of my locker room days, but have always had a fantasy of having a sexual encounter in there. How about you guys, and good stories?
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    If I lived a full life time, I couldn't tell you ALL the fantasies ( and real life experiences) I've had in locker rooms. I'm sorry your experiences ended in school. I spend a lot of time in LR, and I'm not exaggerating in saying I've had circle jerks, suckoffs, individual jack off sessions, etc for 30 years in various locker rooms. I'd fuckin live in a LR if I could.
    In jr hi and hs I used to steal the football players jockstraps, take them home, and put them on and beat off thinking about how they'd take me and make me suck their dicks in their jockstraps, andhow I'd love it. I've jacked off thousands of times to Coach fantasies, where either I'm the coach teaching some kid how to suck Coach Cock and jockstrap, or I'm the kid and the entire team needs to be serviced and I suck them all off for an entire weekend.

    My best fantasy is being on a bench. the coach is there. Myjob, if I want to be hired by the team, is to smell each players sweaty balls and memorize the smell. This happens for each player of , say, a 50-man team. Then I get a second round to confirm my memory, but I get to taste and suck their ballsacs.
    Then I get a third round where I suck their cocks but only for about a minute each.

    THEN, I'm blindfolded with a jockstrap, and each player, in a different order, come up and feeds me his balls and cock and I have to identify each one correctly. Any mistakes and I'm ineligible for the job.
    How's THAT grab ya?
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