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    on earth...
    This is the first thing i wrote, it was something i could not find eslewhere and i wanted it for my self. Tell me how you like it. It is not finished, and i don't know when i will finish the last part. If you like you can finish it yourself and reply to this thread. Also I am NOT Bestcock i dont have my own login.

    "Hey Chris, good practice today huh?" said John
    "Yeah, I'm beat, ready for a shower at least." replied Chris
    Chris was the wide reciever for the football team, he was tall, somewhat thin and muscular. It was a saturday afternoon, football practice had tired Chris out, but he would recouperate shortly. Chris was not the most popular kid in school, though well liked there were several people who were antagonistic towards him. Practice was over and they were heading back to the locker room when Max caught him.
    "Good catch today Chris." said Max
    "Good throw." replied Chris
    "What are you doing after practice?" asked Max
    "Don't have any plans, thought i'd go cleanup the car." said Chris
    Chris owned a older 240zx, it only cost $3000 but he loved that car and treated it like it was his own child.
    "Supposed to be a party tonight at Luke's house, do you want to come?" asked Max
    "Sure, What time is it?" asked Chris
    "9, Bring $10 bucks, Luke's brother is buying some beer." Max replied
    "Sweet, see you then." replied Chris
    They had reached the locker rooms and started to take off their uniforms, untieing shoes and removing all the padding felt great. The other guys were already starting to strip down. There was a room full of good looking young guys in various stages of undress. Chris removed his pants, and turned to get his towell out of the locker. He threw his clothes in a gym bag and pulled down his jockstrap and cup.
    "That felt great" thought chris
    He had finally released his large limp penis. Chris was covered in sweat and he headed for the showers. Nudity amongst the team was no longer and issue. Allthough he remembered the first time he got naked in front of 15 other guys, it made him nervous, but was exhillerating. Now though everybody was buck naked in the communal shower and no body really thought anything of it.
    Chris started to soap his body off. He tried not to look too much, but did notice some of the other guys cocks. His was larger than most, but he had not seen all of them hard.
    Chris was shampooing his hair, as he started to rinse four guys suddenly grabbed him. Two grabbed his feet, two grabbed his arms and started to haul Chris out of the shower. It was a group that Chris had not really gotten along with, but would not considered them enemies. He wondered what kind of prank they were up to. The team started to roar with laughter, Chris did not know how many were in on it, but he thought they were just being funny.
    They held him down and tied his feet together with some rope. Then they tied his hands together in front of hime and picked Chris up again.
    "Comon guys, What did I do?" asked Chris
    "Always such a show off huh, Well you'll like showing off today too." Torted Rob.
    The four of them started to take Chris outside of the locker room. Chris was struggling against the restraints, but had no hope floating in air.
    "Seriously you can't take me out there." begged Chris as they opened the locker room door.
    "Don't worry, you'll be inside" Replied Rob
    Directly across from the boys locker room was the girls locker room.
    "Wow, this is going to be embarrassing" thought Chris
    The four guys busted into the girls locker room and dropped Chris there on cold tile floor. Quickly they shut the door and locked it. There was another exit, but it stopped Chris from leaving.
    There he laid naked as a jaybird on the floor of the girls locker room. Chris was still in shock and embarrassment, while he tried to think of how to get out of this. He was also exhillerated, the girls locker room, right after cheeringleading practice.
    "What was that?" asked Krystal
    Krysal had short brown hair, was short and thin, but decent breast. Maddie Was the beautiful blond, long air, Thin midsection c-cups and a tight nicely sized ass.
    "I don't know, dumb football guys I guess." replied Maddie
    Suddenly Gina squeeled and came running back. Chris was found.
    "Girls they threw Chris Miller in here naked!" Gina excitedly yelled out
    Gina was a burnette, had the best skin of the group, decently tan, long legs and she liked to show them off. Those legs went up and made a great ass of themselves.
    Quickly several girls come into the hall where Chris had managed to stand up, and cover himself the best he could.
    "I'm sorry ladies, I didn't ask for this" Stumbled Chris
    "Can i get a towell?" he begged.
    The girls all noticed his good looking body first, but then they caught on to the fact he was tied up.
    They giggled and left.
    "Great what does that mean?" Chris wondered silently
    In the main area 12 young women stood around some in their underwear, some still had their outfits on.
    "I think we should let him out." said Krystal
    "No way, we can at least have some fun first." Said Maddie, Obviously the leader of this group
    "There is nothing wrong with some fun, what were you thinking." Replied Gina
    "Hmm. First lets blindfold him so he cant see us half naked." said Maddie
    "That makes sense, I think we should tie him up too" replied Gina
    "ooooh, that is a great idea, that way we can really get a look at him up close" said Maddie
    Several girls standing around seemed to like this idea, no harm, it was just fair to get a good look.
    "I'll go blindfold him and tell him we are going to let him out the other door" said Gina
    Gina skipped over to her locker and withdrew a nylon. And she walked up to Chris. Several other girls watched her from a distance.
    "We are going to let you go out the other door. But some of us are naked, and we want to cover your eyes up so you cant see us." said Gina
    Chris let out a sigh of relief about being let out. He begrudgingly let Gina blindfold him.
    The nylons were very difficult to see through, but there was a small gap at the bottom where he could see the floor, as well as his tickening penis.
    Once blindfolded the Gina tried to escort him, but his feet were too tightly tied for much movement.
    Gina said, were going to have to get a couple girls to help me move you.
    Chris grumbled, the blindfold was making things worse not better. Allthough at least he did not have to look at them in the face. He could see four more girls walking up to him through the hazy nylons. All their figure was blurred out.
    "Can't you just untie me" begged Chris
    Gina didn't respond.
    They grabbed his legs and arms and hauled his 175 lb frame to the very center of the main room. Chris was disoriented and could not tell where he was at.
    As they set Chris down on his feet, the two girls that had his arms, streched him up and tied his hand above his head. They must have used a nylon or sock to tie his hand around a water pipe. There Chris was put on display for all to see.
    "Comon, girls, i thought you were going to let me go" Chris pleaded
    "Oh, we will, but we just wanted a look first." Said someone he could not identify
    Chris hung his head, being hung up for show also got him slightly arroused. He hung 5" limp, but was already cresting 6".
    One or more of the girls kindly untied his feet, making Chris almost comfortable.
    Some girls stayed back and watched from the edges, others got up close and studied him.
    "Look at his butt, it has dimples!"
    "I like his abs"
    "Great body"
    "His dick is so big"
    Chris's dick was already as big as any of these girls had seen, except for the few who had watched porn and a couple of the sluttier girls.
    By now, Chris's thick cock was standing up on its own, not fully erect but still 7" long and thick.
    "you've had a look, can i go now?" Chris asked.
    "you need to be quiet or we will have to gag you too." Giggled A voice that must have been Maddie's.
    Chris decided to shut up.
    "Girls, He is blindfolded and tied up, now is your chance if you want to really examine a guy.
    Chris could see several bodies moving closer to him.
    They started running their hands all over his body, up his legs, down his chest. Squeezing his butt, but nobody touched his dick.
    By this point Chris had almost stopped being embarrased, and started to enjoy his time there. He could see his own dick fat with blood nearly hard and 8" long.
    "Go ahead Ladies" brought up Maddie
    Chris could see and definitly feel several hands groping all over his hot cock. They squeezed his balls and Chris shuddered a bit.
    "Aparently that hurts, sorry" Said someone
    There were hands everywhere, must have been 10 girls on him, not one girl in the locker room had left, they all had eyes fixated on this beautiful body hanging there.
    They stroked his thickening cock and it rose to full attention, almost 9".
    "I've never seen one so big."
    "Only in porno."
    "Ok ladies, enough fun." said Maddie
    Chris breated a sigh of relief and dissappointment at the same time.
    "Down to business, I think Chris here needs some punishment, just barging in here and showing us his dick." she said
    Chris paused wondering where the other shoe was.
    "What were you thinking?" asked Gina Devilishly.
    "I think Chris here desereves some spankings." Maddie said while hitting her hand with a hairbrush.
    "Who wants to go first?!" she asked
    Several hands went up into the air. All the girls had backed off of Chris a bit and let the first one go.
    She took a gentle swing and smacked Chris's tight ass.
    Chris puckered a bit, not too painful, but it stung. Chris's dick stuck out and bounced in response
    The next girl was much harder. Leaving a red mark on his tight butt.
    Ouch, chris thought, i hope the others are not so mean.
    Each girl after the next spanked him in various degrees of hardness.
    Chris never knew he liked getting spanked. Of course being spanked by the cheerleading team did not hurt. Well it did hurt, but kinda in a good way, this made his dick swell and it was glistening with juices.
    "I almost think he liked that." said one girl.
    "Who want's to see His cum?" asked Gina
    Again, several hands went up.
    "I think a dick like that deserves two hands at a time" Gina replied
    She grabbed two girls and they started stroking his long dick. Each one had a hand on it, his precum was providing some lube, but one girl must have spit on her hand too.
    Chris groaned.
    Those two girls stopped after a minute, and gina brought two more girls up. They each massaged his fat dick working him for all he was worth. One was squeezing his has, and other we playing with is balls.
    He could see the petite little hands stroking his huge dick.
    He stated to get close to coming and then, they stopped.
    Two more girls came up and began stroking his huge member. Again he was just getting close.
    "My turn" Gina and Maddie both said at the same time
    They Came up. Obviously more experienced than some of the others, they were also totally naked by now. They both worked Chris's thick dick and it did not take long before he started to buck and tighten his ballsack. They knew he was about to come.
    Gina and Maddie jerked hard and faster and suddenly there was an explosion on jizz all over, most landed on the floor, but some got on the girls hands and tits.
    "Wow, what an orgasm." said Maddie
    Chris was quickly taken over by exhaustion, and leaned on his strapped hands more.
    "That got me so hot and wet." said Gina.
    "I love his dick, but i think it would be ever better looking if he shaved." said Maddie
    Chris thought that this would be easy to explain next time he was in the locker room.
    Almost instantly there were girls who brought razors and shaving cream.
    Two hands which he did not recognize began to lather him up. His thick dick still oozing and shrinking slightly.
    They were suprizingly gentle about shaving him.
    "Take your time, don't cut him" said one girl.
    Another girl spoke up "I want to shave his balls!"
    "Ok, Come on over."
    She wamed the cream between her hands and lathered his sack.
    She tugged this way and that and slowly and gently trimmed his balls.
    A couple other girls brought some water and a cloth. Chris could tell they were naked too.
    Chris did admire the job they did, His dick looked even bigger, and now his whole area was very clean looking.
    After all the tugging playing he had already started to become erect again.
    "wow, i think he is about ready to go again!" said some girl.
    "What a good dick to train on, Who wants to learn to give a blowjob" asked Maddie
    Several girls rushed over, Chris thought they were nude too. Their tits bouncing and the word blowjob brought him to full attention.
    Maddie obviously knew how to give head.
    "Ok, start by licking the tip" said maddie
    Chris moaned
    "It tasted kind salty sweet." the girl replied
    "ok, swirl your toung around and put the head in your mouth"
    Chris moaned again, He had never been given a blowjob, or had sex, this was already amazing, it was a good thing he had just blown his load.
    "now lick up and down the shaft"
    "ok, try putting some in your mouth"
    Chris loved looking at this girls mouth, trying to stuff his huge dick in those small lips.
    "Be careful not to use your teeth"
    "Take the head in"
    Chris became ever harder than he knew he could.
    "Suck on that dick"
    "Wrap your hands, both of them since he is so big, around his dick."
    "go back and forth with your hands and mouth in unison."
    Chris Lulled his head back and just enjoyed the moment.
    "Great job, Who is next!"
    Even though he knew he was about to start another, he hated for the first to end.
    Another naked girl walked up.
    "ok, just start like before"
    Chris loved her mouth.
    "Ok, stop and lick his balls a little while stroking his shaft."
    "ok, go back and use one hand on his balls, and use the other on the dick, while you suck on him"
    "I Can barely fit his fat dick in my mouth" the girl replied
    She slupred on him for a bit, Chris stared at his dick being massaged by a future pro.
    "ok, Next"
    Each one more beautiful than the last they lined up.
    "try and suck on his balls, be gentle, but put one in your mouth."
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    on earth...
    Chris loved this too, different but great.
    "this time when your sucking him, play with the spot behind his balls, its very sensative"
    This drove Chris crazy, he was glad he just shot, because he could tell it would not take long like this.
    Girl after girl went to slurp on his huge dick, Each professionaly trained by Maddie. Six girls sucked his fat cock and he did not think that any had jerked him off. Equal opportunity.
    Chris began getting close.
    "Ok stop."
    "My turn"
    Chris could not believe how good the other girls were, but Maddie obviously loved dick, He was going Nuts.
    The others girls could barely take in 1/4th of his 9" cock, but Maddie was going for the record.
    She slupped and sucked on his dick, taking more and more in.
    Chris started to feel a different sensation on his tip.
    She was trying to deep throat him.
    Chris was amazed and deliged with her taking in 6" of dick. She could not take any more, but worked him hard.
    Chris began to close in on orgasm, eyes rolled in back of his head and he shot a huge wad of cum direcly in Maddie's beautiful throat. Spasm after spasm sent loads in her stomach.
    Chris, Exhausted, rested on his restraints.
    Maddie, finally satisfied with it, withdrew his still huge dick from her mouth.
    "Wow, Maddie, that was amazing" someone said
    "Thank you, and thank you Chris" replied Maddie
    "Ok, Show off, i want to take some pictures"
    "Can you at least cover my face" asked Chris.
    "yeah, that is fair enough"
    Chris's face got a robber type mask... with panties. They smelled great, at least to his sex induced brain.
    The girls all broke out their cell phones and started taking picture after picture. They must have taken a hundred just of Chris and his beautiful body.
    Even "limp" his dick was photogenic at 7"
    They decided to start taking poses with his cock.
    Putting his memerber in their mouths.
    Backing up to it to look like he was fucking them.
    Spanking his ass. It was still sore.
    All of the girls were naked now. Some to keep clean from the shaving, some just because they were so hot and wet.
    After quite a while of pictures, Chris again, became arroused. Now that his cock was thick and long again more pictures.
    Then Gina said "ok, who wants to fuck that great big dick"
    Only 3 or 4 hands raised up. Some were still virgins, others, just afraid of that huge member between his legs.
    Chris was too tall to easily be screwed. They brought some type of aerobics stand to raise the girls up.
    The first girl was utterly wet, she walked up and spanked Chris's butt with her open palm.
    Gina helped her bend over and guided her soaking wet pussy over Chris's Throbbing cock.
    Chris was taken aback by the pleasure of pussy. She was very tight, but those muscles gave way to his penis, their juices intertwining.
    She was had been playing with herself before starting in on Chris, and was already ready to explore with orgasmic convusions. His huge dick filled her so fast. But what a feeling. So full, slick and hard. She had to have more.
    She had such cocklust she thrust herself onto his huge staff. Stopping all of the sudden, squeeled a bit from the pain. But she had only taken 2/3 of his dick.
    Chris loved seeing her pert little ass and his huge cock splitting her tight pussy open. Wow he thought. The girl had recovered and began impaling herself on his dick again and again and again. slowly, but with more strokes she got rougher.
    after only a few short moments she began to shake vilontly and moaned from her own orgasm. Chris felt great, but after two loads in the last short bit, he could last longer.
    Gina helped her down from the step.
    "thank you" the girl said quietly
    "That got me hot, i cant wait for my turn" said Gina
    The entire room had a odor of womens juices. Chris could make out several girls sitting on benches legs wide open, It was hard to make out but he was sure they were mastrubating.
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    I like it. I hope you or someone continues with more.
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    San Diego-CA
    Hot! Hot! Hot!
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    Chesapeake (VA, US)
    Time to jerk my dick
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    Hot. Hope there's more to come.
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    United States
    Very HOT!
    Are you continuing, or do you want volunteers to take it away?
    (It would be a tough act to follow...!)
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    Port St Mary (IM)
    He's banned :/
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    someone should continue
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    Wichita (KS, US)
    That was some story, now why was he banned????
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    I am the original author. Here is the end of my first story, all though i encourage anyone who wants to to make alternate endings.


    Girl number two stepped up to Chris's throbbing wet cock. She was totally nude, Chris could not tell who she was but the pert ass made him want her.

    Gina helped her up on the stand and held her hand for stability.

    The girl was sopping wet and easily slid Chris's wet cock into her. She paused learning from the previous girls mistake to take his whole member slowly.

    "Unnnghh" she moaned as her tight lips slid down his shaft.

    Wow. She had never felt so full. Close to painful but pure pleasure. She had only taken in half of his dick. Another thrust...

    "Ooooohhh" That kinda hurt... kinda good... kinda... great...

    Chris was in heaven. The pussy just got better and better. Smooth but firm and grippy. At first it felt as if your pussy was rejecting his dick, almost pushing it out... but now that he was in further, the suction held it tight.

    The girl began gyrating and pumping his huge organ. In and out, in and out, slight deeper each time. What a feeling, never before... maybe never again so full.

    Finally in all the way. Chris's (now smooth) ballsack smacked against her wetness and clit.

    It was not long before the girl was quickening pace and moaning louder and louder.

    Her final song was more of a gasp as her body shook and nearly squirted Chris. Fuck juices were everywhere.

    Her body rocked with an orgasm so strong her knees buckled and slipped to the ground.

    "Finally!" said Gina

    Chris was at full staff, fucking two girls and he had not cum yet. Depite such recent orgasmn he already knew the next would be the biggest.

    Gina stepped foward, she did not want any help.

    First though... she stopped for a snack.

    Chris's cock was soaking with cum, spit, and pussy.

    Gina grabbed Chris's tight ass and started slurping all of the drippings.

    "mmmmmm" she moaned as if it was the best thing she had ever eaten.

    She licked his balls, sucking each nut into her mouth gently.

    Chris was arching his back in pleasure. "looking" up just savoring the feelings.

    Finally sucked clean... Gina started to climb Chris.

    Gina was very light, but still the weight hurt Chris's arms where he was strapped.

    Gina was face to face with Chris. No kissing, she began to lower her Sopping pussy on his 9" cock.

    She was obviously an expert. She took his whole dick in one slow smooth motion. In this position he would rub her gspot as she fucked him.

    And fuck she did. Gina had full deep strokes up and down. She squeezed her kegal muscles and made his already fat dick balloon in her. The thick mushroom head raking her innards.

    Gina's fabulous tits were bouncing all over his body she squeezed him tight and she worked her legs to ride him faster and faster.

    Chris's knew this could not last for long... But Gina Came first.

    "YESSSS!" she screamed at her first orgasm. Juices dripped down his dick and ballsack.

    Chris tried to help fuck her too though his hip movement was very limited.

    He could not get enough of this pussy. She was able to manipulate his dick like it was her hand.

    Gina's odor was all over him. almost overwhelming... but that is because it was more than her's.

    At the moment Gina exploded in her first orgasm severl of the shapeless bodys were also groaning as the rubbed their own clits to orgasm. The room was full of a cocophony of pleasure and orgasm.

    The whole experience was blowing Chris's Mind, but He still had not blown his load yet. He focused on the task at hand and started to fucking Gina Hard (as best he could).

    "mmm,unnnggh" Gina exclaimed. Finally through her first orgasm she began anew with riding his flawless dick.

    As Gina pile drove Chris's huge dick into her sticky pussy they both began the rise to climax.

    Gina's feet drove into chris's ass. her hands and nails digging deep into his neck and shoulders. The pain was converted to pleasure in chris's mind.

    "OOOOOAHHHHHH" Chris Exploded his biggest orgasm yet and beaking his silence

    "AAAAAAAHHH" Gina Retorted as she released her second orgasmn.

    The two shook there together not realizing the Screams around them.

    There must have been another half dozen girls to fingered themselves to one massive orgasm. All together.

    Gina stayed there holding on to chris for just a moment before her muscles gave way and she slipped down to the floor.

    Chris collapsed. supporting his weight on the straps. Total exhaustion came over his body and mind.

    After a time. There was a mass of body's around him. The Were very gentle. Six or more girls picked his body up. he felt nearly weightless.

    Hands touching everywhere. One girl removed the his restraints. Another the imprompto mask.

    They took Chris's abused body to the communal shower room. The room was large maybe 10 feet wide and 20 feet long. There were many showerheads on each side that ran the lenght. enough for 20 girls.

    New looking cedar benches lined the sides. A Couple girls pulled one into the shower stream.

    The 6 nude women gently laid Chris's body down.

    Chris was still in a bit of a trance. He was aware of what was happening but virtually unresponsive.

    As the hot water from the shower hit him the girls began massaging his body.

    More girls filtered into the room. Chris again, was the center of attention.
    This time though, instead of using his body for their own desires, they took care of him.

    There were no other sounds than the showers running.

    Women surrounded Chris. There was two on each leg. They massaged him with soap and worked each muscle. Spending the most time on his thighs.

    One more for each arm. one massaged his neck. Two washed his torso.

    Several different women washed his newly shaven cock and balls.

    Shrunken to normal porpotions at this time.

    Chris' was being treated like a god. His body and mind were slowly rejuvenating.

    After was must have been a long time each of his temporary concubines began playing with him more than massaging him.

    Chris finally felt good enough to sit up again. He looked around at the most beautiful group of women he had ever seen. Most of which had fucked or sucked him in some way. Conversations had picked up here and there.

    "Who gave me my first blowjob" asked Chris

    It was Jen. He had known Jen for several years. She was drop dead gorgeous. Chris had admired her for a long time. He did not know that she had been crushing on him too.

    Chris leaned in to her ear.

    "would you like me to return the favor?" he asked.

    Jen just nodded.

    Chris layed her down on the bench, her pussy close to the end. He got close to her face.

    "Would kissing be out of order" he requested

    She did not make a verbal response. Instead planting her thick pouty lips on his.

    "wooooo" came from several girls. obviously seeing a connection slightly deeper than sex.

    As their tongues intertwined and their showersoaked bodies rubbed together Chris started his descent.

    First kissing her neck. Then chest. Sucking each nipple gently. Licking her stomach. He ran his tounge across her thigh's. As he closed in on the honey pot Chris Sucked hard on her groin direcly beside her well trimmed pussy.

    Jen arched her back slightly in positive response.

    Chris gently licked her swollen lips.

    He had never tasted pussy before... but was instantly in love. nearly undescribable flavor, it was more of a feeling of lust than a taste.

    Chris gently prodded her lips open. He licked again and again. Slowly dipping in her hole.

    Jen moaned lightly. She grabbed his head and lifted slightly.

    This put Chris's tounge directly on her clit. He instantly knew what to do with the slight protusion. Chris licked and sucked on it gently. Following her lead. As Jen's body began to move and muscles stated to tighten,

    Chris probed faster and harder. Eventually thrashing his toung against her
    clit as she arched into an orgasm.

    "OOounghh" somewhat quietly as her breath got caught.

    Chris offered a few gently licks to clean up the tasty treat of pussy juices.

    They had not noticed that they were the center of all attention and there was no talking.

    Chris Pulled up to her face and they kissed deeply. For a long time.

    Chris had not been paying attention, but his mast was thickening again.

    This time he would pick the recipient.

    Chris lowered his naked body onto Jen. They made out as he pressed his oversized dick against her tiny hole.

    "slowly" she wispered

    The room was dead silent other than the gentle shhhh from the shower heads. Unbeknownst to Chris or Jen several girls were already fingering themselves. And two others were videotaping the 'couple's' first time together.

    Chris's pressed his cock into her pussy. only an inch at a time. kissing deeply as he want. she was vastly tighter than the other women. But he was in charge here and was very gentle.

    After a long moment Chris had fully inserted himself into her.

    Jen was very uncomfortable at first. the fullness was nice, but it was too much. Chris's very slow entry gave her time to relax her muscles and mind.

    She held him in very deep for a long moment before she was able to start the motion.

    She and he moved together small thrust at first. Very slowly buidling.
    Jen leaned down and sucked in his nipple. So sensative. Chris began ramming faster.

    Chris Sucked in Jen's earlobe and sucked hard on her neck. Her long Redish blond hair flowing behind her face framing it beautifully.

    Slowly, Chris's Huge dick began making full lenght thrust. Tapping her g spot and cervix on the way. Jen started grasping at Chris as they began the ascent to orgasm.

    Around them the camera crew and voyeurs could not be happier. never do you get to be live in a sex scene like this. Those who were mastrubating were following the couples lead with attemps to join the climax.

    Chris continued to thrust deeply into her eagar pussy. Surely it was his mindset about her, but this was the perfect pussy.

    Their pace quickened until the nearly fantic gasps and moans eascaped their orgasming mouths. They were kissing deeply as Chris sprayed into her. Jen nearly squireted as her juices escaped past his cock.

    Around them many girls brought themselves to a nearly simultanious orgasm.

    Chris and Jen, layed there tired but still making out and holding hands.
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