Locker Room Sex

Discussion in 'Fictitious Stories' started by B_dailymale, Oct 8, 2011.

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    Well, first off i'm a 19 year old skinny, but tall, light guy with a fairly decent 8" cock...

    ...I always thought i was straight, because I've had quite a few girlfriends in my time, but hadn't had sex YET...

    One day i was in the locker room after doing sports, and i needed a shower to wash off a little, so i got undressed and wrapped a towel round me whilst i took off my boxers (so no one could see my cock) but then when i looked up, no one else was doing that, everyone else was just getting undressed there and then, and getting naked in-front of everyone, and no one cared, so i started to do the same, because i realized it was fine, but then when i looked up a second time, i saw Jack's ass... and it looked so nice a firm, and i couldn't stop looking until he walked off into the shower, and then i started to get hard but i was trying to control it, and i tried to think of something else to get rid of it, but then i saw Josh's flaccid 5inch, and my mouth started to water, but my cock, grew to its full 8inch's which was bad because if anyone saw, they would call me gay, and annoy me about it for the rest of my college life, so i put a town over it, but then i saw Gregs gorgeous 4inch flaccid, which still looked pretty decent (after all it was flaccid) and i just stared and stared at it, and started to stroke my full blown boner, and then to my surprise, Terry saw that i had a massive boner, and shouted out ROB HAS A BONER at the top of his voice... i was so so embarrassed and everyone went into the shower room whispering so i couldn't go in there yet, everyone would stare and ask questions, so i just sat there wondering what to do... 5 minutes past and they all started to come back in, and Terry said ''you can go in there now, boner boy no ones in there''

    To which i replied ''oh nooo.... i had my hand there, i was taking off my boxers (but really i did have a boner), it wasnt my cock, see (i showed him my cock, which was now flaccid)'' and to my surprise he said ''ohh sorry'' and then all everyone apologized for laughing, so i then went into the shower room RELIEVED and had a long hot shower, and i heard everyone leaving the locker room, so i got out the shower, naked with no towel on and in the locker room was Greg and Josh on the benches sitting naked both with there gorgeous flaccid cocks an they started to ask questions like ''you really did have a boner didnt you?'' to which i replied ''yes, i did, im not gay though i just had a random boner'' and then Greg said ''Oh, so you don't want a fuck then?'' and i just blurted out ''YES!! I WANT JOSH'S COCK IN MY MOUTH AND YOUR COCK IN MY ASS!!!''

    (by that time i had a massive boner, which Greg and Josh noticed because they were also getting hard) and then Greg said ''lets get to it then'' so i kneeled down and started to suck on Josh, and he got bigger and bigger, im surprised it fit in my mouth to be honest, he started to moan loudly and then he pulled me away, gently pushed me to the floor and started to suck my cock, and then i was sucking his cock at the same time, so i guess you could call it a 69'er i didnt get much chance to suck him, i was moaning too much, he got off, and then i stood up and then Josh bent over onto the bench and said ''fuck me'' so i put my cock in his sweet ass, and started to thrust slowly, and he started to moan.. but then to my surprise, i felt something entering my ass... it was Greg pushing in and pulling out, and it felt so good... i was loving every second of it and then a few minutes later i felt Greg cum in my ass, it felt amazing, so he got out my ass and i Josh sucked him for a while, and then i cummed inside Josh, and he moaned for ages!

    I then sucks josh for a while, whilst Greg sucked me and i wanked Greg until we all cummed, and then we all got up, got dressed, and Greg offered me and Josh to come round his place one night, so we all agreed and left the locker room
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