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    Here's a new one to me and since several guys on here have share perspectives on multiple topics, I figured here's another one for the books.

    I'm in a long distance relationship with my current boyfriend of a few months. He's 42 years old, I'm 25. He resides in Boston and I reside in Washington, DC. Since we began dating, I traveled to Boston every other week, which is approximately 5 or 6 times. He said he would travel here, but a financial problem arose and he was unable to travel, which I understood. I'm traveling there to attend the Head of the Charles Regatta during my birthday weekend and staying with him. I always wanted to attend the event since attending college in New England. Here's the problem. He's made a few comments about me dating outside of my class, referring to him. I make a great deal more money than him, which has never bothered me, but he mentioned I'm "dating down a class". I've heard friends of mine comment about "dating outside of their class" but I"ve never understood the arbitrariness of such a concept. Moreover, I keep asking him to travel here, but every time, he says he cannot travel here. Finally, to make matters worse, I'm applying to several grad programs, dual programs for a MA/PhD programs and business schools, and yes, I'm looking at places in Boston as well as new jobs to give us a bit more flexibility. I guess i'm wondering to the group, has anyone been in a situation like this. I mean recently I've been feeling like I'm the only one traveling, and spending money, and when I mention I cannnot travel there, he understood, but seemed really upset. I'm trying to figure out, is this worth it? I keep telling myself "yes" but I want him to initiate something, even meet me in NYC.

    Any comments appreciated, including I'm full of myself, which is fine, too. Thanks....
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