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    Has anyone else done this? I looked back and it`s like a time capsule of my life back then, just looking back gives me gratitude for sticking with my girl who is now my wife, getting her to break down her walls was like pulling my own teeth but i got `er done.
    Also looking back i can see who was supportive in a loving way and who was supportive in a selfish way.
    If i had taken some of the advice that was given to me then my life wouldn`t be what it is today, a very happy one despite all the normal shit that goes on in ones life.(life on lifes terms)
    It just goes to show you that ultimatly you have to be strong and go with your heart and not the opinions of what others think you should do.
    If anything i`ve learned that the best support one can give to others is a loving one in which all you can do is tell them to follow their heart. That it`s better to be a leader of your own destiny than to be a follower and let others opinionate your life.

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