Looking for a FWB, Hook-up, or long term deal

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    Oct 19, 2004
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    I'm just a nice guy who has nothing to his name, I'm just looking for just the right girl to perhaps have a fling, play some games, and give away a secret hidden package. I'm not interested in having kids(If I were to have one I'd adopt anyway...).

    I live in an apartment complex with a complex view of both mountains Hyacinth and Bernardino, and an excellent view of Palm Springs, too.

    I'll tell you, I've been saving my V-ty for my V-ry dance in the deep end. So if you REALLY want to meet me, just pound seven four building graded (F)inely. If you ARE NOT AFRAID OF A STRANGER... and there's no more unusual than I, Just stop on by and knock- remember where Charlie in 2.5 m hid is spare keys... Obviously Fake Rock...

    But even if the key is not there, just chill on the porch and enjoy a smoking gun-flare. If you haven't figured out the WHERE... you haven't been paying attention. :D
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