Looking for a new Apartment.

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    I was thinking about it for a while, and decided not to look until now. The Apartment that I am at now is fine, but it's old and in bad shape. I want either a place that is walking distance to the beach (3 blocks or so) or a gay complex, which I found out is a group of connected small apartments and nothing special.

    A few days ago I called a lady with a 1 bedroom apartment for a great price near the beach. Then I saw two studios that were nearby, but more expensive. Today I call her to see if I can check the place out and she tells me it's already been taken by a guy that was interested in it and hadn't been sure until now.

    Then today I checked out Hot Spots which is one of those free gay magazines that you get when you are leaving a club. I saw a small one bedroom place with a small semi-private patio area that was jacked up, and it had a tiny bedroom. It was a little over my price range and the guy said it was not negotiable.

    Then I saw a studio but it was too small and I'm not going to take a step backwards, unless it's on the beach. It was a gay guy and he had two units. It's okay but too small. Then I saw a place that an older gay man had it was a one bedroom and there was a tenant in there, but I saw it and it was okay, but not in the best area.

    Then I checked Craigslist and all they have is junk. One guy gave me the address and told me I could see it tomorrow. The neighborhood was not good and it was on a dead end.

    So today I called a place that was a few blocks from the beach. The guy told
    me that I could see it tonight. They have two units. The more expensive unit has a murphy bed which I don't like and is all open like a studio.

    The smaller unit is perfect. It's small but it's a one bedroom unit and semi furnished. The best part is that it has a private patio area. It's a little over my budget. I would also be paying rent for two places at once, for one month, since I have to give 30 days notice (October 1st) where I am now (prepaid last month's rent) and move in October 1st. I told the guy that if they could lower the price a little that I can move in October 1st. He said he will have to talk to the lady landlord. If she says no, I may offer half of the difference. I'm excited, but nervous, and whatever is meant to be will be. For the time being I am fine where I am and in no hurry.

    There are for rent signs everywhere, because everything is overpriced. The housing prices fell, but the rents stayed the same or went up. Near the beach, even three blocks away things can still get expensive.

    Ugh, calling around today on my cell phone today I misdialed and called my landlord and didn't know it was him, I thought I had dialed the phone number on the for rent sign. I hope he didn't know it was me asking about an apartment rental. I didn't know it was him at first until he asked where I was and he said that's not where his units are and then he told me his apartments are on my street :eek: that's when I knew it was him and told him I must have called the wrong number:redface:
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