looking for a sex story from literotica

Discussion in 'Straight Adult Websites' started by SR_Les Intercourse, Dec 25, 2009.

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    im sorry if this should be in the fictious stories sectiong but i thought this was more appropriate since its another website...

    the story was about a kid that worked at a gas station, from whati remember there was three parts,
    he worked there with another guy and there was a stairwell or soemthing that lead to an attic in which they could easily look into the men and womens bathroom,

    in one part of the story he watches these group of friends in the bathroom, which end up blowing each other.

    in another he has his first time with a girl in the backseat of a car which is parked in the gas station.

    and in the last section i remember they went to a party which ended up being a sex party and they get kicked out.. i think this is where it ended

    i forgot the name of the story but if someone can find it for me it would be great!
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