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Looking For Likeminded On Skype Or Kik

Discussion in 'Webcams / Cyber Connections' started by 1349603, May 14, 2019.

  1. 1349603

    1349603 Guest

    26 m Uk straight
    6.5” uncut cock with big squirting load
    Looking to talk to someone on Skype or Kik
    Share pics of our cocks soft and hard, videos of ourselves cumming and talk about wanking and cumming (specifically interested in detailed descriptions of how your cumshot builds up/comes out/how it feels
    If you can, we could wank and cum live on cam (cumming at same time as each other)
    Also interested in girls and anything you have of real life or pornstars

    Ukcumbud26 on kik
    Ukcumbud26@hotmail.com on Skype
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  2. 1349603

    1349603 Guest

    Still online
  3. 1349603

    1349603 Guest

    Still here
  4. 1349603

    1349603 Guest

    Still here
  5. 1349603

    1349603 Guest

    Online and want to cum in about 1 hour
  6. manviewer

    manviewer Sexy Member

    Jul 27, 2017
    Likes Received:
    Paris (FR)
    I will add you kik dd200990dd
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