Looking for love in all the wrong places Why not here?

Discussion in 'Personal Ads' started by SensualGoth, Nov 23, 2008.

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    Let me start off by introducing myself.
    My name is Candace and yes you can call me Candy. I live on the Second floor. hehe Susanne Vega ref
    I love Retro 80s music and Techno, Industrial. I am a odd type of woman, very Eclectic, somewhat Artistic, and Unique. I love to cook and bake and dig container style homes, Mid Century Modern decor and Art. I'm not into the bar or club scene, although I venture out for a martini occasionally. I love the coast and deep sea fishing. I am not much of a gambler but open to travel and casinos. I'm a non smoker and due to massive weight loss on my own, a light drinker. I love red wine. I have 2 cats who are my babies since I never had children. I'm not religious but spiritual. I will be 35, December the 4th and would like to meet the man of my dreams before then. I guess I may be asking for too much being a Size Queen and all. I just want someone to love me as much as I love, a life long partner.
    What I seek in a man is eyes that will devour me, lips that will make me melt and the loyalty and passion to match mine.
    I come from a European background: German, French, Irish, Scottish, Swedish, and English. My pictures are in my gallery section of the profile. I'm attracted to men with dark hair and light eyes, with Artistic abilities.

    For more info about me see my profile on Ok Cupid: Big is Better
    Myspace: MySpace.com - IaMtHeSuShIfReAk - 34 - Female - SAN ANTONIO, Texas - www.myspace.com/HzlEyesCandace
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