Looking for Similar build (18-23y/o) Skype Jerk buddies

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    Hi. I'm looking to find some good looking, fit skype buddies that I can jerk off with. Size, doesn't really matter, or even showing face or even chatting...its just about the fun of wanking!

    So if you're between 18-23y/o then please leave your skype name here or hit me up with an inbox. I will only however accept people with photo's in their gallery coz I had to delete my last skype account as I had ended up with too many people not exactly to my tastes and they kept harrasin me for a jerk..lol...so now I want to add people that I know will be able to keep my blood rushing during the session.

    Feel free to check my photos...Im not the hottest or fittest of people but use that as a general guidline and the hotter than me you are the better :tongue: .

    Expect this thread to get bumped alot by me coz I know there are alot of u hot guys lurking round this site...n if ur older than 23 but have a rock solid amazing body then feel to add yourself aswell as Im sure you'll still be looking really great.
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