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    Hey guys,
    I been through all the one nighters and guys who are liars. I'm honestly looking to get to know someone. And not so much in a fuck buddy kind of way but more a dating kind of way.
    However, this may be odd for me to say. But I have always been the larger one of my partner. I would like for once to be with a guy who is as big if not bigger then me in the penis department.
    I know there are guys larger then me. I'm not huge or elephant size. But I am above average. If anyone is interested in getting to know a guy and see where things go let me know :)

    If you would like to please PM me here on the site :)

    I have some pictures I can send you via email if anyone would like but here are some stats about myself for ahead of time.

    I'm 23 (Graduated)
    Blond hair
    Blue eyes
    6 foot tall
    about 220 lbs *I'm a pritty big guy there too*

    And my cock is about
    6-6.5 long
    5.5 around
    All even through the entire shaft
    and a big head that has a foreskin that never covers the entire thing when I'm fully hard.
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