Lots of hot young guys on ABC-TV!

Discussion in 'Models and Celebrities' started by BernieMBF, Oct 17, 2009.

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    This season, there are so many hot, young guys on tv, especially on ABC! First, there's the sexy, young slacker son on "The Middle", who-happily-spends most of the show shirtless (slurp!). Then, there's the boy toy boyfriend of Courtney Cox's character on "Cougartown"-also frequently shirtless (sigh!). Her son and ex-husband on the show aren't bad looking, either. Then, there's "Dancing With The Stars". I can't decide who I'd want to bed more-Louie Vito, dancer Dmitri Chaplin, or Derek Hough. Even Donny Osmond is hot at 52! And-over on CBS-there's the younger boyfriend of Jenna Elfman's character on "Accidently On Purpose"-yet again, frequently shirtless. Anyone like these guys, or any others on tv-either broadcast or cable? Please share...
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    Nick Zano is, well, as eloquently as you describe them, slurp! And I know Jon Foster on Accidentally on Purpose is... :D
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