Love being naked, some stories

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    Just some stories of exposure throughout my life:

    I love being naked, my cock is only 8X6 inches but I only weigh about 55-60 kgs at 24 yo so it has always been a reasonably prominent part of my body. I also love to not have my penis in pants. Generally I don’t indulge the no pants wearing when it would be inappropriate or offensive but it has led to numerous occasions of inadvertent and sometimes overt exhibition of my penis to others.

    5-8 years old:

    I had this friend who always encouraged the no pants waring. At this point of course our dicks were both pretty puny. We would go behind the primary school classrooms and get girls to follow so we could show them our dicks. It was always at his instigation and I was pretty impressionable so did it every time.

    We’d also contrive stories that involved us getting more and more naked when we were at home playing, which once led to me getting caught by his aunt. For some reason or other I was lying just below the back verandah, which was pretty high up with my pants just above my knees and erect penis poking out. I had my eyes closed for a little and when I opened them I looked straight up to see her face looking straight back down. She asked what we were doing, we said ‘nothing’ and she said ‘well don’t please’ and that was it.

    9-13 years old:

    I had another really close friend whose family was pretty used to my nudity. I remember when we got changed after the pool once I saw him for the only time naked. He was a much bigger guy than I but I remember thinking how his dick was pretty much the same size as mine.

    There was a birthday party in his pool with about 8 of us guys when we were 11-12. I was standing in the shallow end and one of the guys was sitting close to me in these orange speedos. They were packed with the biggest piece of meat I had ever seen in the flesh (I saw it on one occasion when we were about 15 when he took a piss outside and we’re talking donkey material). Having not experienced anything so large before I pointed and asked what was in his pants, having genuinely believed he’d stuck extra padding down there.

    He got embarrassed and walked away with his penis cupped in his hands and I was ridiculed for not knowing what a penis was. Later on another guys took his own pants off while we were in the pool so I started to tease him a fair bit. This annoyed him so he grabbed me and took mine off. It was great, I went nuts and started swimming around and jumping in and out of the pool with my little dick waving around. His mother, older sister and one of her friends actually came out to watch me. By the end I didn’t care how much of it they saw. I eventually posed for them all holding a few leaves in front of my dick irreverently.

    Another time when it was just me and his family around, I hadn’t taken any pyjamas and so my friend gave me one of his shirts which was very large for me. I put it on and figured it was long enough for me not to have to wear any pants so I took them off. I was walking around the house with my cock barely covered.

    I flashed my fleshy willy and little bubble butt to his mum, dad and his older sister. No one said anything about it, they just let me.

    14-15 years old:

    There was one time I was lying around the backyard pool in my speedos when no one was home. I’d just started to notice that I finally filled out a pair of swimming costumes quite nicely, especially when my penis was nice and warm in the sun. Naturally it wasn’t long before I started to play with it. I stuck my hand into my pants and experimented with it poking out above the hemline and through the leg holes as it reached its full 7 inches.

    I took a little break to check if anyone was around and stuffed it mostly back into the costumes. There was my neighbour, cleaning out the gutters on the roof of his shed, like 20m away. I’m sure he’d have to have seen, I was in full view. He just continued on with what he was doing without acknowledging me, but I could see he was wincing a bit as though he was taking in what he’d just seen.

    21 years old:

    One night I had my best mate up from Melbourne for the weekend and a few other friends up from Wollongong and everyone stayed at my house this boozy night. It ended up me and my best mate in my bed together. He was already in bed when I came out from the bathroom to get in bed. We were sleeping under separate doonas and so I thought it would be OK to go pantless to bed, all I wore was a t-shirt.

    I took off my pants with the lights off so as not to be too obvious. All night my cock was erect thinking about sleeping naked in the same bed as someone else. As morning grew brighter I started to pull the doona down so that my turgid prick was in full view. When he stirred he opened his eyes to see me erect and in the flesh.

    I just rolled onto my back and displayed my manhood to him as he got up and left the room. After he’d gone I took it into my hand. I remember thinking that I’d never seen it grow that big and thought of it like a baseball bat and swung it around for a bit.

    I jacked and blew the biggest load so far in my life. I shot a mass of cum all over the front of my shirt and face and past that onto the headboard of my bed. I sometimes feel guilty about having been so macho and whatnot with my friend but I think he kind of understands my sexual frustrations.
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    I liked your story, and I'm quite surprised you haven't had any further adventure with your willy and other guys :p
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    Nice stories, especially the last one.
    I love secretly going to bed naked when there are other people in the room, like at youth hostels. I was traveling in Utah once and met a guy who was there from Texas for a week learning how to hang-glide when I hung out on a mountainside for an afternoon watching. We got to talking and I said that I was just sleeping in the car. He said that he had a room to himself all week that was costing him more than he wanted to pay, and that since it had two beds, I could split the cost with him for a night to help him out and give me a bed to sleep in for a reduced cost. I accepted. Once the lights went out, I took off my underwear and slept naked with this guy in the other bed. It turned me on big time to wake up multiple times in the night with my covers half off, exposing myself. I remember when he got up the next morning and took a shower, I pulled back the covers, was totally hard and stroked out a huge load thinking about it. If it happened again today, I'd probably now have the balls to just strip naked in the open and get into bed that way.
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    hey Kenneth - nice pix my uncut brother
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    Oh boy do I have a story to tell...
    So back when I was 14 my girlfriend stayed the night at my house. We had to sleep in the same bed tho... when it was time to go to sleep, I stripped down to my underwear, since I normally sleep naked, my girlfriend slept in her underwear as well. But when I woke up the very next morning, I looked to my right and saw my girlfriend was awake and staring at my boner. I'm not sure how, but my underwear fell off while I was sleeping. She just kept staring at it... I then decided to pull of the covers, exposing my boner to the world! She then gave me a blowjob and ended up taking off her underwear as well
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