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Love of Black Dick -02

Discussion in 'Erotic Stories' started by D_Havernaugh Harrydik, Apr 1, 2010.

  1. D_Havernaugh Harrydik

    Jun 22, 2004
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    My second experience was with a guy who answered my ad for a top bi/straight black guy. He worked for a utility company and covered my neighborhood in his rounds. He said he was working Saturday and would come over after work, around 4.
    He was right and rang my bell a little after 4. He was wearing his work clothes, came in, introduced himself, and asked if he could take a shower before sitting on any furniture or getting comfortable. I had no problem with that and got him a towel and set him up in the bathroom. We talked while he was showering and while he was drying off. He came out of the bathroom with the towel wrapped around his waist and sat with me on the couch. I could see he was large even under the towel. He was dark skinned, 6'1", 200, very strong, very very nice body, legs, dark eyes and bald head. We sat and talked a little while, had some beers and smoked.
    He told me he had something for me under the towel and told me to feel it. He definitely had something very substantial under the towel! He could see the lust for it in my face, got close and started kissing me. I put one hand on his bald head and explored his body with the other hand as I pulled him closer to kiss. He had a long thick tongue that filled my mouth and the smooth skin and tight body of another man I was feeling passionately with my hands for the first time was turning me on like no female ever did. I was really into making out and feeling this man, and his tongue and his big hands on me, and it made me forget how much I wanted his cock, momentarily, and made me realize that I liked much more about this than just the fascination with a beatiful black dick!
    I now wanted to be the "female", I wanted to please my man really bad. I wanted to make him feel really good, and I wanted him to BE the man, and be serviced by me. Expect it of me. I brought him to the bedroom and he laid down on the bed, opening up the towel. Wow, I mean wow! Perfection. Swear it was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Just beautiful color,very large and thick,..actually hefty, weighty to hold. I'm sure you know exactly what I mean but it was just amazing to me. But I wanted to please him like a lover. I took my clothes off, stradled him at his waist and bent over and kissed him. I started sucking his thick tongue like a dick and moved down to his neck and chest. Kissing and licking my way around his tight smooth chest and stomach. I never thought I could enjoy licking and kissing and feeling another mans body so much. I was enjoying exploring so much that he started getting really hot and started guiding me towards going lower. So I made my way down but still took the time to enjoy between his belly and cock.
    But finally, that beautiful cock. He was leaking pretty heavily already and I had no problem cleaning him up first before I started licking his balls and up and down the underside. I swirled my tongue around the head and inside the slit and took the head of it in my mouth. Ooohhhh. If anybody can tell me whats better than having a thick smooth strong black dick in your mouth, I'd like to hear what it is! I can't even describe it. I took my time, sucking it as deeply as I could, enjoying it in my mouth, running my tongue all around it, all sides of it, every inch of it as it slid in and out of my mouth. I let it get sloppy and jerked him off while I licked his balls and sucked on them. The musky smell and excitment of sucking this perfect cock and balls led me to the space below and then to his asshole. This really turned me on, and him, and I ate his ass like an animal! His body was shaking so I went back to his balls and dick, he was leaking precum like a fawcet and it was turning me on wanting what was to come. I held his balls and started bobbing, sucking, running my tongue all over it while in my mouth sucking and he started to tighten up, it was time!!! I loved it the first time, Obviously!! I kept sucking, he started moaning, I kept sucking, he screamed "im gonna cum in your mouth bitch", I moaned uh-huh and kept sucking. Then woosshh. He came a ton, long squirts like streams. I was swallowing but could feel the warm slimy sqeakiness in my mouth and on my teeth building up. Just kept swallowing and swallowing, seemed like there was always more. I kept sucking until he softened and cleaned him up with my mouth and the towel.
    Needless to say that was our "first" Saturday, with more to come.

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