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    TragicWhiteKnight: Following on from the antics in the 'Et Cetera..' forum, here's my first draft of a possible FAQ. PM me if you want me to add/change things; I knocked this up pretty quickly, so there's bound to be errors and badly phrased..err..sentences. Like that last sentence.

    Welcome to the Large Penis Support Group! If you or your partner are well-hung, or you just have an interest in the subject, we hope you enjoy the wealth of information and opinions on offer here. Before asking any generalised questions, please check this FAQ, for your edutainment.

    A - Questions About This Board

    * What happened to the old board?
    - We've moved on to a better place. However, should you want to reminisce about the old ezboard forum, you can visit it here:

    But please don't post anything over there; the action's happening right here.

    * How can I [achieve a specific effect in my post]?
    - Please read Dee's outline on how to make the most of your messages here: http://www.lpsg.org/cgi-bin/YaBB.cgi?board=99;action=display;num=1059295735

    * Is this board all a big joke?
    - Despite the jokey nature of the original site, the LPSG has evolved into a helpful network for all those concerned with their penis size, from small to huge, and has discussed many complicated issues intelligently and thoughtfully. That's not to say there aren't plenty of laughs; but they come from the people, not the concept of the board.

    B - General Size Issues

    * What is average?
    - Debate rages over this issue. Most (in)famously, the Kinsey Report of 1947 found the average guy to be 6"x5". Similarly, a more recent Internet poll, the 'Definitive Penis Size Sixth Edition', with input from 3,100 people found the average to be 6.4"x5.0" (with a standard deviation of 1.2" and 1" respectively). However, both of these studies had the participants measuring themselves, leaving considerable room for exaggeration; whenever this isn't the case, the average is more commonly around 5.5"x4.5" or so.
    - In short, the majority of the population (up to around 98% of them) measure between 4.5" and 7.5" long, and 4" to 6" thick.

    * What is 'big'? [aka 'Am I big?' or 'How big is big?'
    - Again, a contentious question as it depends entirely upon the experiences of other people. If your partner is used to small penises, she'll think an average on is big, and vice-versa. Furthermore, there's issue of flaccid vs. erect size and thickness vs. length.
    - To an extent, if you think you are big and have had problems with your size, then you're probably big. A man with 6" with a 5.5" flaccid length, or a 7" thickness can be considered as 'hung' as a guy with 8".

    * How big will I grow?
    - Generally, penile growth finishes along with puberty; however, some people experience last minute growth spurts up until the age of 21 or so.

    * Can I make it bigger?
    - To an extent, if you have the time/effort/energy/money. You can perform exercises (jelqing), dangle weights from it (hanging), buy equipment for it (pumping) and take supplements for it (pills); however, the most anyone can hope to achieve from such measures if about 2". Also, this isn't probably the best place to be asking about it since the majority of members have no desire to be any larger. However, visit the 'Making It Bigger' section of our forum and check out the bewildering definitive www.thundersplace.com for more information.

    * Are black guys biggest? Are Asians smallest? Are Hispanics biggest? etc etc.
    - Race has no known effect on penis size - the Kinsey Report found black men were on average 0.1" bigger, while modern surveys have found little difference at all. A large member is as likely to be attached to any race.

    * Does big feet/big hands/broad shoulders/height/a small nose show how big a guy's package is?
    - There is no correlation; the penis does have a mind of its own, in this case.

    * Are bigger guys more horny?
    - Technically speaking, no; there is no biological correlation between penis size and increased rates of sexual arousal or higher sex drives. However, a man with a larger penis will be more aware of its presence, through continual flopping around and rubbing against clothing which can lead to erections. Also, larger guys might be more likely to be proud of their size and show exhibitionist tendencies.

    * Do women prefer bigger penises?
    - Different women like different things; there is no general rule. For further information, this issue is covered in detail at www.penissizedebate.com - be warned as it is heavily biased against the traditional 'size doesn't matter' opinions [and contains some highly dubious information, especially vis-a-vis masturbation]. However, it provides enough links and opinions to help reach a balanced opinion.

    C - Condoms/Clothing

    * Which condoms suit the bigger man?
    - The Magnum XL is the overall biggest on the market; the Trojan Large is a little thinner but longer. For a set of various larger-sized condoms, visit - http://www.14-condoms.co.uk/packs-gifts/big-boy-condoms-pack.html

    * Where do I find suitable fitting swimwear?
    - Try www.ketoco4men.com or www.hillcrestswimwear.com

    D - Pictures/Videos/Contacts

    * Where can I find pictures of hung guys?
    - Visit the chat and photo posting section of the site: http://groups.yahoo.com/groups/lpsg_org

    * Where can I make money from being well-hung?
    - Besides escorting, prostitution and all-out pornography, there are a number of opportunities for the biggest guys to show off their size and make money doing it. But be warned: 9"+ is practically the standard requirement, unless you are very goodlooking. Fakers will be prosectuted.
    - Perhaps the best site is www.bigcocksociety.com - you can be photographed anonymously, and accomodate many subjects from all over the world. Also worth a look is Gunner's World (www.gunnerworld) and www.seancody.com. While all offer the chance of anonymity, they all prefer face shots as well and pay accordingly.

    * How can I meet hung guys? / How can I meet girls who like hung guys?
    - Try the Personals section of this site. Also, check out www.big-date.com

    * How can I find out which celebrities are hung?
    - For the LPSG take on this issues, see this thread:
    - The best place on the Internet for this kinda stuff is the www.bulgereport.com
    - Similarly, check out the Yahoo! group Horse Hung Celebs (http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/horsehungcelebs) and the alt.showbiz.gossip FAQ (http://members.internettrash.com/cybergata/afaq.htm)
    - And if you're interested in musicians, check out www.groupiecentral.com or www.metal-sludge.com for the occasional anecdote of up-close-and-personal encounters

    E - Final Words

    That's all folks; if you can think of any common questions that haven't been answered, then either:
    * Ask and answer the question yourself
    * Private Message the question to me (TragicWhiteKnight) and I'll write an answer.

    For longer answers, see this thread: http://www.lpsg.org/cgi-bin/YaBB.cgi?board=99;action=display;num=1059324024
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    TragicWhiteKnight: Addendum for Section B:

    * How do I measure my penis size?
    - For length, achieve an erection, push it outwards (90 degrees from the body) so it is as flat as possible and either with a tape-measure, or ruler, mark your size. For girth, find your thickest part (roughly, don't be too specific) and either wrap a tape-measure or a piece of string around it (then measure the string).
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    Yeah, I know this is ancient, but having seen some of the recent threads, I really think this should be a sticky, and required reading before a new member is allowed to complete his/her registration. :biggrin1:
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    Is there a link to a site to view board functions? i.e., posting likes, upgrade advantages, how to delete, etc.

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    You'll find helpful information in the Announcements, Questions, Suggestions forum from previously posted questions. Also feel free to post a new thread, should you have any questions.
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