LPSG YAHOO CHAT TONIGHT 9/12/2003 9 PM Eastern

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    AnonyMs: Okies, as promised - things are set up and ready to go and we sooooo look forward to you all coming and participating. We've had tons of fun already just the few of us who have "dry runned" it.


    If you are on my YIM friends list, I will invite you to the chatroom as soon as you log on.

    If I am on yours, you can IM me and I'll add you and invite you lickity-split.

    -or- You can use the "Go To Chat User" function and you will join me instantly.

    If you can find your own way in, it's in Voice Chat, room name is LPSG: Meat and Greet!!:1

    The only real rules are:

    1. Identify yourself with your LPSG nickname when you enter so we know who we're talking with.

    2. Don't use the "Hands Free" function please as it ties up the mic and causes echo/feedback/static.

    3. Turn on your sound/voice as soon as you enter to experience all the fun, and remember to type in the room as much as possible as well for those joining who cannot use voice.

    That's about it besides the usual, be polite stuff we all already know

    For your information, I am idling in the room as of right now and you can join at any point and time although it doesn't officially start until 9PM EST. If I don't respond, I'm eating or otherwise away.

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