Lurker emerges after 2 years with questions

Discussion in 'Show Off' started by Imported, Sep 27, 2004.

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    growinsteady: Greetings everyone.....
    Let me start by saying that i have been a lurker on this site for 1 1/2 - 2 years. I am finally deciding to post because i thought that just by reading other people's posts it would answer my questions, but it has, here it goes. First, a little more about me...I'm 19, turning 20 in a week that is why i'm writing now. I'm fairly short at 5'6 with a decent build that i'm steadly bulking up....currently i weigh about 135-140. Now, to my i chose this name for this board on purpose because ever since i was at LEAST 14 years old i have been growin steady year after year. I've noticed that most people on this board fall into two catagories...either you grew real fast when you were younger...or you were a late bloomer and basically ripped your pants off. I fall into neither of these catagories. Around my 14th b-day i measured my dick, like every kid does. I was 4 inch hard, which i was very depressed by because i went online..i knew that average was 6 inchs. So, that was depressing. At age 15 i was 5 inchs, and at age 16 i was 6 inchs. I have grown consitantly one inch a year for the last 6-7 years without fail. I'm coming up on my 20th b-day, and last saturday i measure.....I CRACKED THE 10 INCH MARK!!! Now, this was somewhat expected and somewhat not. Every year since my 18th (when i was 8 inchs long) i have been expecting the growth to stop. I don't come from a very hung family.So, when i turned 19 (and thus, 9 inchs) I really expected the growth to stop. Although, like so many, i secretly didn't want the growing to stop i wanted more and more! So, here i am one year later and another inch in the pants. And, i am now asking much more is there?...will i really reach 11,12,...13 inchs?!?!?!?! As much as i might have wanted that couple years ago, i don't think I want that big now (no offense to those of you that do have that big or more.) I just don't think it is for will start being a problem, etc, etc. My girth followed the same age 14 i was 4 inch around...age 15 = 5 inchs around, age 16 = 6 inchs around. And, that is where it stopped...i haven't fattened up any more. So, as it stands I have a 10 x 6 inch dick that is growin steady to no apparent end. My question to all of you is, have any of you or do you know anyone that has had something similar happen?...I'm sure i will have many more follow-up questions, but i will wait to post them until i hear some responses. Also, Just so you guys know...seeing as i'm 19 years old i am posting this in both the meet and greet and young and hung, please don't get confused. Thank you for your time, thoughts, and insight. =)
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    Everybody's growth pattern is different. So nobody can say when you will stop growing or how big you will end up. The only thing anyone can say with certainty is that it will stop growing at some point. (I guess barring some very, very rare medical condition, which is doubtful.) And if you do wind up with 11 or more inches, don't worry, you will learn to deal with it, as most of us have.
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