Lust In The Afternoon (repost)

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    The great metropolis...
    Carol sat on her couch, the TV on in the background, and tried to
    concentrate on the book she held in her soft, small hands. It was a
    historical drama, and to be honest, Carol was bored to tears. She
    looked up and caught a commercial for some new supplement that was
    being sold as a pleasure enhancer. Her mind began to wander, thinking
    wistfully how long it had been since she'd had some really great sex.
    She'd always known she was hot, and had the sort of body men noticed,
    but her work had been keeping her so busy that she'd had little time
    for her own erotic pleasure. The book dropped from her hands and she
    began to rub between her legs, thinking about how much she wanted to
    taste a big, hard cock in her throat and the way it feels when a man
    was fucking her hard in that tight, sexy body of hers.

    Hmmm...Maybe it was time to head out to see if she just might be able to
    find a special man for the evening.

    Carol showered, making sure to apply lots of scented oil to her 5'7",
    118 pound frame, her hands slowly massaging it into her heated flesh,
    those big, firm breasts so sensitive to even her own touch...and she
    used a brand new razor to clean away every single bit of fur from that
    tiny treasure of hers, until it was bald and smooth as a baby's
    bottom...Her hand slid over it in the steamy shower and it felt
    absolutely ripe and tender. Yes, Carol thought to herself, today was
    going to be special.

    Donning a little black miniskirt over soft blue panties, and a
    size-too-small bra, Carol knew she looked hot. A pair of heels and
    lots of jewelry and make-up only added to the "I Crave Big Cock" look
    she was shooting for. A long, lingering glance in the mirror erased
    any doubts that she'd be turning heads this afternoon.

    Carol walked into the tavern and secured a seat at the bar. This was an
    upscale place¬óno kids or chronic old man beer drinkers here, she
    thought, as she ordered her favorite drink, the apple martini. She
    discreetly looked around the bar and there wasn't much happening.
    There were a few men around, but no one who immediately grabbed her
    attention. So Carol sat there, her long, shapely legs exposed in a
    very complimentary way by her miniskirt, and sipped her drink. Within
    a few minutes, another woman came in and sat on the stool next to hers.
    Carol politely nodded hello with a smile and went back to her drink.

    "That's a fantastic outfit you're wearing," the woman said. "Thanks...I
    was really hoping to meet a fantastic man, if you know what I mean,"
    Carol replied, a genuine giggle in her voice. "My name's Carol," and
    she extended her soft, manicured hand. "Nice to meet you, Carol," the
    other woman said. "My name is Nikki. I just stopped in for a drink
    and some good conversation today." Her eyes were warm and friendly and
    Carol felt a good vibe.

    They sat there and chatted some small talk...Nikki, like Carol, was a
    single professional woman in her early thirties and at one point,
    during a momentary lull, Carol, who was now on her second martini,
    looked at her new friend and said, "Too bad you don't have a big cock,
    cause then we could be really be good friends!" Nikki smiled and
    seemed to blush a bit. "Are you one of those girls?" Nikki replied,
    her eyes now locked on Carol to gauge her response. "One of what
    girls?" Carol coyly replied. "One of those girls who just can't get
    enough big cock. One of those girls who just melt at the thought of a
    huge cock buried deep inside her body?"

    Carol's body began to heat at the mere words tumbling from Nikki's

    "You hit the nail on the head, sweetheart," Carol replied, her words a
    bit breathy at this point. "Well, I'll tell you what," Nikki declared.
    "I'm feeling a bit hospitable this afternoon...let me make a call and
    we'll see if we can't get something going here." Nikki pulled out her
    cell phone and dialed a number. Carol watched and listened.
    "Steve?...Is that you, baby?...I've been really great...Oh, good,
    excellent! Hey, I'm sitting here with a friend and we thought we might
    pay you a little visit this afternoon...You going to be around?...Oh,
    perfect! We can be there in about 10 minutes." Nikki put her cell
    phone away and turned to Carol. "Let's get the tab and head on out.
    You're in for a very special day!" Carol put a $20 on the bar and
    gathered herself together. Priding her usually correct ability to
    judge character, Carol had a very good feeling about this.

    She followed Nikki to a quiet neighborhood on the east side of town and
    parked right behind her. Nikki led her up a driveway to a modest
    house, notable for the exquisite landscaping. Nikki knocked gently on
    the door. When the door opened, Carol was immediately distracted by
    Steve's rugged, masculine looks. "Steve, I'd like you to meet my
    friend Carol," Nikki said, turning to see the look on Carol's face as
    she reached out to shake his large, strong hand. "My pleasure,
    indeed," Steve said, his eyes locked on Carol's dreamy eyes. With some
    effort, he turned his attention to Nikki and leaned in to plant a soft
    kiss on her full, warm mouth. "Well, come in ladies...Come inside and
    make yourself comfortable"

    Once inside and settled, the three of them comfortably arranged in the
    living room, Steve served a round a drinks. Steve talked about how
    hard he'd been working at his landscaping service and how nice it was
    to finally have a day off. Carol and Nikki listened attentively, both
    enraptured by this man's physical appearance, as much as by his warm
    personality. Carol had already taken notice that Steve looked to be
    about 6'4" and had broad shoulders, a trim waist and dark features that
    seemed to accentuate his commanding masculinity. This was going to be
    interesting, she told herself.

    Nikki rose to go to the kitchen to refill her drink when Steve stopped
    her as she walked in front of him on the couch. "You're such a
    beautiful, nasty girl, Nikki," He said, "And look at that sweet ass..."
    His words trailed off as his strong hands gripped and squeezed Nikki's
    pert, rounded bottom. She turned just slightly, facing away from
    Steve, as his hands seemed to knead at her flesh, even though her skirt
    was still on. Carol sat in the large, upholstered chair and watched
    with rapt attention. With total assurance and confidence, Steve
    reached around and unfastened Nikki's skirt, which fell to the floor,
    exposing her pretty, pear-shaped bottom encased by the slightest of
    thongs. Steve's hands continued to knead at her flesh and he leaned
    forward to plant a soft kiss on each exposed cheek.

    Nikki needed no further instruction as she pulled the thong down and
    off, leaving it in a pile with her discarded skirt. Then, Nikki bent
    forward so that Steve could more easily get to her tight, hot pussy.
    Steve also knew the script and leaned in, his hands spreading her tiny
    ass apart as his tongue began to lap against her moist, little flower.
    Nikki's moans told Carol that Steve was apparently very good at eating
    pussy and she shifted uncomfortable in her seat, wondering if she'd get
    a chance to learn just how good he was for herself. But Steve never
    hesitated, kissing and licking at her, his tongue flicking at her
    equally sensual little butt. Nikki began to undulate right there as
    Steve's mouth and hands coaxed her to a warm, loving release.
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    New York City- Queens
    I was really disappointed when I scrolled down and saw the story was incomplete, please continue!
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    The great metropolis...
    Nikki turned around now, her legs shaky, and peered up this man. Steve
    pulled his t-shirt off, revealing a thickly muscled chest with tight,
    curly black hair evenly mated over his developed pecs, trailing down to
    where his khaki's were belted at the waist. "Let's get out of them,
    too," Nikki whispered, and she helped Steve out from behind the coffee
    table. "Can I help, too?" said Carol, who had risen and come over to
    where they were standing. "That's a great idea!" Steve replied, as
    Carol sank to her knees next to where Nikki had already knelt. Both
    ladies ran their hands up and down Steve's pants, as he looked down at
    them, enjoying the erotic attention. Nikki reached up and undid
    Steve's belt, as Carol unsnapped his pants. Both ladies seemed to
    almost fight over who would be the one to draw his zipper down.
    Steve's pants came down and the ladies were treated to the sight of his
    magnificent cock. It must have measured nine solid inches and was as
    thick at the base as it was just below the head. An absolutely
    beautiful cock, which extended out from Steve's muscled form over two
    tanks the size of extra large eggs. Carol's soft hand went for those
    balls as Nikki reached for Steve's cock. Together they stroked and
    tugged and rubbed until that huge pole of flesh had extended nearly two
    more inches. Nikki just gasped and Carol would have done the same,
    except for the fact that she had lowered her mouth to his enormous
    balls and was too busy licking and teasing them to utter a sound.
    Steve's balls seemed to tighten a bit in response to Nikki's determined
    stroking and Carol's loving attention, and he gently brushed the hair
    back from each of the lady's faces. They looked so beautiful knelt
    before him. But Steve knew he was only human and momentarily stepped
    back to compose himself. He was panting now and his massive cock
    twitched just out of arm's length from these two hungry-for-pleasure

    "C'mon, ladies, into the bedroom," Steve stammered. "And off with
    everything." They didn't need to be told twice. Nikki and Carol rose
    to their feet and disappeared down the hall into the bedroom. Steve
    took a moment to gather himself and followed shortly. The sight that
    greeted him was fantastic! There were Nikki and Carol, locked in a
    sensuous 69, their slender arms wrapped around each other's body, each
    of them devouring the other's pussy. Steve could smell the heat and
    sex as these tigresses pulled and licked each other to amazing cums.

    Steve sat in the chair by the bed and just watched, a low groan spilling
    from his lips as his fist slowly stroked his huge cock, which was now
    leaking copious pre-cum, which slowly dripped down every inch of his
    cock, intermingling with his tight fist. Both ladies occasionally
    glanced over to watch this magnificent man take pleasure in their
    erotic coupling.

    When Steve could not resist another second, he rose and positioned
    himself behind Carol, who was on top of Nikki. Steve firmly lifted
    Carol's ass by gripping her feminine hips with both hands. Nikki, her
    mouth deprived of Carol's little bald pussy, instinctively lifted up a
    bit and began to lick Steve's tight, hot globes, which seemed as smooth
    to her as Carol's pussy had been. Steve found Carol's tiny treasure
    with the very tip of his big cock and his strong hips drove forward,
    filling Carol's body as full of cock as she could ever remember.
    Immediately, her little pussy began to tighten around Steve's flesh,
    both taking its measure and sensuously creating a white-hot friction
    that seemed to simply devour every massive inch of his cock. Both
    Steve and Carol moaned as Steve's hips began to steadily sink that huge
    cock in with the precision of a steam engine. Deep, rhythmic strokes,
    which coaxed Carol's soft, bald pussy to tighten even further, until
    Steve's cock felt as though it were being worshipped by a moist, velvet
    glove. All the while, Nikki's mouth was wide open, her lips softly
    teasing Steve's tight, firm balls, obviously helping him generate
    buckets of cum deep in his body.

    The pleasure became too much for Carol, and her helpless, little pussy
    started to gush her warm honey all over and around Steve's horsecock as
    he buried into her again and again. Just as Carol began to cum,
    flooding her body with warmth and intense pleasure, Steve started
    pumping even harder, and Carol could only hold on for dear life as that
    huge cock power-fucked her for all she was worth. Her pussy,
    glistening and warm from all that friction and the mixing of their
    erotic fluids, seemed to boil over and began grabbing and twitching
    around Steve's cock, and he knew he couldn't hold back. He pulled his
    huge flesh from Carol's hungry pussy and stroked it as his body erupted
    with the rising pleasure. His first shimmering ribbon of cum fell
    heavily on Nikki's face, all but drowning her in his quality, pearlish
    release. The next 4 or 5 squirts landed all over Carol's tiny pussy
    and up onto her back. He pointed his huge cock back down toward Nikki
    and continued spilling what seemed like a paint can's worth of cum all
    the beautiful girl's face, as her little pink tongue licked and lapped
    to make sure she got every drop.

    Steve all but collapsed on the two girls and the three of them spent the
    next 20 minutes kissing and hugging. It had been an afternoon to
    remember. When everything was calm, Nikki's soft voice piped up. "I
    was hoping to get some of that big cock, too..." Steve and Carol
    looked at each other, and when Steve winked, Carol knew the afternoon
    was far from over....

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    maybe Hitokiri could pose for some pics to go with this story
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    great story, keep up man!
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