m4m - 33 - USA - Change Of Heart - Expanded 2.0 version

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    m4m - 33 - USA - Change Of Heart - Expanded 2.0 version

    My age: 33
    Country: USA

    Okay, I decided that limiting myself to one city is EXTREMELY limiting and I'd rather more than those people that live near me or are coming to a town near me to read it. I'm sorta putting it out to the entire universe, you see. Or at least the entire LPSG universe. So here I go, Change of Heart v2.0:

    This may not be the proper forum for this kind of thing, and it's pretty long, but I decided what the hell it's worth a shot. I have a personal on Yahoo! and recently I took a look at it and decided it was time to put it out there again. So here it is (with a few modifications):

    I've had a change of heart. I realized that life's too short not to say what you really feel and ask for what you really want. The person that asks for nothing generally gets nothing. Conversely, the person that asks for the world may not get it but at least he tried. And the lesson is in the journey, after all. So I'm gonna stop beating around the bush and ask for what I want. I am looking for a mate. I am looking for specific things in someone and I'm no longer willing to compromise my - or your - happiness just to settle for whatever comes along. I am not afraid of growing old and gray alone. But I am afraid of growing old and gray with someone that I cannot love as much as that person deserves and has the right to be loved.

    With that said, I'm going to tell you what I bring to the table. What I can offer you. Because it's unfair to ask of someone else the things you can't provide. So in the following lines you'll discover a little bit about what I have to offer. And if you can't bring just as much to the banquet, we're probably no good for each other. These qualities are in no particular order.

    I promise to always make time for you and listen to you. I may not always get what you're saying and at times I may even disagree. But no matter what, I will listen to you.

    I promise to respect you. While I do not believe the sun and moon rise and set in any one person and I couldn't be with someone who feels the stars and planets revolve around me, if at the end of the day I can't respect you, then we're no good for each other.

    I promise to be the one person in the world you can feel free to be vulnerable around and I'll never think less of you for it. It takes a real man to show real emotion and I promise to be the one you can cry in front of when the world gets too tough. I promise to be the person you can always be yourself around. I see through games rather quickly and I don't tolerate fools lightly. So if work wants you to be one person and school wants you to play another role and friends and family want you to be yet another person, I promise to be the one person you can be yourself completely around.

    I promise our home will be a house of peace. Where the weight of the world slides off your shoulders as soon as you walk through the front door. We may have arguements, we may fight from time to time, but because the foundation of our house is love and commitment, I promise never to go to bed without reaching some sort of understanding or compromise with you.

    I promise to be committed to this relationship completely. There will be some fantastic times we'll share and some rought spots we'll have to work through. But my partner will rest in the security I'm in it for the long run. I promise to allow you to be your own person. To have your own time, your own interests, friends, hobbies and past times that have absolutely nothing to do with me. I promise to be mindful that we are both full, complete, and whole individuals all by ourselves. But because we have each other it makes our experience here on earth all the more deep, rich, wonderful and meaningful.

    I promise to open up and be vulnerable and share my deepest joys, fears, discomforts and pleasures with you on a level no one else will ever know. You will know me better than my best friend, my mother, and Jesus Christ combined.

    I promise to respect your spirituality. I would ultimately prefer someone who is pagan as I am pagan, and out of the broom closet as I am. However, the reality of that is that may not happen. Therefore since most pagans aren't as out of the broom closet as I and many others are in hiding for whatever legitimate reason, as much as I hate to give on this and compromise, I will be open to entering a LTR with someone of a different faith. I may not be on the same path as you, but I will respect the path that you are on and try to learn as much from your path as I possibly can. Because I know we are all connected to the Great Spirit.

    I'll laugh with you. I'll cry with you. I'll spend quiet evenings at home with you. I promise to be the guy who will always tell you the truth. I'll stand up for you when you need me to and be by your side when you can stand up for yourself.

    I'll be your lover. Your freak undercover. As far as positions in bed go, I feel in LTR both people need to be as versatile as possible. I lean more towards being a bottom. It's the position I love the best. However, and I cannot stress this enough as well, anal sex is NOT the be all and end all of sex. And instead of having sex with this person, I'll be making love to this person. So what I'm getting at here is I am extremely open to trying on different roles and hats in the bedroom. I never want my love life to become boring and mundane. If you're a top it makes things a little bit easier going in, but ultimately we both should and need to be open to possibilities in the bedroom.

    I'll be your constant companion when we turn old and gray. The one who'll stick around when everyone else goes away. And should the day come that you are not well enough to take care of yourself, because I love you with all my heart, it won't even be a question. I'll take care of you until you pass through the veil.

    But more than all this, I promise to love you. More than you've ever been loved before and more than you'll ever love again. And if you have the strength of character to bring all these same qualities and some of your own to boot to the table, then we definitely have made a good start.

    I know this is a lot to read and take in, but I'm just done with settling for unhappiness. And you should be too.
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