m4m - 37 - London - Ontario - Canada - Deep hungry ass seeks thick meat

Discussion in 'Personal Ads' started by D_Ellrington Widelode, Aug 14, 2006.

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    m4m - 37 - London - Ontario - Canada - Deep hungry ass seeks thick meat

    My age: 37
    City: London
    State: Ontario
    Country: Canada

    Hi guys!

    I am in London, Ontario and seeking a guy who is preferably THICKLY endowed. Length, I'm completely happy with anything over 6.5". The big thing to me is THICKness. (I CAN handle a long thick cock with no problem though)

    I get along best with guys who are more straight than gay...in general anyways. What I'd ideally like is a regular fuck buddy...or 2. :D I'm more than willing to have a few test-drives along the way though.

    You should be a masculine guy, 18 to hmm...55'ish. If you are a bit dominant/rough, that's a great plus. You should be into just having your cock serviced. The kind of scene I seem to really enjoy is a no-strings, straight-to-it suck and fuck. Other than that, I'm very open-minded and while my ideal guy is of the bear/trucker/biker/blue collar variety, it's not overly important to me.

    A HUGE turn on for me is a guy who can blow HUGE loads....big volume and/or a good BLASTER that can squirt hard.

    About me:

    I'm 37, chubby guy, 5'11", 240's, brown hair, hazel eyes, goatee, very masculine, moderately hairy with a smooth ass. Definitely a total bottom. I give great head and love to give it, but, definitely am looking for someone who's into pounding some ass. And, I do TRULY mean POUNDING. Love to take it doggie style!

    Very deep hungry ass here. Definitely accomodating for even the thickest of the thick. Have never met any that were "too" big (not that I've met many, but there have been a couple huge ones). Love to feel my ass being stretched open by a big dick...not into toys or fists...just cock for this ass. I have good ass control too so when the need arises I can REALLY milk you good. :D

    I'm totally clean/disease free (test every 6 months), and contrary to how this ad might sound, I'm really not a big whore. lol. I just believe in saving both of us the aggravation of emails back and forth if we're not ultimately looking for the same kind of action. So, I'm very blunt and open about what I am looking for. Would sure be nice to find it! :D

    EAGER to hear from you!! Pics ANd a video clip available on request, by the time you read this I may have them posted in the gallery.
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