m4w - 25 - Manchester - England - UK - Girl must have taken care of her health/looks, not mind hung guys who know what they want from lifeo

Discussion in 'Personal Ads' started by justsukplz1000, Mar 8, 2006.

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    Feb 3, 2006
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    m4w - 25 - Manchester - England - UK - Girl must have taken care of her

    My age: 25
    City: Manchester
    State: England
    Country: UK

    m4f/ff - 25 - Manchester - England - UK willing to travel and/or pay for travel for the right girl - girl Must Have taken Care Of Her Health And Looks, Like Getting Horny and Sexy and enjoy pleasuring a guy as much and as long as possible in return for fatastic sex.

    Sorry to be explicit.

    No prefernce - blonde/brunette.

    you can cry on my shoulder about anything past or present, but you must have a degree of independence.

    No transexuals, please. I'm quite emotional guy about relationships and that would send me flying backwards in life.

    Would love to hear from any girls who are interested in a mature but fun relationship or funship. Particularly if you understand the problems of big penis guys - that we love great sex, but it's often not as availabel as for other guys who are smaller.

    PM me whenever for photo swaps.
  2. Contonilia

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    Mar 19, 2006
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    Brighton- United Kingdom

    I saw your advert and felt I should contact you. I have just broken a relationship with my lover of 6years as he had become so jealous and possesive. I did love him very much,reason I stayed with him this long.
    I miss the sex very much,as he was very well hung,and I do realise that having had him in me frequently over the years,I cannot have satisfactory sex with reguler guys. I do not want to rush into us having sex immediately,but to prepare ourselves and get to know each other better if you want to..


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