Macho Macho Man

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    One day Big Sal's Wife, a feminist finally gotten tired of her husbands macho ways, and general attitude that men are superior... the only thing they ever fought about. Frieda decided to end the ten year debate once and for all by giving Sal the Machismo Three Door Challenge. If he successfully completed the manly task behind each door she would concede male superiority, and become the good little wife. Of course he accepted the challenge.
    . The tasks are explained to him:
    . Behind the first door you have 100 bottles of beer and one hour to drink them. You are always bragging about how great you can hold you liquor so you should love this one.
    . Behind the second door is a mean ferocious tiger with a bad tooth who hasn't eaten in two weeks. All you have to do is pull the tigers tooth with your bare hands since you think your so tough this should be easy. You have one hour to do this.
    . Behind the third door is an insatiable nympho, and she is just your type. She's always horny, and has never been completely satisfied sexually. All you have to do is satisfy her. Since you claim to be such a great lover I know you will love this one too. You can take as much time as you need.
    "When can I start" says Big Sal. "Now" she replies. BIg Sal immediately struts into the first door. Forty-five minutes later he staggers out, his task complete, his confidence increased. "Now what" he slurs. "The second door" replies Frieda.
    Sal walks to the second door slightly off balance. As soon as he opens the door all hell breaks loose. He's pulled into the door, and it shuts behind him. For slightly over an hour there is nothing but screams shrieks and the noise of breaking objects. The door almost gets knocked off the hinges when everything becomes deadly silent. Moments later out staggers Big Sal alive, well but still a bit drunk, his clothes ripped to shreds and he is a little bruised. He focuses his eyes on Frieda and say's to her "Now...where's that lady with the tooth to pull!"
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