Madison Goes To Disney World

Discussion in 'Fictitious Stories' started by B_Jennuine73, Feb 17, 2009.

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    It was vacation time and I never went to Disney World before. It was my girlfriend’s idea. She said grown folk could have fun there too. I didn’t think it was possible but I can make my own fun.

    While we walked around, I loved watching the dads watching us. Trying not to let their wives see them checking us out. I wiggled my ass a bit more than usual when I walked by them. Men are totally ruled by their cocks. Even when with their families they can’t help wanting to fuck me.

    A security guard walked by us and he had Jamaica on his name tag. He was one tall fucker, nice and big, just my type. My girlfriend giggled when I said to him I have been craving chocolate for weeks. He asked if I wanted chocolate in 2hrs when he was off shift. I just came out and said “I don’t fuck for free.”

    He looked pissed off and said “So you’re just a whore then.”

    “Not JUST a whore. The best whore,” I said, looking at him. “I could take whatever your packing down my throat. Give you the best blow job you’ve ever had. Do you want it or not?” I asked.

    He looked down at me and asked “How much for the best blow job I’ve ever had?”

    “I usually start at $150 and the bigger it is, the cheaper it will be. You have a nice, thick dick for me and I’ll do it for cheaper.” I said. I love the feeling of a big dick filling my mouth, I get a lot out of it.

    “Come with me,” he said. He went to a guy who was standing with him and said something to him. The guy looked a little shocked and I told my gf to talk to him while I went with my Jamaican. He took me into a little room behind a little kid’s water park.

    He closed the door and unzipped. His cock was already hard and was about 9 inches and thick. I grabbed a jacket I saw on a hook beside us and put it down on the floor. I knelt down in front of him, his cock an inch from my mouth and said “For you, $50.”

    I started by licking the tip, looking up at him. He groaned and watched my tongue swirl around his dick. I grabbed it in my fist and lifted it up so it was up against his stomach and licked his balls.

    I looked at my watch and saw I had 10 minutes to get to a ride we had a pass for. I looked at him again, then closed my eyes and took the whole thing down my throat. He groaned and said holy fuck or something like that. My lips were tight around his thick dick, my tongue licking his veins, the head sliding up and down my throat. I took it out almost to the tip, then back down until my nose was grinding against him. He started moving his hips, fucking my throat. I sucked it hard and closed my throat on his cock over and over.

    “Fuck bitch! I’m gonna nut! Not so fast!” he said, gritting his teeth.

    I had someplace to be, so I didn’t listen. I kept sucking hard, teeth scraping lightly, tongue swirling around his head and the underside of his dick. I felt his hands in my hair and he pushed his dick deep down my throat. His hot cum shot down my throat while I kept sucking and licking. I drained his fat, black cock. I swallowed his load, wiped my mouth and stood up.

    It took less than 3 minutes.

    He was holding on to the wall. After a minute, he went in his wallet and paid me. Without saying anything, I went back to my gf and told her we had enough time to get to a washroom for me to fix my lipstick and hair before the ride.
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    Keep going. I like how this story is going so far, I like all your stories for that matter
    Do you think it'd be possible to write a story that was less instant sex, and more about a girl who is shy and so forth.
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