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    My boyfriend (47) and I (21) enjoy a very open sex life, he is bisexual and enjoys MMF threesomes as well as MM or watching me with a well hung guy. We always practice safe sex... I have noticed that guys with a really big penis very often have trouble maintaining an erection for more than a short period. My bf says this is normal and he see this all the time. He says alchohal use, poppers and other stimulants eventually can cause this as well as the simple biology of the amount of blood needed to maintain and large erection.

    He is no slouch and has a respectable 7.5 in and nice girth, he keeps an erection for as long as I want to play, he says the fact he is phisically fit, a distance runner and wieght lifter prolly helps.. Anyone out there want to help enlighten a 21 yr old girl about this subject
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    It's pretty common to soften a little over time if you're above average. I often use a cock ring if I know I'm going to have sex for upwards of 20 minutes or so. It's not that I can't keep it up without one, it's just that I prefer to stay at 100% instead of 85 or 90.

    Erection issues are often caused by age, a sedentary lifestyle, bad diet, smoking, alcohol abuse, and circulation problems. There are more things that hinder firm hard-ons but those are the usual culprits. Considering your guy is as fit as you say, there's no real reason for either of you to worry.
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