Majic Marker

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    A guy and girl meet at the bar and
    are instantly attracted to each other.

    They Party all night and at the end
    decide to go back to his place to

    Once there, they get passionate
    and start to make out. When the time
    is right, the girl finds the bedroom,
    gets undressed and gets under the
    covers, waiting for the guy who is
    now coming out of the bathroom.

    The guy walks in starts to undress
    and stops with just his shorts on.
    He reaches into his pants pocket,
    pulls out a magic marker and hands
    it to her.

    She takes one look at it an says,
    "What's this for? Are you some
    kinda pervert?"

    He looks at her, drops his shorts
    and smiles kinda sexy.

    She smiles, her eyes now wide
    open and staring in disbelief at
    his johnson which hangs more t
    hat halfway to his knees.

    He breaks her spell by saying,
    "Your gonna have to draw a line
    somewhere, baby."

    p.s I cannot BELIEVE I misspelt "magic"!
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