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    the pain behind your eyes
    It was back at the end of my senior year in High School, and I was to say the least, elated at the knowledge I was graduating. Or so i had thought. I was in the cafeteria talking with my best friends about it all. "Yeah, man, this is it; In a few weeks, I walk down that aisle, collect my diploma, and I bolt!" We all raised our sodas in a celebratory toast to that.

    "Not so fast, Carl, a voice resounded. Mrs Dobison, my art teacher. Aw shit, I thought, what now? :( "If you recall, and I doubt you will, you have an extra assignment you have to make up for me." she said. I dug deep into my thoughts,what assignment? Uh-oh, not the week I was out sick. " But that was the time I was out sick, I protested.

    " I continued, "you said it wasn't necessary back then." "That was before the new funding review required All students complete their assisgnments, so you can't graduate without. Fortunately, tomorrow we have a trip going into the city to an art museum; that will be your make up credit, if] you want to graduate."

    I sighed, and agreed. Old bitch hag coulda told me this shit earlier.

    The next day was a muggy May morning for this trip. I arrived at the school, parked my car, and trotted over to the bus, lunch in hand, along with my book bag, which had my walkman and tunes, aaannnd a note book.

    I stood out outside the HS building where no one could see, and lit up a quick smoke. I took a quick drag, held it in for a couple of seconds, then exhaled, frustrated and exasperated over this.

    "Yeah, me too, a voice said round the corner. It was Laura from my english lit class. Now, I got to tell you about Laura; she's a bit of a bookworm, but only in the mental sense. Outwards, you could mistake her for a centerfold model, or future one, if she wanted to. Five foot nine, 130 lbs, dark brown hair, blue eyes, and by my best estimate, at least 36dd tit size. She needed NO enhancement.
    I'd spent many the misplaced afternoons watching her doing jumping jacks.
    Anyways, she continued, "I don't want to be on this fucking trip anymore than you do." said and took a quick drag off my cigarette.

    "You're going too, huh?" I asked, " maybe we can talk about that on the trip over?" "Sure." she said. Time had run out for our momentary sedation, as Dobison called everyone to the bus. We ran over to the and got on. We quickly found a seat in the back, where virtually no one sat down. during the length of the trip, we found out that each other was stuck in the predicament with Dobison. In between pauses and the occasional bump, I caught a millisecond of Laura's breasts bounce. Christ, was pissing going to be a problem as I felt my dick extend almost the full length of my denim shorts erect and proud.

    We arrived at the art gallery shortly, and Dobison wasted no time in pairing everybody up. Since Laura and I were already paired up on the bus, she didn't change us. Dobison also could've set a new land record for pairing teachers, as she and MR Schwartz from drama made haste partnering up.

    We began walking around the gallery looking at all the exhibits. All Picasso wannabe's, Warhol homages/plagarisms. Then we happened upon to the least, an apoplectic abomination of a metal sculpture, if you could call it a sculpture; A nine foot mountain bike metal piping thing spray painted an ugly pink, with a sky blue top, and plastic bubble. The title was: INTERPRETATION OF THE UNIVERSAL MIND.

    The group proceeded into the nextroom, while I studied this beast for a second, harboring the real thought in my mind which I then monologued since no one was around; "Why the fuck am I here looking at this shit when I could be home getting laid??" " I thought you and Kerrie broke up?" Laura was standing right next to me. "We did. How long you been there?" I asked. "Long enough to see that both of us now have something reallyin common: We're hornier than hell" "You have something in mind to rectify this?" I asked/solicited. " The bus is completely empty, let's go." She enlightened me.

    You really have to ask if I hesitated?

    So we went out to the bus, and sure enough, she was right on the money. The bus was empty. We didn't have to worry about anyone watching us since the alley we were parked was almost completely dark. "You see? No one's around." she said. "You know, Carl, it's been rumored you have the biggest cock in theHigh school. " with that, she darted her tongue into mouth. I reciprocated, of course with enthusiasm, while encompassing her firm ass in one hand, and a tit in the other. She slipped her hand into my shorts, and stroked my cock to its fullest peak. This in turn, made the areola in her nipples swell.

    I then removed her top, finally getting a good glimpse of her breasts, and I was right her bra size read 36dds. She then removed my shirt and shorts and gazed at my cock in all its splendor. She began licking the head and the underside of the shaft, driving senasations Kerrie could never do through me. I then removed her Daisy Dukes and shoes and fingered her now sopping wet pussy. I then felt a rumbling below in my groin as i knew anymore of that would be the precursor to a nut-busting of unbelievable proportions. "No, Laura said, "not yet. I want you to fuck my pussy first" She laid back on the driver's seat( It was the only place where she could comfortably fullspread her legs) and I eased my cock into her hot and tight pussy. "Ohhhh, god, your cock feels so fucking good, Carl" she moaned.

    I continued thrusting inside her making sure the full length of my cock was buried inside her. "Oh god! Oh yeah, baby, you're going to make me cum soon aren't you, you horny fucking stud?" she gasped. "Not without me, babe!" I said. We weren't off by a few minutes. I continued gyrating my cock inside her when she began gasping and said, " I'm gonna cum soon! I want your cum on my face and tits! fuck me until you're ready, I'll cum then too." No sooner those words were spoken that I felt that rumble in my nuts again, only this time it was 10x stronger!

    "Oh, fuck, yeah, this is it, Laura, get ready"I said and pulled out. We then sixty-nined to get the most out of it. she began sucking me off harder and harder while I licked her cunt ferociously. Almost instantaneously, we came together in a mind shattering orgasm. She came on my face with her delicious pussy juice, then she red herself up, I answered her request and blew my wad all over her petite face and pendulous tits. We then cleaned ourselves up as quickly as was humanly possible after that, and headed back into the gallery. We were on our way ack to the spot where the guide was, but stopped when we saw Mrs Dobison and Mr Schwartz getting it on behind one of the exhibits. We were shocked, they we shocked, and by the time all was said and done, me & Laura earned our last credit without finishing the tour. It seems the moral turpitude bit in our school also included teachers and relationships of a sexual nature.

    Long story short, me & Laura graduated HS, and saw more of each other, and I'm proud to say wound up as my current wife, sweetheart.

    Maybe art wasn't so bad after.
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