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    it taked me quite time before i finaly decided to register here and start this thread...

    I would like to ask more experienced guys here about how exactly to play with butt to get most plesurable sensations, maybe even "assgasm" i have been reading here in older threads without any fears about health. I hope it will help also others out there who may be too shy to ask on their own like i was for long time. And that this thread save them lots of troubles.

    Thing is i played with my butt when i was still quite young and hurt myself, all healed perfectly but for next years i just stopped doing that. But in last few months i started to read about this stuff on internet (here too) more serriously, get past my fears and started to use fingers then even bought smaller dildo.
    But things turned to be more complicated then i would imagined, i found out that gelly dildos contain dangerous phtalates and condom should be used, but when i done that i could not use oil based lube and sensation was weird... i mean to protect myself even from dildo is quite strange.
    So i started to look for other dildos, but found out that silicon ones are in our country quite overpriced and sizes are quite BIG (usually for vaginal use)... . I solved this issue by learning bit about silicone molding (just type it in youtube), for 1/3 of price i can now create +- anything i want.

    So i created something like this Sedeux Please - Strap-on dildos - EdenFantasys and started to play.

    But here came another issues on which i dont know answers and thats why i am writing here..., when i watch some video on internet to see "how" the guys are usually taking into their asses something gigantic and moving it all the way in and out without any problems, comments under these vids are usually same "they want to met that guy :D".

    Well for me it isnt working that way, if i lube myself a lot i can insert dildo without problem and can move with it slooowly, it is pleasurable and when i stroke my penis along the way ill come big time.
    But when i try to move dildo more faster (like i see on many vids) i can feel how my ass is tightening and soon i cant continue, strange is it is happening to me even when i use much smaller fingers .-/ Any tips here how to safely relaxe/stretch (no drugs and such), without fear of hurting mussles / pulling insides out etc.?

    Maybe i am just using bad position i dont know i am usually just lying on bed with open legs. Seen that guys are sometimes "riding" penis in "sit" position but dont know if its good position for starters.

    And there is also the angle under which you are inserting i found out that gentle pushing upwards towards penis (prostate should be there?) makes me feel good, but again bit fear that if i push more i may hurt myself, should i fear or not untill i dont feel any unconfortable feelings?

    Also i would like to ask on "deep" aspect on insertion... i created one bit slimer, softer and longer dildo and slowly pushed it cca 15cm in then it hited something (propably the "curve" i was reading about) i didnt pushed it any farther cos again i feared bit i could pierce something, but when i was "tickling" that spot i started to had really strange yet intensively pleasurable sensations - i may think that could be the key for the big O but its just amateur guessing. So again if you could tell me about your experience with this aspect i would be very happy.

    There are another things i would like you to ask about, like which type of lube you are using (again the exact type or way how to make it would be nice to know) becouse i found out that standard water based one which sells in shops isnt really good (its too fluid and quickly vanishes) and i must use oil based ones which isnt optimal in my opinion, but again dont have much experience here. Or how often you play/have anal sex every day, 2 times a week? But i think this inital post is very long as it is, so i write them maybe later.

    I would be happy if this thread would NOT turn into debate about which is gay and which is straight (seen it here often), becouse its irelevant for this topic. I dont consider myself gay but i could imagine sex with man could be very pleasurable (never had one) and why deny myself that potential pleasure by "boxing" myself into some category, when someting is nice, then its nice! :)

    I thank you again for your tips and guidance.
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