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Male Celebrities Who Moan During Sex Scenes

Discussion in 'Models and Celebrities' started by ennuiprefix, Nov 18, 2020.

  1. ennuiprefix

    ennuiprefix New Member

    Oct 8, 2014
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    I'm always super horny for guys who moan when having sex, and over the years I've encountered some male celebrities who have really great sex noises. Feel free to add to this list with examples!

    David Tennant
    He has a lot of sex scenes, and in almost all of them he's louder than the woman which is really hot. Frequent, needy moans and whimpers. Super sexy.
    (Watch Secret Smile, Love in the 21st Century, Recovery etc)

    Mads Mikkelsen
    He has a few sex scenes too, and he's big on grunting.
    (There's a compilation of his sex noises on tumblr.)

    Gustaf Skarsgard
    I've only seen 2 sex scenes with him, but in both, he's really vocal and expressive with his moans, like he's being overwhelmed. I'd love to see more.
    (Check his Aznude Men page)

    Alexander Skarsgard
    He also has a lot of sex scenes, where he grunts and moans quite frequently.
    (True Blood, Big Little Lies etc)

    Michael Fassbender
    He's a big grunter, and it sounds incredible.
    (Fish Tank, Shame)

    Scott Speedman
    There's this one sex scene from Animal Kingdom, where he's sitting up in bed fucking his wife. His moans and groans are full-throated and loud, and I really want to see him in more sex scenes to hear more of those moans omg.

    Steve Lund
    He's a canadian actor. He normally has a low and gravelly speaking voice, but it changes completely during his sex scenes. High-pitched moans and whimpers, and he moans A LOT.
    (Watch Street Legal episodes 3 and 6 iirc, Affection short film, Clusterf*ck episode 1)

    Henry Cavill
    I always love it when huge built guys moan a lot in bed, and Henry Cavill is no exception. He has a sex scenes in The Tudors and he's always really loud (sounds like he's moaning at the top of his lungs all the time, as if he's cumming with every thrust!).

    Please find more celeb guys like this!
  2. lop23

    lop23 Well-Liked Member

    Sep 11, 2017
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    New York (NY, US)
    Wow this is hot, thanks!
  3. espeon88

    espeon88 Active Member

    Nov 28, 2017
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    Heaven Heights (MA, US)
    i always felt the same too..
    i got a few list from scene

    Pio Marmai on Un Heureux Événement
    Johann Urb on Strictly Sexual (no nudity but his last sex scene is loud)
    Jonas Bloquet on Filles de joie

    Manu Bennett on spartacus (on episode 8)
    Manu Bennett Shirtless, Straight Scene in Spartacus

    Aaron Jakubenko on tidelands (that kegel scene on episode 1)
    Aaron Jakubenko Straight, Shirtless Scene in Tidelands

    Augusto Aguilera on Too old to die young (masturbation scene on episode 8)
    Augusto Aguilera Straight, Shirtless Scene in Too Old To Die Young

    Julian Morris (hand of god, man in orange shirt, kelly + victor)

    Matt Lauria on into the dark: down (kingdom too)

    Josh Hartnett (Oh Lucy!, (sometimes on penny dreadful)
    Josh Hartnett Sexy Scene in Oh Lucy!

    Jonathan Chase (chemistry (that blowjob scene))

    Piotr Stramowski on Botoks (masturbation scene)

    Yoav Reuveni on Snail in the rain
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  4. ennuiprefix

    ennuiprefix New Member

    Oct 8, 2014
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    More that I've remembered

    Jason Isaacs
    He makes amazing grunting sounds when he's having sex (so hot omg).
    Watch his sex scene in Brotherhood (part 11, find it on Youtube). He has a sex scene The Last Don (find part 2 i believe n youtube), though there's background music. Sweetwater on aznude to hear his orgasm sounds. The Conspiracy also has 2 sex scenes, but it's hard to find.
    Jason Isaacs Straight, Shirtless Scene in The State Within his loud grunt when he first penetrates >>> (this penetrating grunt he also does in the Conspiracy)

    Ryan Kwanten
    He makes this really needy and quite high pitched moan when he thrusts, it's super hot. Check out his sex scenes in true blood, but my favourite are his sex scenes with Sarah Snook in Not Suitable for Children (you can find a no music version online, it's the best cos you can really hear how he moans louder than the girl!)

    Dominic West
    Almost all his sex scenes in The Affair. He's what I think of as a 'consistent moaner' lol, he pretty much always moans deliciously in his sex scenes. His sex scene in the beginning of Chicago is also a huge turn on.

    Ben Barnes
    Another whiny moaner. I love it, it's so needy.
    Ben Barnes Sexy Scene in Marvel'S The Punisher he's so loud in this one you basically cant hear her
    BEN BARNES Nude - AZNude Men heavy breathing and moaning while kissing, omg amazin

    Josh Stamberg
    what a daddy. i want to see more sex scenes with him, but this one in The Affair (Josh Stamberg Penis, Sexy Scene in The Affair) hes dirty talking and grunting and moaning throughout and cums like a champ.

    Alex Pettyfer
    Classic moaner/grunter (uh...uh...uh). im not complaining. go off!
    ALEX PETTYFER Nude - AZNude Men
    ALEX PETTYFER Nude - AZNude Men

    Paul Rudd
    One of the hottest men ever. This is 40 has a sex scene right at the beginning but it's kinda played for laughs.
    Check out Living With Yourself. He has 3/4 sex scenes in it (some are not seen, but you can hear his moans which is fine by me!)

    Benedict Cumberbatch
    he hasn't been in as many sex scenes as id like (but im a slut for moaning guys, so all i want to see is a sex tape of him just grunting and whimpering and moaning obviously) but there are 2 that i love:
    1st episode of parade's end, he has sex in a train. makes about 2 or 3 groans only but they're so loud and throaty...ugh
    3rd episode of Patrick Melrose at about 44:20 (don't know why no one talks about this), he has sex (clothed but still) against a wall. his grunts are so incredible and loud, and he grunts in between talking also which is like my favourite thing, hearing a guy try to talk but also grunting or moaning in pleasure...omg eargasm

    Keller Wortham
    the movie Now and Later. just watch it. he has like 5 sex scenes, all super explicit and unsimualated (at least his cock is sucked, and the last scene you actually see the cum shoot out). this guy is like the loudest male moaner ive ever heard. its so whiny and high, and his voice quivers with every moan. each thrust sounds like he's cumming. omg my fav, hope he stars in more sex movies

    please recommend more! im a slut for male moans, theyre my favourite thign ever lol
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