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Discussion in 'Women's Issues' started by rabbit12345, Feb 26, 2011.

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    I always get confused about what women mean by types. Can someone explain what makes a guy fall into the following catergories

    • Rugged
    • Pretty boy
    • Rough around the edges
    • Sexy
    • Bad boy (how far till be just becomes a jackass)
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    I've never used those categories before, so don't think I can help you. But I can hazard a guess at some.

    The rugged kind would probably be someone who looks like they use their hands for a living whether he's a craftsman or artisan or skilled worker. If he grooms well and can hold a conversation he's ok in my book. Well, ok in my old book since I don't use my book anymore! LOL!

    The pretty boy is someone who's probably overgroomed, an avowed metrosexual who, in my opinion, would be too high maintenance for me, and probably wouldn't pay attention to me.

    Rough around the edges I'm assuming is like rugged without the grooming or couth.

    Sexy could apply to just about anyone, I guess. Even the pretty boy could be sexy, but sexy isn't enough to get my attention.

    The bad boy could also be any one of them with an unpredictable side. Bad boys can be fun up to a point. They see the line and cross it and just to piss you off dance all over the other side of the line. Not my cup of tea at all.

    My perfect man is a combination of all of them. And I know because he's sitting in the chair not far from me right now. Definitely rugged and rough around the edges, but I'm refining him as we go along. He's pretty and sexy and a jackass at times. I'll never cure him of that.
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