Mammarian Candy Date--Part 2

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    "This...came from fetal tissue?"

    "That's affirmative, Admiral. Uh...Ben. Material X is still in the test stages, but
    Bio-Defense is more real than it's ever been. These small-scale ballistics
    tests are just the beginning. In a few years, Material X will be able to resist repeated
    small-arms fire and when when an electrical current it passed through the material
    via electrodes, Material X will actually heal like skin, only faster."

    "Big D., are you telling me you snatched Maxim from the New Adam facility?"

    "That's a negative. That facility was cleared before our raid.. Maxim's
    containment unit was safely away, the data wiped. We got nothing valuable.
    No tissue samples, no DNA. Since
    we couldn't get him, we had to fall back on the auxillary source. But look at
    the data...even from the auxillary, the lifelike rubber cultures were
    an incredible achivement. Yes, its bouyant. Paranoid as they were, Maxim's
    creators weren't dumb."

    "Shit! Big D., we don't need this Adam on the side of terrorists. Uncle Sam
    isn't clearing away the competition or the opposition fast enough these
    days. Hell, everyone's got explosives...we need an armor that will shield
    our troops and vehicles like nothing before. This Superbaby is going to
    come back to haunt us in the new millenium."

    "Sorry, Ben. The Adam got away, but we know where the Eve is.
    She's a needle in a haystack. No facility. No compound. All open.
    We let her grow up right in the midst of us. When this Eve hits adolescence,
    the dynamics of her cells will adjust again. Our samples will only get better.
    Material X has limitless applications."

    "Maxim was the superior design--all the brains."

    "Well, Ben, given the size of the containment unit he was
    in, we can guess Maxim isn'tbeing allowed to grown normally.
    Inhibitor technology is keeping him
    in arrested development. In many ways, our Eve is ahead of him. And since this
    Adam is held back and isolated, he is sexually immature. We are going
    to set him up with a hot date. Maxim will respond to her. No violence.
    A seduction. Something he doesn't understand."

    "Go on."

    "We can hope that if Maxim's inhibitors are relaxed and microtechnology
    is used to make him mature, his body and mind will be unstable. He'll make any awkward kid. And we can nab him. Our Eve will be just the
    bait to stir him up. A real red-blooded American vamp. This map shows where
    we're keeping her."

    "What the hell?!--Beaver Patch, Oregon? Why out in the open, Big D.?"

    "We have CIA operatives peppered all around--her adoptive family,
    all her physicians, half her teachers, some 'distant relatives' and if she gets a
    summer job like the other kids, her employer will have come right from
    Langley. Her love life...well, we're not so good at employing pre-teen CIA
    operatives, but the boys she sees are all constantly monitored. The girls too.
    She's got a long-term birth-control implant courtesy of our secret "Doc', just
    in case she...well, you know how kids are these days. Before I forget, here's
    her school picture."

    "Whee-ew! You sure you know who all her boyfriends are?"

    "We know. But, we've got to let her live a little. If she ever winds up in the wrong
    hands, a lifetime of habits we know all about will help us find Kiki Vale again. In
    the meantime, we she has some growing up to do."
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    Hi! This is my story, so if you're like reading this, you're like reading my story. And it's
    like a real story, as in not made up, but I had to change some things for security reasons
    and junk, so no one gets found out, 'cause it would be like, totally embarassing and that
    fat guy with the beard and the baseball cap who made that movie about the school shooting
    and who's like right now goofing on the President with another movie might try to interview
    some of the people who were involved and a lot of them don't want to be on film and something
    really bad might happen to that guy, and he might wind up dead and people would get
    suspicious if they found his camera and not him.

    And I like already have cameras inside my body, but they're like really really SMALL cameras
    and I can see what's going on inside me in case something goes wrong, and I'm not allowed
    to go to doctors now 'cause they don't know about my body, and I have to see the doctors
    at the place where I work and no one else, so I have to be totally careful and not wind up in
    a normal hospital. And especially not a V.A. hospital where they kill you for fun.

    And something really special and beautiful happened to me, but I wasn't expecting it to
    turn out the way it did, but it like, y'know did. And that led to other things, but...So, like,
    name is Kiki Vale, so I like, like being called Kiki Vale, not Kinky. A lot of boys and some
    girls like to call me Kinky rather than Kiki, but they're like, so totally jerky and bitchy, and I'm
    like really a nice person, even though I'm a spy. And we all have to be careful, 'cause spies
    are like, really dangerous people because of what they know, and if I say anything to you I'm
    like not supposed to say, I might have to come and kill you someday and that would be way
    uncool, 'cause it takes time to eliminate someone and they'd probably make me do it myself.

    But I'd really have to hate you and what you'd did, 'cause I'm like, really mellow and
    junk and that's supposed to be good for your system, and most of the time, I'm like, really
    mellow except during certain times of the month and if you're a girl, you'll know what I mean,
    and if you're a girl who's reading this, you'll like, really know what I mean, 'cause I like fluctuate,
    and it doesn't mean making a poop-poop noise, it's just a big word for shifting between
    things and I do that a lot, and sometimes I get grumpy and when I get grumpy, I get grouchy.
    And then other times I get Super-Duper horny, I mean REALLY HORNY, and I get weird
    feelings 'cause I like have one of my eggs moving through me, I mean not like an egg I ate
    somewhere, but like an egg that I made out of my baby-making organs and junk, and depending
    on how fresh the egg is, that's how I feel.

    I'm 25 right now, which isn't that old, but I remember when I first became a spy, I was 22 and
    younger by a few years. I knew I was special,
    and I have this way freaky body that's more bendy and stretchy than a normal girl
    which might be good for a spy if she has to do something that makes her have to bend and stretch.

    I don't know what.

    So, one time when I was feeling horny because of my newest egg, I came on
    to my brother, Lee. Lee isn't my "brother" brother, 'cause I was adopted into his family when I was
    a baby, so I grew up with him as my "little brother" when he was born and I took care of him for a
    while, but we went to different schools and didn't see a lot of each other until I came back to visit
    and we were both growing up and he was looking really good, really foxy, sexy good and he had this
    long, thick, peepie-thingie, 'cause I'd seen it when I changed his diapers when he was small and I
    kinda knew that when he grew older, it would be big, and it was BIG, like FRANKENPENIS big,
    but I wasn't a virgin and he wasn't either because he'd been with all these other chicks and he knew
    what was what and I kinda did too and I did it on a dare with myself, but when I saw how big he was
    when he got hard, I knew he wasn't my "little brother", he was my "younger brother", and I wasn't
    related to Lee by blood as they say, and I even had a different last name than his, and didn't look
    like him really,but we were both white, but I was like, really white and he was sorta darker and had
    this super sexy tan all over his body from where he'd gone to Arizona, except where his swimsuit
    had been and that was all white and untanned and his peepie-thingie and his family jewels (you know what they are!) and his butt and
    the sides of his legs and a little bit of his belly (he had a really great six-pack) were white and I thought
    that was a real turn-on.

    After Lee got out of the shower, he didn't have any clean clothes and he like, wandered
    around Dad's bathrobe, looking for his old stuff, and then he ran into me. If was wearing one
    of Lee's shirts, so I took it off and showed him what I looked like and Lee got really Super-Duper
    excited and when he did, his big, long, white peepie-thingie sorts stuck out of the opening in
    the bathrobe and pointed at me and then started to lift waaaaay up and he was shy, but not
    really stupid around girls shy.

    He told me it was nine and a half inches long and that he measured along the top which
    is supposed to be the right way. And none of the guys my age that I had dated had a
    peepie-thingie like his--I mean as big as his. He still had his forward-skin and that was
    different too, because all the other boys with peepie-thingies smaller than Lee's told me
    their peepie-thingies looked the way they did because they were circus-sized. Well, Lee's looked like his was zoo-sized. Well, Lee took off the bathrobe and did something with the forward-skin
    and pulled it backward and when he did, his peepie-thingie looked like all the other boys
    except it was twice as big!

    And then Lee told me he measured the aroundness of it, and said it was seven and a quarter.
    I think he was short some change, because it looked like seven and a quarter and then some
    nickels and dimes and a penny.

    I was seeing this other guy...and his name was Jimmy or Johnny or Joey or Alfred or
    something, but I forgot all about him and I kinda sorta had this story made up that
    if a guy noticed I was more y'know roomy than the last time he was in me, that I was
    doing excercises that the school nurse said I should do.

    But I was scared that Lee might have gone down to Mexico because Arizona is almost
    near Mexico, like only a state or two between them, and all kinds of stuff can make you sick
    down in Mexico if you fool around, but Lee said he hadn't gone there and the last chick
    he had "been with" had been from Brownsville, Texas, so I didn't worry so much.

    Lee said his jewels were sore and they always got sore if he didn't do something about
    them. And I told Lee about my egg and how my egg was making me all hot and horny and
    we knew we had to help each other out, because we were like family and that's what you're
    supposed to do and junk.

    And when we got naked and started to do it, I was like, totally unguilty about
    it, 'cause he was a little shorter than I was, but Lee's peepie-thingie got way totally big, not like a little
    boy and his jewels were big too and he had muscles all over, and even though he was 4 years younger
    than me, he was like this....MAN and junk and I made love to him like a man, I mean, not like I was a man,
    I didn't stick anything inside him, but I made love to him as if he was a man and he made love to me like
    he was a man, not a little boy and he wasn't scared to shoot his stuff into me and I wasn't scared to
    have him shoot his stuff into me, and that was like way cool.
    And it was really a turn-on for Lee, 'cause Lee got to see how my boobies blow up big when I'm
    excited, and he couldn't believe it, but he wasn't scared, just turned-on and I never felt like I
    was taking advantage of him, even though he was 14 and I was 18, he was just one of those studs and
    that was so cool to have a stud for a brother, 'cause it's so convenient when I'm horny and the great
    thing was, Lee wasn't really my brother, and I still try to write to him, but I think the spies are getting
    into my mail and shredding it.

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    So like, one time these people who said they knew all about what I could do took me with them, and I was like freaked out, but my real parents who I hadn't seen in a long time were there and told me not to worry and junk, so I didn't and they said we were going to London, but like, they had another place to go, and they didn't come with us.

    The people who were with me were dressed up neat, but they were like, too neat and I couldn't relate to them, 'cause they were like, kinda cold and didn't want to talk and didn't want me to talk, and that me uncomfortable, 'cause I sorta like, like to talk. And they said we were going to Jethro Airport or something in England, and I thought that was really funny that someone would name a really big airport after Jethro on the Beverly Hillbillies, but it kinda sorta made sense, 'cause the Beverly Hillbillies had like gone to England for a few episodes and they were really funny and junk and the way Jethro was, he liked everything big and loud and he was always saying, "Yee-
    Dawgies Uncle Jed" and when I looked down from the airplane I saw how big Jethro Airport was and I said it kinda like Jethro did, but nobody laughed, and I kinda felt like a jerk.
    I guess if you're like, y'know English and everything, then London is sorta okay and you'll get it and everything, but I'm like, totally not from London and that's like, kinda how I nearly got killed and junk, cause everything in London is like super totally retarded and they drive their cars and trucks and buses and motorcycles backwards--I mean not "backwards", but like, the other way they do it in America, which I guess is backwards, y'know, kinda sorta.

    And they got all these castles right in the middle of the city, well not castle castles, but they look like castles, kinda sorta. Their White House looks like a castle, and a lot of the places where their trains stop look like castles, and their bridges and clocks and churches all look like castles, well, not all of them, y'know, but like, too many, and it's like easy for someone who doesn't know all the castles to get lost.

    It's funny, 'cause even in America they blame me for fender-benders when I'm like, just out walking, 'cause like, I have these Super-Duper HUGE BOOBIES which I grew when I was a teenager and they stick out and people look at them for longer than they should and if they're driving and junk, they
    forget to look at the road and instead, they're like, looking at me and my boobies bouncing, 'cause they really bounce when I'm walking, I totally don't know why, but there was this guy at HQ who was like, supposed to tell me when we got there why I had these HUGE BOOBIES and what they were for and junk.
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    (I don't know who did it and junk, but someone must have been really kind and had a lot of spray paint cans and time on his hands and did it way early in the morning when there was no traffic, but if you look down at the curbs and gutters and junk, he spray painted (which you're not supposed to do, really) on the cement LOOK RIGHT. So people who don't live in London don't look the wrong way when they cross the street. I thought that was really sweet and nice, and I think he may have written the same thing only in French in a couple places, 'cause the French read too and they have to cross the street like everyone else, so that was good for him.)

    If you've never been to London, don't go, 'cause it's like WAY dangerous and junk and if you live there for some reason, be like, totally careful, 'cause they drive like idiots and junk, I mean, not as bad as they do in Paris, but pretty bad and there's a lot of visitors from Paris driving around and they drive Super-Duper bad 'cause they bring their bad habits all the way over from France and now they have to drive backwards which makes it even harder to do it right and they make a mess of everything.

    The Director at the HQ (which stands for Head Quarters) wasn't a movie director, he was just the big boss in charge of all the other spies.
    He just wanted me to call him Big D., so that's basically what I ended up calling him 'cause that's what he said to do.

    He told me I had very, very special D's & A's. And I was sure he said "Dees and Ays", not T & A like all the other guys like to say. I asked him what was so special about my D's & A's, 'cause sometimes my grades in school were more like B's & C's, kinda sorta, y'know, average.

    Big D. like, told me really slowly that D's & A's were like ingredients in every living thing and that I hadn't been made like other girls and boys, I had been really, y'know, like, PLANNED.

    So he said, okay, and I said, okay, and then we both said okay, so that was okay.

    And he didn't care so much about my huge boobies and that was cool.

    So, they tried to turn me into a spy and it didn't work, 'cause I don't have a killer attitude, I mean, like killer killer, like murder someone, even a bad guy. But they had to do something with me, so they eventually trained me to be a diver and go after sunken ships and things, 'cause my boobies are somehow connected with my lungs and that means they blow up when I breathe a certain way and I can hold Super-Duper amounts of air in them and I don't need air tanks when I'm underwater and can't get air.

    I was sent to almost back to America to dive in the Caribbean where the Pirates once were and junk and that was
    fun and that was where I had my big barfing fits.

    And then they found my BCP's and got even more upset and threw them away and asked if I had any more hidden, and I told them I didn't, but they didn't believe me and searched my room and told me I was never ever to take BCP's because I was special and pills might do something to my system and they always wanted to know how my baby-making organs and stuff were working. They didn't want me working or training too hard, 'cause that would affect my periods.

    I asked them how the knew about my BCP's 'cause I kept them in a secret spot and how could they have known that secret spot unless they were spying. And Big D. said spying is what the people with him do...and he kinda sorta had y'know...a "point".

    And whenever I had a period they wanted all the blood and gunk that came out of my PLACE so they could run tests on it and see if I was changing and junk.

    And I was changing, but they were looking in the way wrong place, 'cause my boobies were getting bigger all the time 'cause I was like, using them more and more to hold air and they stretched and stayed stretched and even without air in them, they were like GAZONGA-BOOBIES, I mean, really huge and round. And they didn't have milk in them, so I knew I wasn't like, y'know...going to have a baby.

    I'm not supposed to tell you a lot about what happened--but there was this year that I turned 25 and I felt worried that I was going to spend the rest of my life alone because other men on the job weren't supposed to date me and I wasn't allowed to date outside the job, so that was Super-Duper stupid and a drag and inside me, my baby-making organs and stuff were getting restless and loopy and I really wanted to have a man, but I couldn't, so, I usually ended up having sex with myself. The trouble is, my PLACE knows when it doesn't have a real peepie-thingie going into it, and the feeling isn't the same and when I come, I don't come as good as when I have a real peepie-thingie in me, and I really missed Lee a lot.
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    So when they told me there was ANOTHER specially made person in the world, I got really excited and they told me it was a boy, I got way, over the top hyper inside and I got all restless and loopy and couldn't eat, and that made the doctors Super-Duper upset and they had to force feed me and give me vitamins and I think I made my next couple of eggs early and that upset them even more and they looked between my legs even more than usual and gave me all these implanted things to inhibit my system from doing things like that, and they called those special things, inhibby-somethings, I'll remember it in a minute, but they said that once they had prepared me, I could go meet this other boy with special D's & A's, but I had to watch out, 'cause he was on the "wrong-side" and junk and I had to make him change to our side and I said I could do that, 'cause guys who are cool go out of their way to do things for me, and that's how I felt.

    And I could date him, cause he had kinda sorta been with our company for a while, or us with his, so he wasn't completely like, y'know on the outside.

    So now, I'm like on this boat in the middle of the sea and this boy with the special D's & A's that I'm going to date is down underneath the water in a way big submarine thing, but it doesn't move around like a submarine so it won't be gone when I get to it, and when I get there, I'm going to be both really Super-Duper friendly and at the same time Super-Duper careful, 'cause like, I'll be alone and stuff like that and there's only one of me in the world and if I was captured, it would be bad, so I can't let my guard down.

    And like, I've already had sex with Lee who is kinda sorta my brother and they tell me this new boy is my brother too, but in a different way, and if we get cuddly and romantic, I won't get turned off if he like, touches me and junk and I won't push him off if he tries to act like a MAN, 'cause that would be really jerky and uncool and I haven't had a date in a long time, and I need this for my health.

    And if something really bad happens, I have all these things implanted in me that I can use to keep from being used for bad purposes, like being cloned and junk, 'cause like y'know that's sick and wrong and stuff like that and I don't want to be used that way.

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    I now have dents in my head from headbutting the keyboard as I read that. She's 25 years old and apparently some sort of genetically enhanced human. Why the fuck does she talk like a 15-year-old dumbass valley girl?
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    all over now
    They just wanted a big titted bimbo who wouldn't ask too many questions.
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    Quite so! Having Kiki be dim (but moral!) was just another way to
    instill tension and trouble into the story. Having the two genetic
    lovers be "with it" and socially "broken in" wouldn't be as fun. IMHO.

    The age issue (Kiki 18 and Lee 14) was such a big barb on three
    other fetish sites (not to mention the incest) their sex scene
    had to struck altogether.
    In this version, it's left as is. The trouble was with four years
    difference in their ages, how old should Lee be without Kiki looking
    rotten for having come on to him?
    Kiki's age was always a problem, but as Doc astutely pointed out,
    she was made to be a physical commodity first and foremost and
    her wits and body are never on par with each other.

    If all the forces are awkward and uninformed, the situation spawns
    more possibilities.

    Sci-fi isn't everyone's cup of tea, but once this tale is told, I'll
    get back to something more basic.

    Thanks for the 300 hits so far. Z.
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