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    backstory: so id like an extra inch(lol).. only cuz at the moment my cock is rather odd.. being pretty much fatter(circumference) than it is long..
    and having weighty girth but with average length.. still makes me feel kinda average... and when i try to take a decent picture, the odd proportions make it look freaking tiny. of course thats all sillyness and i should probably just be happy.. but if stretching works.. why not?

    question: ive tried looking at websites.. but theyre usually all pretty vague and they disagree a lot.. i figure manual stretching is the best approach.. cuz i dont wanna buy weights(or wear them) i just wanna know from someone whos tried it.. simple questions.. getting results as quickly as possible. how frequently should i do it? how long should i spend doing it each time? and how long(approximately) would it take to gain an inch?
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    Manual stretches work but not very quickly, especially with a a thick penis like yours which needs extra force to create the intercellular gaps needed to encourage the cellular growth that fills them. Normally there is a fast growth period at the beginning of PE exercises then further results will occur at a much slower rate. The fastest growth that you can hope for is 1/4" per month but don't be disappointed if this is only 1/8", just keep at it, in 12 months this equals almost 1.5"!!!

    Normally they should be done everyday but 1-2 days break can be helpful.

    Stretching should be done after a warm up (hot towel wrap) and done in every direction for around 10 mins holding each stretch for 30 seconds.
    See this link for a good newbie routine

    Extenders can help speed up results if you wear them after manual stretching but they can disrupt your life so an ADS (All Day Stretching) device can be worn without effecting normal activities. These will hold your penis in a stretched position and stimulate the body's cellular regenisis mechanism which occurs to adapt to external or internal forces applied to it (e.g. pregnancy, obesity).
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