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    Inwood: Well with everything else going on in the world seems small potatos but then things happen and wow...

    Now in New York State two ministers have been charged with performing illegal marriages and are to possibly be brought to trial in a crimminal court.

    Now I can understand the state going after the mayors of towns for doing this. Might not agree but since these are officers of the state so to speak it's the way it works.

    But to arrest two ministers for performing religious ceremonies (even though in New York State it is illegal for anyone to marry two people without a marriage license) seems to be treading on dangerous ground.

    Now if this does actually go to court I can see it causing a lot of problems for the people are against gay marriages. What are they to do if the case goes all the way.

    If they don't fight on the side of these ministers to perform religious rites then they are opening their own religious organizations to interference from the government at some future date. Not to mention that by not supporting the ministers in performing a religous rite they seem to be undermining their own argument that marriage is a religous rite.

    If they do fight on the side of these ministers then they will probably open the way to gay marriages being made legal.

    Probably a scenario that is disturbing many peoples sleep.

    Anyway, this might happen only if the case goes to court and finds it's way up to the Supreme Court.

    One personal opinion on this is I don't want the government interfering with religious groups right to interpret their own creed. That's not a place for government. Just as it's not, in my judgment, religion's place to make government policy.
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    I found the following excerpt from New York Marriage License Laws & Requirements:

    Penalty for Clergyman or Officer Violating Article: If any clergyman or other person authorized by the laws of New York State to perform marriage ceremonies shall solemnize or presume to solemnize any marriage between any parties without a license being presented to him or them as herein provided or with knowledge that either party is legally incompe-tent to contract matrimony as is provided for in this article he shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and on conviction thereof shall be punished by a fine not less than fifty dollars nor more than five hundred dollars or by imprisonment for a term not exceeding one year. (Article 3, ยง17 DRL, NYS). (bold added for emphasis)

    Even if such an act were done as a form of civil disobedience, whether by a state official or a member of the clergy, the guilty party must be prepared to pay the consequences of breaking the law, whether fine, imprisonment or both.
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