married f friend that wants to have me

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    I come home and you are sitting on the couch, stroking your cock... smelling a pair of my panties. I walk over and knee in front of you, taking your hard cock in my hand. I lick the tip and slowly lick down the shaft, you sigh, your sexy little sigh as I suck and nibble at your balls.... You place your hand on the back of my head, and grab a handfull of hair... guiding me and my tongue up uout ahaft to the head.. i lick circles around your head.... you shove my mouth down on to your cock..... i grab the shaft at the base with my free hand and begin to stoke as i suck, my hand meeting my mouth... my hand twists as i come up and my tongue flips and twirls.... your hand grabs my hair tighter, as i suck harder and faster..... you tell me to take it all and thrust your cock down my throat... spit is rolling out of my mouth down your shaft..... im gonna cum you say, I want it in my mouth.... i let you fuck my face hard untilI feel your warm load explode in my mouth I swollow down every drop making sure not to waste any of it.... "thanks babe," you say.... "Where's dinner?"
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