mary & pattrick...

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    mary & patrick grew up together in county galway back in the aulde sod...

    they married young, had many fine children & enjoyed a long & good marriage...

    the only point of discontent was that patrick desperately wanted to experience oral fulfillment and mary, being a good irish lassie, fair & virtuous, wouldn't consider it...

    indeed, every year on his birthday patrick would beseech mary thusly: "mary, darling, wha' d' ye tink aboot giving me a blowjob?" to which mary would invariably reply: ah, patrick, darling, although a' loov ye dearly...a' canna be doin' tha'..."

    and so it went year after year until finally, on the occassion of 60th birthday, patrick turned to mary and fairly screamed: mary, me dearest, wha' d' ye tink aboot givin' me a BLOOOOOOWJOB?...."

    to which mary replied: aye, patrick dear. ye have been a goot man, 'tis true. and on this, the occassion of ye 60th barethday, yes, a' tink a' will be givin' ye that blowjob".

    and she did. and it was glorious.

    and when they were through and lying together, the phone rang. patrick, still in a state of blissful satisfaction, reached over to answer the call. briefly, he listened to the voice on the other end and then turned to mary and said:

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