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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Imported, Sep 20, 2004.

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    ashadara: First off, bravo to everyone who used the term massage therapist!! Never call a professional MT a masseuse, kind of insulting. Makes me think of parlor girls who give "happy endings". Obviously I'm am LMT, that post intrested me enough to post instead of lurk... Yes trained to ignore it and all, excepet when the guy is acting shady. A double-entendre and an erection is all I need to drop a client. Just a blatantly risque remart gets them booted out the door that second, hehe. A girl has to be paranoid when it comes to that crap. Oh, and any state with regulations require propper drapping at all times.
    Now to my point...
    My boy friend is large soft, it sticks out alot between his legs while belly down. Obviously not a big deal for him when I work on him but I want to refer him out. The whole poking out thing makes him neurotic and unconfortable if other people work on him. Any advice for placement? or anything? I don't have the parts to work this out and when i tried to figure it out on him...well other problems arose, hehe.
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