May I introduce the Lord's Resistance Army

Discussion in 'Politics' started by faceking, Dec 30, 2008.

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    I had spent an entire semester course in college on Sudanese politics, and had a bit of exposure to these cats. Just awful and merciless.

    Lord's Resistance Army - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    This got a bit buried in last weekends news (and I also read little over the holiday). We had Jonestown Massacre, and it's this paramount spot in local history, ...this shit happens monthly:

    KINSHASA (AFP) – Ugandan Lord's Resistance Army rebels killed more than 400 people in Christmas massacres in northeastern Democratic Republic of Congo, the Caritas aid charity said Tuesday.

    The LRA targeted a town where a Christmas Day concert was being held and a Roman Catholic church, and attacks were going on along the Sudanese border, the Catholic charity said in a statement.

    Caritas workers say that "over 400 people have been killed in the attacks in an area of northern Congo including Faradje, Duru, Gurba, Doruma, and Province Orientale," it added.

    "It is a dramatic situation that we are living through here," he said. The rebels "are indescribably barbarous and savage.
    "They kill with machetes, axes and clubs. They burn people alive with their property in their homes."
    The LRA also "captured young boys and girls whom they will conscript and force to work in their fields," he said.
    In Bangadi, near the border with Sudan, 48 people died, and in Gurba 213 people were killed. Approximately 6,500 people have found refuge in the area with the Catholic church, Caritas said.

    "They decapitated several people. In the villages hardly anybody is moving.

    "Everyone is in psychological shock. The death toll could be above 400 because it is difficult to find all the bodies."

    From New York, United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon condemned the alleged LRA atrocities in a statement issued by his office Tuesday.
    "The Secretary-General condemns in the strongest possible terms the appalling atrocities reportedly committed by the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) in recent days" in both DRCongo and southern Sudan," it said.
    Ban called on the LRA to "respect all rules of international humanitarian law."

    A spokesman for the LRA said it was not responsible for the massacres, blaming the deaths on bombs dropped by the three African forces and said it had never harmed anyon.

    He questioned how the three countries would let LRA forces kill civilians.
    In April the Ugandan authorities initialled a peace deal designed to end one of Africa's most savage and long lasting civil wars.
    Tens of thousands of people have been killed and nearly two million displaced in Uganda in two decades of fighting between the Ugandan government and the LRA. The group is notorious for abductions of children for use as soldiers and sex slaves.
    The Ugandan army said Sunday that rebels had massacred 45 civilians in a church Friday, most of them women, children and the elderly.
    The rebellion began in northern Uganda in 1986 after Yoweri Museveni came to power. It blends a form of Christianity with traditional beliefs and extreme cruelty and brutality.
    Recruits may be forced to kill a family member to ensure they are not tempted to desert and go home.
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    There has effectively been an African War ongoing for decades, but it's like a forgotten war here in the west. Tragic.
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