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    jjdov26: Hi,

    I was interested in measuring my penis by volume. There was a formula posted some time ago that I used to do this.

    But I was wondering if there is any scientific statistical information on the web related to penis volume--and at what volumes a woman recieves more physical stimulation.

    When someone has 2 inches more than you, it is easy to understand how much more stimulation that would give a woman. But having a volume measurement that is 2 bigger, is that a significant difference for a woman?

    That is they type of question I'm looking to answer. Whenever I do a search on the web for penis volume info, I just get enlargement sites. Can anyone help with any info or ideas?
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    If the increase in 'volume' that you mention is simply in length, it's not likely that it's going to do much to increase either partner's stimulation -- if you can't get it all in, increased length is moot.

    If, however, the increase in volume is because of an increase in girth, then, son, you have a gold mine.


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