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Discussion in 'Penis Enlargement' started by justunder7, Aug 3, 2009.

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    It has occurred to me that it would be VERY helpful to me if there was a Meetup group in my area, started by someone who has had very good experience with PE, in particular with many different methods and tools. I would definitely attend such meetups. I'm not knocking Better Man, LPSG or other online "communities", but I'd really like to supplement this with actual personal contact. In this way, for example, one could get LIVE coaching; I recently got the Better Man package, including Enlargel, the JELQ device, and PenisMaster (not to be confused with PeniMaster--I was confused for a while--thought people just made typos...), but even after watching those really short, really small :eek: videos, I am not sure I am "doing it right". :confused: If I could meet in person with someone (or a group would be even better) who KNOWS exactly how to use these things, that would be a Godsend. :smile:

    So far I haven't heard of any such "meetups", so maybe I'm starting something here; but I really could not start my own PE meetup, being still a beginner.
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