Mele Kailikimaka

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    It was Christmas Eve 1985 in Honolulu and I was working at Fox Photo. Nothing out of the ordinary just normal tourist photos and I worked the 3 to 11:00 shift or closing. Since it was Christmas Eve it was just me and a co-worker and we were at the zoo in of Waikiki.

    Cheryl was Chinese-Hawaiian and she was tall with long black hair and great legs and a cute butt. I was the manager and she and I worked together for about six months and she was a lot of fun to work with.

    It got really slow after about 8PM and we had finishing processing all the photos before 9:30 and we were in the process of dumping the chemicals (developer and fixer etc) when I accidentally bump up against her reaching over her. She teasingly gave me crap for the “quick feel”. Boy didn’t I wish, I mean she had a great ass and I was definitely an ass man. She had a exotic face and beautiful hair and a bad habit on not wearing a bra, mainly because she didn’t really need one but she had huge nipples and areola as you could see through her work shirt.

    Anyway we both kept working and at the same time carried on small talk about what we were going to tomorrow Christmas day. As we bagged and tagged customers photos we came across the usual naughty tourist shots; you know the honeymooners nude shots, the young dirty butts nude in public shots and those crazy Japanese tourist who snuck in nude shots anywhere. This was a fairly common and it was always fun giving them the photos when they came to pick them up. Sometimes there were some pretty hot ones too and some of the employees would make duplicates.

    As we closed up and shut the signage off we went to the back to count the drawer and get things ready for open the day after the holiday.

    Cheryl sat up on the desk with both feet up on the desk, knees in the air and legs opened wide. Normally I don’t think I would do anything about this as she had done it before but I couldn’t help notice her white shorts were short enough that they exposed the edge of her pink panties. She must of noticed and began to tease me verbally saying that all you ‘haloes’ want to eat a local girl huh?

    Not being one to run from such a teasing I said hell yeah but it was you local girls who wanted us.

    I kept counting the drawer and made the drop and lost track of where Cheryl was in the store but this wasn’t unusual as we both typically got out with 15 minutes of closing the store up. After making the drop I came back to the desk and there she was sitting in the same position but in only her panties and work shirt and she looked right at me and asked “would you like to eat some of this coconut girl?” I sat down and looked her right in the face and she repeated it.

    She pulled her panty to the side and shown me that she was clean-shaven and her beautiful honey colored skin and tan line was an incredibly turn on add to this her playfully rubbing herself as I watched. Reaching up behind my head she pulled me down into her and I couldn’t help but tease and probe her with my tongue and lips. I sucked on her little clit and kissed and teased her pussy before diving right in. I pulled her closer as I buried myself deep inside her eating her out and taking in her sweet musky odor of her pussy. She wrapped her legs around me pulling herself closer to me lying back on the desk. Her hips were grinding and rubbing against my face and she softly moaned as I continued my holiday feast. It seemed like we were there forever when she obviously was getting closer to Cumming. Her thighs tighten against my face and released and tighten again and then she arch herself off the desk slightly and then it all came at once; she pulled my hair and head in deeper and her legs tighten their grip on my head and then she started to screaming louder and louder until I could feel her gushing her sweet honey in my mouth and on my face…

    I had a serious hard on straining to free itself but it was not to happen. She got up quickly and pulled her shorts on and told me to have a good holiday; Mele Kalikimaka or Merry Christmas in Hawaiian. Her boyfriend a stocky little Filipino- Chinese guy always picked her and he did tonight too.

    After letting her out of the back of the store I went back to the desk and promptly jacked off thinking about what just happened.

    Christmas sucked being single and having no family on the island but I did get in some beach time and must have played with myself several times thinking about Cheryl too.

    After the holiday she would tease me often cocking her ass playfully or rubbing against me but we would never find ourselves in this position again but even today all the years later I can’t help thinking about that special Christmas gift and cant help wondering what fucking her would’ve been like…

    Happy Holidays

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