Memorable Moments during Swinging

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    M wife and I had a 3 some with a tall thin black man one time. She and he had a special chemistry when we all met for an introductory drink. Anyway, on the night we did meet to get together, she wanted to dress up “special” before sex so she went into the other room and changed into a fancy sexy outfit. She is very beautiful and voluptuous.

    When she came into the room looking like a total knockout, he went absolutely wild. She had wanted to prance around and slowly take things off. But no way… he started hugging her and pawing at her clothing practically ripping them off of her. She fought back a bit but she actually liked his reaction – he was not totally inappropriate.

    Okay, so they fuck for hours on and off. He had a very large thick cock that was a bit rubbery – not totally like a rock but certainly hard enough. So at one point he is fucking her doggy style and my wife looks over at me and nods yes...meaning she is about to cum. At the same time he says “I feel her pussy twitching –she’s cumming” Then she cries out and moans and screams as she is cumming but quickly her face indicates she is in pain and she starts to pull away from him.

    But she can’t pull away because he is grabbing at her shoulders and holding her in place and pumping really hard trying to cum. My wife does not motion to me to do anything so I just stare in awe at the scene. He finally cums.

    Later she said he grew hard as a rock and another inch of so when he started to cum. After we left, she was smiling but could hardly walk down the stairs and admitted her insides hurt. Upshot to the story, we went back again !
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