Memories of a horse hung pal Part I

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    stanbak: Hey guys. Was not sure exactly where to post this. It's not fiction, but my account of some experiences, but since they are second hand [I am not the hung stud sadly], did not seem right to put them in the main forum.

    This recollection turned out WAY too long, and I can only post it in pieces. Anyway, here goes nuthin:

    I have a friend I grew up with since grade school. To keep this introduction brief, he is one of those fortunate guys who grew a giant whopper of a dick. As his close friend throughout high school, I was privy to all of the nicknames, envy, crazy events and rumors (some true, some exaggerated and a few false) that happened because of his incredible endowment.

    As you might expect, college was insanely wild, and those of us who were lucky enough to be his friends, suitemates, dorm-mates, or, later, apartment roommates were around to witness some of the crazy happenings that were spurred on in part by his gigantic penis and his reputation. (Plus, it also helps that the lucky bastard is tall, built like an NFL linebacker and what women consider very handsome. Am I jealous? Sure! But he has always been a great pal, so I don’t let it drive me crazy.)

    Now it’s not like my friend’s “sex-capades” were known to his close pals by reputation only. Anyone in the same building when he took a girl (or two sometimes!) to bed could hear the deafening moans and ear-splitting screams of a very satisfied woman many, MANY times during the night. But this recollection is about a time I got a special offer to witness his sexual prowess.

    Springtime of our junior year he got involved with this girl I had worshiped (from afar, she was quite unattainable for a guy like me) since freshman year. Her name was Danielle and she was every college boy’s dream. She had a gorgeous face with thick lips, large beautiful eyes, a perky little nose and beautiful long blonde hair. She had a mind-blowing body with long, slim, toned legs, a tiny waist, one of those perfect round asses and tits slightly too big for her slim frame (and therefore ideal to any red-blooded American guy) that seemed to defy gravity. (Yea, yea, I know, that description sounds cliché’ for a coed sex bomb, but you have to understand, she was the real-deal.)

    Another thing you might want to know is that Danielle had been dating this rich little prick since college started. You know the type, actually a dork and jerk, but because he drives a 50K convertible and his daddy can get tickets to any sporting event, he was popular for his money. Also, I believe he was not just a “little prick” in personality, but in endowment as well. (Sadly, I fall the same physical category myself, but enough of my self-pity.) But like most rich idiots, he did not realize what he had, and cheated on Danielle and she dumped him. My incredibly endowed friend was there to pounce while she was on the rebound.

    It was the week a bunch of us had all been celebrating my twenty-first birthday. (An important one for a beer drinking college guy.) My friend made me a 21st birthday offer I could not believe and could not refuse. He and Danielle were going out for their second or third date (I don’t recall which exactly) and he was planning on bringing her back to our place later that night. He offered me the chance to watch the night’s festivities while hiding in secret.

    Now this offer did not materialize completely out of the blue. First of all, I (and other guys occasionally over the years) had hinted or joked about getting to watch him with a girl, but he had never gone for it. But he knew I had an interest. Plus, he knew I had a big lustful crush on this girl. (OK, given how she looked, all the other guys did as well, but she had been my number one fantasy for a long time.) I had often remarked how I would give anything to see her naked titties or pussy. Now I had a chance and I decided to think about it, since it seemed a little weird now that I finally had the real chance to do it.

    He told me I had until he got back after working out that afternoon to make a decision. In the end I decided to do it. We arranged how I would hide in this particular closet in his bedroom that stretched along the length of an entire wall with wooden shutter type doors I could peek through  (I can’t think of a better way to describe them) at each end that gave a pretty good view of the room and the bed. I could only be noticed if the room had LOTS of light and someone was really intently looking. Of course, I had to be totally quiet and be willing not to leave until it was absolutely safe. (I have no idea how I planed to go to the bathroom, but I never claimed to be the smartest guy in the world, and the thought had not occurred to me.)

    After my friend cleaned up, we worked out all the details of my stakeout and adjusted the lighting in the room so I could not be detected at all when I was in the closet. We lived in an apartment by then, and I remember that one of her friends actually dropped her off. We arranged it so I would meet her “on my way out” and explain how I was going to an off-campus party where I would “be all night.’ My jaw dropped when I saw her step out of the car to come to our place: Hair and face gorgeous as always, red lipstick, black pumps, one of those tight, black wrap around skirts showing off her perfect ass, and a red top that showed some bouncy cleavage. Well, I knew there was always the possibility that my friend would not score with her that night (although his batting average was legendary as you can imagine), but after I saw how she was dressed, I knew it would be a grand-slam home run that night. I could hardly conceal my excitement. (Or contain my erection, but unfortunately, mine is actually pretty easy to conceal.)

    I drove away and got some dinner and came back after they were long gone. (I don’t recall exactly what they were doing on the date, I just knew they would be back in about three hours.) I was watching some sports when I heard them drive up later that night. I rushed into his bedroom and closed myself in the closet. I could actually look out through the wooden blinds or through the central crack in either shutter door where it bent. Neither view was perfect, as I had to use one eye mainly, but it was OK otherwise.  The closet actually extended along the length of one side of the room, so I could change my vantage point from moving from one set of shutter doors to the other one. Basically, at one point I was looking almost “end on” at the length of the bed with the foot of the bed nearest me. At the other extreme I was sort of looking diagonally at the bed, almost from the side.

    I heard them in the den. There was some music playing and I heard her giggle and laugh some. I was waiting for what seemed forever and then it got sort of quiet in the den. I was thinking they were making-out and hoping soon the action would move into the bedroom. But after a while with no action in sight I got worried he was going to fuck her in the den with me stuck in the damn closet while it happened!!!

    Part II Follows
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