Memories of a horse hung pal Part II

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    stanbak: Part II:

    Finally, I heard them in the hallway. When they came in she was wrapped around my friend, with her legs around his hips and her hands rubbing inside his unbuttoned shirt while he supported her back with his hands. (Like I said, she was slim (except for her boobs!) and he was a big, muscular man, so this was not a major acrobatic feat or anything.) They continued kissing and she was remarking on his muscular chest, shoulders and arms. (Lucky bastard!) He set her on his bed and she was sitting on her knees. (His bed was very high off the floor, which I soon learned why he chose it that way.) He slipped her top off to reveal a skimpy red bra and boobs busting out the top of the cups. (My little dick was plenty hard at this point.) When he popped her bra off I muttered something like “holy shit” under my breath by mistake, but thankfully they did not hear me. But, OH MY GOD, what a pair of tits. Of course they dropped a little without her bra as they were her natural gifts, but not very much as they were obviously incredibly firm and plump. Plus, her nipples –which were quite large and prominent- pointed slightly up as well as out. Simply incredible. I was stunned, as the closest I had ever been to seeing a girl like this was in the pages of Playboy.

    She had one of those skirts that fastened down the length of one side, and he unbuttoned it and tossed it aside to reveal the most beautiful ass I had ever seen in a pair of lacy red panties. She was clearly melting from the foreplay, as she moaned and cooed as he caressed her thighs, ass and breasts while he kissed her mouth and neck. But now her hands strayed down to his crotch and suddenly she gave a huge gasp and exclaimed something like, “Oh my god! It feels so huge!” My friend had a big grin on his face as he backed away from the bed’s edge and pulled her to sit on the edge of the bed in front of him.

    Now I had seen his unbelievably big soft penis many times from being dorm and room mates for years (and back in high school athletics), but when I caught a glimpse at the size of his half-hard bulge in his pants I was astonished as well. She undid his belt and pants and slid them down to show that he was wearing spandex tights which outlined a massive cock straining to bust out and his two huge balls. (If I forgot to mention that before, this lucky bastard not only had a huge dick, but also a pair of giant balls. Am I jealous? Of course! LOL) Those of us who were friends knew that he sometimes wore those spandex bike tights to tone down the appearance of his huge equipment. She placed her hands over her mouth as she gave out another gasp of astonishment and squealed as she gazed at the massive outline in front of her.

    The suspense was killing me, and I was having trouble keeping from coming already, as she pulled the top of his spandex out with one hand as she reached in with her other hand. She gave out another gasp and squeal and then just kept repeating things like “oh my god!” “It’s SOOOO huge!” and “I can NOT believe it” again and again. I was speechless as I saw her hand slowly pulling out a half hard cock that was so thick her delicate fingers looked tiny trying to grasp around its massive shaft.

    He stepped back a little so he could slide his pants and underwear all the way off as Danielle (and I ) watched in amazement as his gigantic cock continued to slowly but steadily straighten and grow. He moved back in toward her and she grasped it with both hands. I could not believe how small her hands, forearms and face looked next to this monster dick. She seemed both shell-shocked and excited and thrilled at the same time. She pulled him in close his now hard massive cock started below her breasts where one hand of hers was at the base of his shaft, it passed between her huge tits, up through her other hand around the top of the shaft to where his un-F*ing-believably huge head was right in front of her. His cock head was absolutely massive, like a small upside-down apple in front of her mouth.

    She began to kiss his head with her gorgeous lips and lick it with her tongue-which from his reaction he obviously enjoyed-and was stroking his shaft with her hands. It was incredible to see her hands try to grasp his shaft fully, but fail because he was just too thick. I could hardly contain myself any more (of course I was stroking my own little guy as quietly but as fast as I could) seeing this scene in front of me. As she flicked her tongue along the underside of his widely flared head rim, she moved one hand down to his balls, but whenever she tried to hold them both at once in her one hand-even with her fingers spread-one of then would always tip off the side and fall down they were so huge and heavy. In fact I recall her saying something like “God, those are so HEAVY.” (Yes, that’s right, his balls were that massive. She could not even cup them in one hand!)

    By now his cock was looking totally hard as a rock with huge veins. (I guess I always wondered if being so huge hung my friend could get rock hard, but now I knew the lucky bastard did.) He was clearly enjoying the attention she was paying to his giant member, but then he lifted her up and after kissing her some more he started working her tits over with his mouth and hands. She was starting to grind up against him and said the most amazing things (to me they were amazing, because a girl had never uttered anything like it to me). “Oh god, I am SO wet!” “I am SO hot, you have GOT to take me soon!” My friend slid his large hand down the front of her panties and she let out a cry of pleasure. It was then that I noticed she was so turned on that she had pussy juices dripping down the insides of her thighs!

    At that sight and hearing her say those things I squirted my little load all over my hand, but this whole scene was so damn exciting and Danielle was so damn fine looking that I got hard again right away. (Sadly, I was never able to really able to do that so fast with a girl of my own. Go figure.) Now he laid her back on the bed as he kneeled on the floor and slid her panties off slowly and pulled her pussy to the edge of the bed. And my god, what a pussy! Carefully trimmed true blonde pussy with red lips next to her tanned thighs. He cupped her beautiful ass cheeks in his hands and tilted her pussy up and began eating her out. And obviously with skill, as she now started moaning and screaming, arching her back and all. Her breasts were swollen and her nipples were puffed and pointy. My friend slowed down and then stopped eating her, and she moaned and reflexively tried to push her vulva toward his mouth, but he held her back and then started fingering her. She just laid there moaning and whispering things like “Oh god, please take me, please right now, I can’t wait any longer!” (Stuff I dreamed about a hot little sorority girl saying to me, but had never happened.) I then saw he was now mainly just stretching out her pussy lips slowly but vigorously with one and then two fingers at once.

    Part III follows
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